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University of malaya the ses and dissertations in education

Bishop, Jerome Henri. The connection from the cultural atmosphere and church development in Setapak, Malaysia, MTS thesis, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, 1974.

Bunce, Thirza. Research of ethical and spiritual education in British Malaya. Thesis, College of Indiana, 1932.

Bungay, Captain Roy G W. A brief history from the Salvation Army in Singapore and Malaysia, MMin, Trinity Theological College, Singapore, 1983, 145pp.

Chan, Lean Choi, Lily. Christian missions and also the Iban of Sarawak throughout the Brooke rule (1840s to 1940s), BA thesis, Australian National College, 1975.

Chou, Ivy Su-Teng. Planning for a leadership training course for that Theological School in Sarawak, Borneo. Physician of your practice thesis, Columbia College Teachers College, 1955, 218pp.

Cooke, Denis Ernest. Some facets of a brief history from the mission schools of Malaya with special mention of growth and development of the grants-in-aid system, MA thesis, College based in london, 1963. [copy in College of Malaya]

Dodsworth, Marmaduke. The assimilation of Christianity through the Malays from the Malay Peninsular, MA Thesis, College of Chicago, 1928, 76pp.

Fleming, John Robb. The development from the Chinese Church within the New Villages from the Condition of Johore, Malaya, 1950/60 – research within the communication from the Gospel to Chinese converts, ThD thesis, Union Theological Seminary, New You are able to, 1962.

Fowler, J A. Communicating the Gospel one of the Iban, DMin thesis, Southern Methodist College, Dallas, 1976.

Ghazali, Basri. A comparative study in religious tolerance in publish-independence Malaysia and Nigeria with special mention of the Christian-Muslim relations, PhD thesis, College of Aberdeen, 1988, 449pp.

George, Alice. Gereja Syrian Marly Thoma: Kajian Terhadap Tradisi dan Pertumbuhan serta Perkembangannya di Malaysia [The Marly Thoma Syrian Church: research of tradition, development and growth, thesis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

University of malaya the ses and dissertations in education the church and

Haines, Frederick Harry. Past the Methodist Church in Malaysia, MTh, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1956.

Haines, Frederick Harry. Past Protestant missions in Malaya throughout the nineteenth century, 1815-1881, ThD, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1962, xiii + 371pp.

Hwang Wei-Tjang. An over-all good reputation for Baptist operate in Malaysia, MDiv dissertation, Baptist Theological Seminary, Pinang, 1981, viii + 299pp. Includes bibliography of local material in British and Chinese.

Jeanes, Sylvia Margaret. Your light originates: an historic outline from the Sabah Anglican Interior Mission, 1956-1985, MMin thesis, Trinity Theological College, Singapore, 1986, 166pp.

Frederick, Terence. The longhouse church in Sarawak, MTh thesis, Southern Methodist College, 1964.

Kwan Lee Kun, Gerakan missionari Kristian Protestant di Sabah: satu tinjauan mengenai sumbangan missionari Protestant dalam pendidikan (1880an-1962) [Market research from the contribution from the Christian Missionary movement in Sabah to Education (1880-1962)], BA (hons) thesis, Department in history, College Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1988, 183pp.

Lim Cheng Ean. The seed growing silently. A pastoral theological study Christian conversion inside a Malaysian Chinese context, DPS, SEAGST, Singapore, 1988, 310pp.

Monash, Paul. The church and also the urban poor: an idea for doing things, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia student dissertation, 1986, 147pp.

University of malaya the ses and dissertations in education The Church in West

Muntung, Jonathan Jelanding. Good reputation for the Iban Church in Sarawak, Research Paper, Trinity Theological College, Singapore, 1979, 112pp.

Newton, John William. A brand new beginning over Sarawak: the church and it is mission in Sarawak, East Malaysia, MA thesis, Larger Theological Seminary, 1988, 198pp.

Ng Moon Hing. Background and mission from the Anglican Chinese Church in West Malaysia, MDiv dissertation, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, 1989, iv + 155pp.

Ong, E. A history from the Anglican Church in Selangor and also the Federal Territory, 1879-1982, student dissertation, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Kl.

Saunders, Graham Edward. Bishops and Brookes. The Anglican mission and also the Brooke Raj in Sarawak 1848-1941, PhD thesis, College of Shell, 1989, 742pp.

Shastri, Hermen P. Christ in tribal culture. Research from the interaction between Christianity and Semai society of Peninsular Malaysia poor a brief history from the Methodist Mission (1930-1983), DTheol, College of Heidelberg, 1989, viii + 213pp.

Thomas A/L Soma Rajan. Gereja Methodist Malaysia: Satu Kajian Mengenai Sejarah Pembentukan dan Perkembangannya dengan memberi tumpuan khas kepada Gereja Methodist Tamil [The Methodist Church of Malaysia: research in regards to the good reputation for its formation and development with special concentrate on the Tamil Methodist Church], Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1988/89, xx + 172pp.

Thu, En-Yu. Christian encounter with animism: the Christian mission one of the Rungus people of Sabah, MTh thesis [Trinity Theological College?]. Abstract in East Asia Journal of Theology. 18(1), 1977, p.107f.

Vethamani, Victor J. Research of Methodist Tamil operate in Malaysia with particular mention of formation from the Tamil Annual Conference, student thesis, Union Scriptural Seminary, Yavatmal, 1981, 82pp.

Vun, Albert. A church growth research into the Sabah Anglican Interior Mission (1960-1979), Senior Paper, Singapore Bible College, 1981, 93pp.

Johnson, Kenneth M, C.Ss.R. The Church in West Malaysia and Singapore: Research from the Catholic Church in West Malaysia and Singapore regarding her situation being an indigenous church, PhD, Catholic College of Leuven, 1976, lxii + 259pp.

Yap Kim-Hao. Church structure issues in Asian ecumenical thought with particular mention of the Malaysia and Singapore, ThD, Boston College School of Theology, 1969, 260pp.

Yeoh Seng Guan. Ladies and theology in Asia, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia student dissertation, 1987, 91pp.

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