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Writing abstracts for dissertations samples

Writing a dissertation without a well-completed abstract where you showcase and describe the essence of your work is impossible. Our UK experts recommend to view it as an opportunity to set a number of expectations. Therefore, an abstract needs to sound accurate and utmost professional.

Writing a dissertation abstract means summarizing your whole dissertation within a limited word count. This is a far from easy tasks. Therefore, our UK writers advise keeping some tips on the radar while you write your abstract.

How an ideal abstract for dissertation should look like?

First of all, consider the size of an abstract. According to UK standards, they vary from 150 to 350 words, depending on the level. The optimal size of an abstract for Ph.D. thesis entails 280 words, double spaced.

Secondly, an ideal abstract covers all the sections of a dissertation. As such, it is imperative to reflect the essence of each chapter by devoting one or two sentenced to it. Indeed, this is hard enough to fit a content of a lengthy paper into 12 lines.

In addition, your dissertation abstract has to be well-structured, coherent and respond to the structural flow of your dissertation. The key is to present both – thesis questions and results of your investigation with the emphasis on your discoveries and contribution. Talk about the interpretation of your results in the last paragraph.

How to prepare for writing abstract for a dissertation?

Before anything, put off abstract writing until your dissertation is at least 90% completed. If there is anything you should worry about, it is the time you devote to its writing. In this respect, be advised to avoid making your abstract sound as if it was completed in the last 5 minutes. Even though abstract is a quick overview, it calls for accuracy and precision. And this is undeniable not a one-hour worth job.

There are some mandatory things you’re required to include in the abstract. Our UK authors normally include:

Student’s name

Writing abstracts for dissertations samples work is

  • Date of submission
  • The name of institution
  • The main research topic
  • The primary objective of the dissertation
  • Methods applied during research
  • Sections and chapters of the dissertation
  • Results and findings discussed in the research
  • The bottom line is that your abstract is going to be published before the dissertation itself and thus will be available for people who didn’t have a chance to load the whole text of dissertation. Sadly, many grads confuse between introduction and abstract. While an introduction is an opening to your research, an abstract covers the research, on the whole, including its results. Here is the formula followed by our UK writers:

    1. State the objectives of your research
    2. Demonstrate how your applied methodology reveals them
    3. Concentrate on main findings
    4. Emphasis the significance of your research
    5. Edit your abstract till it reveals the essence of your thesis to the full extent

    All in all, the main idea is to reveal why your dissertation is a Ph.D. compatible contribution to science. Generally speaking, writing an abstract for dissertation must correspond to a certain pattern. Here is the four-fold structure of exemplary abstract shared by our UK researchers:

    Writing abstracts for dissertations samples Sadly, many grads confuse

    • Research background and its importance
    • Valid structural components of your dissertation
    • Results and findings of your research
    • Conclusion

    Following the structure and assigning a suitable word count to each section will make your abstract effective and pleasant to read.

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