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Will writing services in carlisle

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We offer a comprehensive suite of expert will writing services Nationwide which are designed to make the process of making a will as simple and straightforward as possible. Our expert will writers will guide you through every step of the way, and ensure that your will is a true reflection of your wishes that guarantees you’ve legally taken care of your loved ones when you pass on.

A Basic Will is suitable for people who wish to have a straightforward Will in place to ensure that their assets pass to whom they wish. By preparing a Basic Will, you can choose who you wish to appoint as your executors and guardians of children under 18. You can also make specific gifts of money or property and decide who is to receive the remainder of your estate. Funeral requests can also be included.

It may be that you have an existing Will in place already, but that your personal circumstances have changed and you need to update your Will

If you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, you may prefer to make Basic Mirror Wills so that your spouse or partner’s assets are protected too.

Property Trust Wills can be prepared to protect at least one half of the value of your home from care fees in the event that the survivor of joint home owners requires residential/nursing care later on in life. Property Trust Wills can also be used to protect your children’s inheritance in the event that your spouse/partner re-marries after your death.

Discretionary Trust Wills can be prepared to protect assets or the interests of beneficiaries themselves (i.e. if one of your children has learning difficulties or is having matrimonial or financial problems).

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Discretionary Trust Wills are also appropriate where there are business interests, to maximise the availability of Inheritance Tax relief without compromising your long term aims for the family.

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We’ll Set Up Your Will Quickly and Easily in Carlisle We offer clients a hassle-free service to create your Will in just two quick home visits. Our will writers are based throughout Carlisle -. Call us today on 0800 1956 740 and get your will sorted, quickly and far more cheaply than your s … [Read more]

What is Probate Probate is the word used to describe the legal process of administering the estate of a person who has died, and, after deducting debts and other liabilities, transferring that person’s money and possessions to the people who will inherit them: their beneficiaries. There are … [Read more]

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The UK Will Writers Network are an Independent group of professional Will Writers and Solicitors providing a service covering the whole of the UK experienced in all aspects of Wills and Estate Planning

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Asset Protection – Setting up Trusts in your Will Establishing a Trust in your Will can be extremely valuable in Estate Planning terms for a number of different reasons. When it comes to protecting assets and controlling the distribution of your Estate, Trusts are essential and we provide a … [Read more]

Nationwide Will Storage Following the completion of your Will, we recommend that you store it in a safe, fire proof place. But you need to ensure that when you die it can be found. If your will cannot be found then your estate may be distributed as if you were intestate. Keeping your Wills Safe … [Read more]

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