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Types of phd dissertations in english literature

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We’ve provided picking a example british dissertation topics below to assist and encourage you.

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Example british dissertation subject 1:

Characterisations of womanhood: Divergence within literature between southern and northern women. A vital research into the figures of ‘that old lady’ in Chaplin’s Day’s the Sardine. Mrs Casper in Hines’ A Kestrel for any Knave. Julia in Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited and Primrose Purple Anemone Iris Magnolia Narcissa Larkin (Ma Larkin) in Bates’ The Darling Buds of May .

Using two northern figures and authors and 2 southern figures and books, this dissertation compares and contrasts the function of ladies inside the books and also the means by that they are described.

Types of phd dissertations in english literature Using the techniques applied

In that way it touches upon facets of poverty and social exclusion and also the role of single moms and accordingly tests the hypothesis that northern women are typically portrayed inside a grittier manner whereas individuals within the south are colored in additional typically feminine tones within more stable relationships and surroundings.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Bates, H.E. (1958 [2000]) The Darling Buds of May (New Erectile dysfunction edn). London: Penguin.
  • Chaplin, S. (2004) Your Day from the Sardine. Hexham: Flambard Press.
  • Hines, B. (1968 [2000]) A Kestrel for any Knave (New Erectile dysfunction edn). London: Penguin.
  • Waugh, E. (1945 [2000]) Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Recollections of Captain Charles Ryder (New Erectile dysfunction edn). London: Penguin.

Example british dissertation subject 2:

Sid Chaplin: The forgotten regional novelist from the North?

Catherine Cookson may be the epitome of the northern author – indeed, ‘This really is Catherine Cookson country’ signs litter its northern border-east corner of County Durham and Teesside. However, writing like a contemporary, Sid Chaplin’s depictions of northern class existence are, based on Melvyn Bragg yet others, as highly relevant to issues to day because they were once they were written. Chaplin’s work isn’t as broadly marketed and the work has never been cast into film. This dissertation examines his workday from the Sardine and questions the extent that his pithy comments on a realistic look at north east existence present an understanding of community and identity a minimum of as effective as that related to his more famous neighbouring regional novelist.

Types of phd dissertations in english literature topography of Caroline Graham

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Chaplin, S. (1961 [2004]) Your Day from the Sardine. Hexham: Flambard Press.
  • Chaplin, S. (1965 [2004]) The Watchers and also the Viewed (3rd edn). Hexham: Flambard Press.

Example british dissertation subject 3:

Walter Scott and also the carving of brutishness: Nationalism and regionalism in their novels.

Reviewing the whole from the Scott’s work this dissertation seeks to deal with underlying styles running through each one of the novels. How much nationalism and regionalism is visible as complementary or competing ideological traits is really a central concern of the study. Furthermore, at that time of high brutishness how much can his novels be viewed to possess drawn on in to the public awareness of times? This can be a multifaceted dissertation that will permit the author to understand more about numerous styles and books and tailor the job towards the particular facets of Scott’s work they particularly enjoy or affiliate with.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Leerssen, J. (2011) ‘Viral nationalism: Romantic intellectuals on the go in nineteenth-century Europe’, Nations and Nationalism. Vol. 17, pp. 257-271.
  • Scott, Mister Walter (1814 [2008]) Waverley. Oxford: Oxford World Classics.
  • Scott, Mister Walter (1820 [2001]) The Monastery. Edinburgh: Edinburgh College Press.
  • Scott, Mister Walter (1832 [2006]) Count Robert of Paris and Castle Harmful. Michigan: College of Michigan.
  • Shaw, H.E. (1983) The Types of Historic Fiction: Mister Walter Scott and the Successors. New You are able to: Cornell College Press.

Example british dissertation subject 4:

Analysing trends of sales: romantic historic fiction and recessionary pressures.

Analysis of sales trends within British fiction literature implies that there’s, in occasions of recession, the increase in the amount of books bought that report to historic fiction. This dissertation using interviews with publishers, booksellers and book buyers seeks to determine why. Getting conducted initial primary data research through questionnaires and interviews SPSS analysis can be used to locate underlying trends as well as an explanation proffered why the current recession brings about the ‘historic romanticist’ inside the literary buying public.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Greco, A.N. Rodriguez, C.E, and Wharton, R.M. (2006) The Culture And Commerce of Publishing these days. Stanford, CA: Stanford College Press.
  • Keen, S. (2008) ‘The historic submit British fiction’, in, British, J.E. (erectile dysfunction.) A Tight Companion to Contemporary British Fiction. Oxford: Blackwell.

Example british dissertation subject 5:

A topography of Caroline Graham’s Midsomer series

Now used in the tv, the Midsomer novels of Caroline Graham make DCI Barnaby a family group name. However, the topography from the county where the novels are positioned isn’t so obvious. In comparison, topographical studies of Hardy’s Wessex have lengthy been written. While using techniques put on the whole shebang of Sturdy, this dissertation charts an identical map of Midsomer and in that way brings a ‘feeling of place’ towards the tales which are enjoyed by millions.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Graham, C. (1987) The Killings at Badger’s Drift. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (1989) Dying of the Hollow Man. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (1992) Dying in Disguise. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (1994) Designed in Bloodstream. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (1996) Faithful unto Dying. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (1999) A Location of Safety. London: Headline.
  • Graham, C. (2004) A Ghost within the Machine. London: Headline.
  • Hones, S. (2008) ‘Text in fact: Literary geography’, Geography Compass. Vol. 2, pp. 1301-1317.
  • Johnson, M. and MacLeod, G. (2004) ‘Regional spaces, spaces of regionalism: Territory, insurgent politics and also the British question’, Transactions from the Institute of British Geographers. Vol. 29, pp. 433-452.

Example british dissertation subject 6:

Imagery of warfare: Altering methods to the genre

The drama Journey’s Finish is really a staple text of numerous a KS3 British teacher, finding resonance also inside the KS3 and KS4 History curriculum. Its depictions of war especially existence inside the trenches are very well known – presenting a poignant but at occasions light hearted account of existence inside the fight field. This dissertation contrasts this classic of literature with increased recent accounts of existence at war – evaluating styles which are repeated and noting the increase in political commentary inside the latter genre. In that way, this dissertation seeks to deal with the extent that our toleration from the gritty realities of war is due to our residing in a far more media orientated world compared to the first twentieth century. It is really an British literature dissertation which addresses facets of sociology and history.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Sherriff, R.C. (1928 [2000]) Journey’s Finish (New Erectile dysfunction edn). London: Penguin.
  • Wrigley, C. (erectile dysfunction.) (2007) A Companion to Early Twentieth-Century Britain. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

Example british dissertation subject 7:

An research into the roles of nature and blindness in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chaucer’s The Merchant’s Tale

Linking both of these classic works of correspondingly, Tudor and late mid-life British literature would be the styles of nature and blindness. Within Lear, styles abound including individuals of the King who’s strangely enough naive within the methods for human instinct, a King who finds themself in an enormous amount of negated values, along with a King confronted with moral blindness and unnaturalness. Such concerns are mirrored by problems with blind love, a far more general lack of ability to determine reality and also the cunning of womanhood in in Chaucer’s The Merchant’s tale. Using a variety of secondary sources this dissertation compares and contrasts using blindness and nature like a metaphor both in works.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Chaucer, G. ([2005]). The Canterbury Tales (New Erectile dysfunction edn). London: Penguin.
  • Edwards, A.S.G. (1990) ‘The Merchant’s Tale and moral Chaucer’, Modern Language Quarterly, Vol. 51(3), pp. 409-426
  • Shakespeare, W. ([1994]) King Lear (New Erectile dysfunction edn). Ware: Wordsworth Edition Classics.
  • Stewart, D.J. (1977) ‘Pornography, obscenity, and capitalism’, The Antioch Review, Vol. 35(4), pp. 389-398.

Example british dissertation subject 8:

8) John Donne: An evaluation of his sermons and metaphysical love poems

In addition to being a famous poet of his age, John Donne seemed to be Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral. This dissertation reviews two distinct facets of his existence and work. First, it analyses the metaphors used in their metaphysical poems. Next, it contrasts the contents and employ of language inside them towards the words of his sermons as recorded. Getting together two distinct genres of language this dissertation uses a variety of primary in addition to secondary sources to create a valuable further contribution to the knowledge of this excellent man.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Donne, J. Fowkes, C. (erectile dysfunction.) (1982) The Romance Poems of John Donne. London: St Martin’s Press.
  • Donne, J. Simpson, E.M. (erectile dysfunction.) (2003) John Donne’s Sermons around the Psalms and Gospels: With an array of Hopes and Meditations. La: College of California Press.
  • Friedman, D.M. (1973) ‘Memory and the skill of salvation in Donne’s Good Friday poem’, British Literary Renaissance. Vol. 3, pp. 418-442.
  • Kerrigan, W. (1974) ‘The fearful accommodations of John Donne’. British Literary Renaissance. Vol. 4, pp. 337-363.
  • Klause, J.L. (1987) ‘Donne and also the Wonderful’, British Literary Renaissance. Vol. 17, pp. 41-66.

Example british dissertation subject 9:

A altering language – The need for text speech.

This dissertation is inspired by a number of comments produced in the standard press during the last couple of years during the time of GCSe along with a-level results day. In individuals articles, commentators bemoaned the development of ‘text speak’ to students work and asked whether any value ought to be provided to this language within the formal marking of examination papers. This dissertation seeks to put this type of debate right into a wider historic context noting how street slang has, because the early 18rh century been continuously built-into more primary stream language and asking whether ‘text speak’ is, the truth is, however the present day same as these earlier historic trends of language development.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Eco-friendly, J. (2007) ‘Language: Intrtxtlty’, Critical Quarterly. Vol. 49, pp. 124-128.
  • Plester, B. Wood, C. and Bell, V. (2008) ‘Txt msg n school literacy: Does texting and understanding of text abbreviations adversely affect children’s literacy attainment?’ Literacy. Vol. 42, pp. 137-144.
  • Thurlow, C. (2006) ‘From record panic to moral panic: The metadiscursive construction and popular exaggeration of recent media language within the print media’, Journal laptop or computer-Mediated Communication. Vol. 11, pp. 667-701.

Example british dissertation subject 10:

A Marxist and sophistication critique of Harry Potter, Animal Farm and Wind within the Willows

The topic of intense contemporary academic debate, Marxist interpretations of Harry Potter have shed new light around the sub-plots in this particular number of books as proven for example in the recent conference upon the problem in the College of St Andrews (June 2012). As opposed to this ‘new discovery’ the communist overtones of Animal Farm are very well established. This dissertation seeks to use exactly the same rationale and critique ways to Wind within the Willows noting for example the portrayal from the Weasels because the proletariat mass, the unpredictable bourgeoisie taste from the ‘idle-rich’ Toad and also the wise ‘old guard’ mentality of Badger.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Grahame, K. (1908 [1993]) The Wind within the Willows (New Erectile dysfunction edn). Ware: Wordsworth.
  • Orwell, G. (1945 [2008]) Animal Farm: A Fairy Story. London: Penguin.
  • Rowling, J.K. (2001) Harry Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stone. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Wojcik-Andrews, I. (1993) ‘Introduction: Notes toward a theory of sophistication in children’s literature’, The Lion and also the Unicorn, Vol. 17(2), pp. 113-123.

Example british dissertation subject 11:

The function of patriarchy and gender stereotyping within the Chronicles of Narnia

On a single level the Chronicles of Narnia just chart as tale of excellent versus evil with the eyes of kids. However, when studied in a much deeper level problems with patriarchy arise according to the roles from the princes and Asland. Additionally, the roles and characterisation of these two princesses increase the risk for books being gender stereotyped throughout using the women being more helpless and caring in attitude although the boys remain to battle. This dissertation views these problems in relation to feminist and patriarchal critiques of literature and in that way provides a fresh assessment from the role of gender bias inside the books.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Cecire, M. S. (2009), Medievalism, popular culture and national identity in children’s fantasy literature. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism. vol. 9, pp. 395-409
  • Graham, J.E, (2004) ‘Women, sex, and power: Circe and Lilith in Narnia’, Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, Vol. 29 (1), pp. 32-44

Example british dissertation subject 12:

Contrasting sides of urban-existence? A comparative study from the urban imagery utilized in Gaskell’s Mary Barton (Manchester) and Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Nottingham)

As two great northern metropolitan areas Manchester and Nottingham are portrayed very differently inside the works of Gaskell and Sillitoe. This dissertation first of all analyses the ways that both metropolitan areas are portrayed after which compares and contrasts them thematically. After that it seeks to contextualise the novels with public perceptions from the north throughout the period and asks the extent that a realistic look at public perceptions of commercial metropolitan areas is borne out or asked through the depictions of Nottingham and Manchester inside the two works.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Hones, S. (2008), ‘Text in fact: Literary geography’. Geography Compass. Vol. 2, pp. 1301-1317.
  • Pocock, D.C.D. (1979), ‘The novelist’s picture of the north’,
  • Pollard, A. (1961), ‘Sooty Manchester and also the social reform novel 1845 – 1855 a test of Sybil, Mary Barton, South and north, and difficult Times’, British Journal of commercial Medicine, Vol. 18, pp. 85 – 101.
  • Transactions from the Institute of British Geographers, Vol. 4, (1), pp. 62-76.

Example british dissertation subject 13:

Anti-Semitic characterisations within Shakespeare and Dickens: An assessment of Shylock and Fagin

It is simple, in the outlook during more enlightened occasions, to see the attitudes of history as crude. Indeed, Shapiro notes that, regarding the portrayal of Shylock, ‘to avert our gaze from exactly what the play reveals concerning the relationship between cultural myths and peoples’ identities won’t make irrational and exclusionary attitudes disappear’ (1996: 228). However, this dissertation proposes that such attitudes are examined more fairly and with regards to discriminatory attitudes towards other marginalised sectors of people, like the disabled. Further, it explores whether it’s to the author to mask the sensation from the occasions, instead of illustrate their contemporary reality. What is respected today might not be respected tomorrow or yesterday this research chooses to think about the altering fortunes of problems with societal disgust or acceptance for example child marriage and homosexuality within an historic context.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Baker, W. (2002), ‘Shakespeare and minorities: An annotated bibliography, 1970-2000′, Reference Reviews. Vol. 16 (6), pp.25-35.
  • Ferber, M. (1990) ‘The ideology from the Merchant of Venice’. British Literary Renaissance. Vol. 20, pp. 431-464.
  • Krapf, E.E. (1955) ‘Shylock and Antonio: A psychoanalytic study Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism’, Psychoanalytic Review. Vol. 42, pp.113-130.
  • Lane, L. (1958) ‘Dickens’ archetypal Jew’, Publications from the Modern Language Association of the usa, Vol. 73, (1), pp. 94-100.
  • Shapiro, J. (1996) Shakespeare and also the Jews. New You are able to: Columbia College Press.

Example british dissertation subject 14:

Comic relief or even the nightmare of the twisted psyche: The function from the clown within the Medieval novel

Considering that an affection for clowns has waned in modern occasions, this dissertation views just how much the Medieval novel accounts for the depiction of clowns as terrifying figures hiding behind their masks. From Walpole to Dowling, this research examines previous clowns and clown imagery in Medieval fiction and relates the surrealism from the clown to feelings of low self-esteem. Reviewing a large breadth of Medieval literature, the dissertation draws upon existent theory upon clowns in addition to trying to break new ground having a presentation of mental theory of coulrophobia, as from the Medieval novel.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Bala, M. (2010) ‘The clown: An archetypal self-journey’, Jung Journal: Culture Psyche, Vol. 4(1), pp. 50-71.
  • Fahreus, A. and Camoglu, D.Y. (eds) (2011) Villains and Villainy: Embodiments of Evil in Literature, Popular Culture and Media. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi.
  • McConnell-Stott, A. (2009) The Pantomime Existence of Frederick Grimaldi. Edinburgh: Canongate.

Example british dissertation subject 15:

Areas of evil in highly controlled societies with reputations for low crime rates: An search for Japanese and Scandinavian crime fiction

The societies of Japan and countries for example Norwegian, Norway and Denmark are famous to be highly controlled. Yet, the current of wave of (worldwide effective) crime fiction from all of these countries reflects differing views domestically about a realistic look at their landscape. Both in regional representations from the genre, the authors present the lives of ordinary citizens spiralling unmanageable within an evil that’s the anathema of the highly controlled society. This dissertation views authors for example Kirino, Miyabe, Higashino, Murakami, Lackberg, Nesser, Larsson, Nesbo, Kallentoft and Mankell.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Alm, C.O. and Stenport, A.W. (2009) ‘Corporations, crime, and gender construction in Stieg Larsson’s The Lady using the Dragon Tattoo. Exploring twenty-first century neoliberalism in Swedish culture’, Scandinavian Studies, Vol. 81(2), pp. 157-178.
  • Kawana, S. (2008) Murder most contemporary: Detective fiction and Japanese culture. Minneapolis: College of Minnesota Publishing.
  • Saarinen, R. (2003) ‘The extra of evil in welfare society: Contemporary Scandinavian crime fiction’, A Journal of Theology Dialogue, Vol. 42(2), pp. 131-135.

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