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Wisconsin madison history phd dissertations

Wisconsin madison history phd dissertations Towards Thinking

Michelson-Ambelang, Todd .(2015).Outsiders on the inside: conception of disability in medieval Western Scandinavia.

Arthur, Susanne. (2015).Writing, Reading, and Utilizing Njáls saga: The Codicology of Iceland’s Most Famous Saga.

Crawford, Jackson. (2014).The historical development of basic color terms in Old Norse-Icelandic.

Rue, Anna. (2014).From revival to remix: Norwegian American folk music and song.

Banks, William. (2013).As if they all had the tinderbox: cultural radicalism in interwar Denmark. Poul Henningsen. Hans Kirk.

Bishop, Christopher. (2013).Swedish student life in Uppsala: intersections of ritual and play in the process of identity formation.

Frandy, Tim. (2013).Harvesting tradition: subsistence and meaning in the northern periphery.

Willson-Broyles, Rachel. (2013).Cultural untranslatability in Swedish-English literary translation in the age of the internet.

Van Deusen, Natalie. (2012).The Old Norse-Icelandic Legend of Saints Mary Magdalen and Martha.

Roy, Carrie. (2011).Norse binding motifs and techniques in material culture and narrative traditions.

Moody, Kjerstin. (2010).The Turn Towards Thinking Poetry and Being-in-Common in Edith Sodergran’s “Septemberlyran” (1918), Karin Boye’s “For tradets skull” (1935), and Eeva-Liisa Manner’s “Tama matka” (1956) .

Morset, Kari Synnøve. (2009).Stemmene fra nord Samisk revitalisering: den kunstneriske kampen som levendegjorde en truet Samisk kultur.

Jaster, Vendula. (2007).Lars Saabye Christensen’s “Halvbroren” and “Maskeblomstfamilien” in Light of the Modernist Literary Tradition.

Ostrauskaite, Milda. (2007).Labyrinth and Practices of Escape in Postmodern Scandinavian Theater.

Tucker, Katarina. (2007).Purple patches: Language and decadence in Oscar Levertin’s poetry.

Wisconsin madison history phd dissertations of Saints Mary Magdalen and

Lange, Michael. (2006).The discursive construction and negotiation of cultural identity in the Orknkey Islands.

Storfjell, Troy. (2001).Colonial palimpsest: tracing inscriptions of Sápmi and Sámi.


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