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Writing journal articles ppt presentation

Writing journal articles ppt presentation This could be used

2 Types of articles Conferences Competitive papers Working Papers Doctoral Colloquium Poster sessions

3 What is a competitive Paper? Original-either conceptual or empirical Well researched Publishable Well-written with a good abstract

4 What are Editors looking for? Editors’ overall aims are to: enhance standing and progression of the profession to provide advice and guidance in assisting fellow academics towards publication enhance the integrity and reputation of a journal look for papers with topics that fit the focus of a journal look for progression of ideas, new developments in research, interesting papers that ‘contribute’ to the domain

5 Best practice for Editors’ oversee a fair and positive/constructive reviewing process always try to be impartial try to ensure poor papers are not sent out for review manage reviewers carefully by: providing clear direction of what is expected from reviewers, choosing appropriate reviewers for paper, encouraging reviewers to provide constructive comments and return the review within a given time period In addition editors’ need to: motivate reviewers to accept role and do good job remove poorly performing reviewers from review board

6 Authors’ Perspectives get published and have work acknowledged by research community Widen their own knowledge and network Get known internationally Satisfy their own growth in producing a publishable paper

7 Best Practice for Authors read journal guidelines before writing a paper, select an appropriate journal for your research, write paper according to the journal guidelines, aims and objectives write to the highest standard, best quality writing, with logical structure and focus ensure paper is proof read before sending off be patient with reviewing process and respond to all queries from editor and reviewers remember that the reviewing process is based on voluntary and part-time activity of both editors and reviewers so authors are getting a ‘free service’ be aware that the number of paper slots in journals is limited

Writing journal articles ppt presentation the results

8 Reviewers’ Perspective enhance standing and progression of the marketing profession to provide advice and guidance in assisting fellow academics towards publication Provide constructive criticism and indicate areas for improvement

9 Best Practice for reviewers take a professional approach to the job of reviewing provide positive and constructive comments to authors that will allow improvement of their articles give direction to authors on how to improve their work (even if recommending rejection) provide well written, clear reviews for authors within a reasonable time-scale

10 Forming a paper-The Abstract An Abstract is a concise summary of completed work-or work in progress. The idea is to impart to the reader in a very short space of time, the rationale behind the study, the general approach to the problem, pertinent results, important conclusions or new questions.

11 Writing the abstract This can be a two stage process Initially to help to flesh out your research idea and procedures in a nutshell Later once the research has been done and the paper written to write the abstract as a synopsis of your paper.

Writing journal articles ppt presentation paper-The Abstract

12 What do you put in an abstract? Purpose of the study- main hypothesis, overall question and objective Description of the study carried out including research Results, including some specific findings Important conclusions or questions that follow from the research-or from your conceptual thoughts

13 INTRODUCTION General intent: The purpose of the introduction is to give some background to the study, the rationale to the work, with the intention of either defending it or elaborating on it.

14 INTRODUCTION II Describe the significance of the study-why was this worth doing in the first place-provide a broad context Discuss defend any model or conceptual thoughts/ideas that you have used and reasons for utilising them Provide a rationale. State the specific hypotheses or objectives and describe the reasoning that led you to select them Describe the research design and how it helped you to achieve your task

15 Introduction III Use the past tense, except when referring to established facts Organise your ideas and try to make a major point with each paragraph. You should take no more than 4-6 paragraphs to do this Present background information as needed and do not include everything! State your hypothesis, objectives precisely-do not oversimplify Pay attention to spelling, clarity of purpose, appropriateness of sentences and phrases

16 Paper Structure Title Abstract Introduction Body Literature Review Methodology Results Discussion References

17 BODY The body of a paper reports on the actual research done to answer the research question or problem identified in the introduction. It should be written as if it were an unfolding discussion, each idea at a time. Normally the body comprises of several sub-sections. In reality, though the content depends heavily on the type of paper…….

18 Empirical papers The paper describes the material and data used for the study, the methodologies applied to answer the research questions, and the results obtained. It is important that the study is described in a way that it can be replicated.

19 Case Study Papers Look at particular case studies of events or an organisation and its particular strategy within a particular context. Reflections and ideas are put forward. When a ‘pure’ case study papers are written, a Teaching Note with relevant questions is often asked for.

20 Methodology Papers These can describe a novel methodology for study. This could be used for research or practical settings.

21 Theory (Conceptual) Papers These describe principles, concepts or models on which the work in the field is placed (empirical, experience, methodology). Theoretical papers are expected to position their ideas within a broad context of related frameworks and theories. Important criteria are the originality and soundness of the analysis provided as well as the relevance of the theoretical content to practice and/or research in the field. A more conceptual paper takes this further and proposes a new model of approach or hypotheses that could be tested subsequently be tested empirically.

22 Literature Review In this the key literature pertaining to the study is reviewed and critically assessed, with a clear proposition as tow what is being utilised for the purpose of the paper. Key models for further study are outlined or new synthesised models are proposed for study

23 Methodology Key arguments about why a particular stance is taken. Have you used questionnaires and objective methodologies or more qualitative subjective methodologies? Have you triangulated your ideas? What did you expect to achieve? How does the approach link up to the lit review?

24 Discussion Take the ‘Hourglass’ approach. The discussion and conclusion section is in a way the counterpart to the introduction since this section should lead the reader from the narrow/and fairly specific results to more general conclusions

25 Discussion II Presentation of background information as well as a recapitulation of the research aims of the present study A brief summary of the results, where the focus is on critically discussing the results not recapitulating them in a descriptive manner. Provide a comparison of the results with previous published studies Conclusions or hypotheses drawn from the results, with summary evidence for each conclusion Proposed follow up research questions A discussion of the limitations of the research.

26 Separating the two Results and Discussion Followed by Conclusions A lot will depend on the Journal and the style that it has created. Target the Journal and Research the Market!

27 REFERENCES Follow the Harvard style of referencing but note that each journal will have its own distinctive style. If in doubt check and also link up with the library.

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