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Will writing services in dubai

Will writing services in dubai Protective Wills Incorporating Trusts     

Expat Will is now operating from our new International Offices and we are offering our clients a Global Will writing service. Using our network of highly qualified and experience Will drafting lawyers we can prepare your expat legal will for your current residing location and in other locations where your assets are situated.

We have a proven track record for arranging foreign lawyers in countries outside of Emirate of Dubai to draft Wills for Expatriates worldwide. Our network of lawyers in countries outside of Dubai do not offer just wills, but also provide a range of additional services to prepare your expat legal will.


  • Standard expat legal Wills
  • Protective Wills Incorporating Trusts
  • Codicils
  • Arabic Translation
  • Attestation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice
  • Temporary Guardian Letter drafted in Arabic English Attested
  • Power of Attorney drafted in Arabic English
  • Business Agreements Arabic English
  • Secure Document Storage

Expat Wills have a network of lawyers around the World to write your Will accordance with the law of your home country.

The subject of owning property (immovable assets) in both your home country (e.g. the UK) and the UAE needs careful financial planning. This part of service is called Estate Planning and may be subject to Muslim Sharia Law if you own real property (immovable assets) situated in Dubai/UAE.

Your expat legal Will and Last Testament will be prepared by lawyers in other countries (client’s home country) outside of the Emirate of Dubai or by certified Will writers based in the United Kingdom. Your Will is written to ensure your assets are dispersed to your heirs in accordance with your wishes in a tax efficient manner.

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Expat Wills do not provide legal services or legal consultancy services in the UAE.

Clients should be aware that if you are a domicile of the UK (where your permanent home is situated and not your current residency) the Inland Revenue will take into account your Worldwide assets when calculating Inheritance Tax (IHT).

We will also share public information with you about the best way to structure your expat legal Will to manage your assets including reducing the inheritance tax (IHT) which your estate may be liable to pay. This can be achieved legally by expert financial planning and the correct use of Trusts and other financial management tools available to you.

Recently it has become very important for British Expats to consider the subject of possible long term care costs and how these may affect your estate and loved ones. if you move back to the UK at any point in your life and need long term health care the law allows local Councils to make you pay for your own long term health care if your estate is valued at more than £21,500. In certain circumstances local Councils have the legal authority to even sell your home to pay for your long term health care needs. Expat Wills can help reduce the amount that is paid to local authorities by expert estate planning and the legal use of trusts etc within your Will structure.

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Your Will can be structured to include your personal shareholding in any UAE registered company should you be an equity Director, Partner or Self Employed.


Simply contact us to make an appointment.

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