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Transition from reception to year 1 dissertation proposal

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benthedog 24 Marly 2009

I’m a new comer to this forum and became a member of using the look at gaining some understanding in my dissertation, that we am seriously behind on because of sickness. My aim would be to check out the transition between reception to year 1 and also the part play plays in this process. I must say I’m am bit unclear about how to absorb it as possible most likely tell in the wording of my aim, essentially i wish to take a look at how going from this type of play based enviroment to national curriculum effects the kid, and just how its vital that you still carry and component of play to reception.

I am hoping this will make sense am a little everywhere in the min, anyway any advice, links, policies you are able to reccomend could be greatly appriciated.

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dcn 24 Marly 2009

Hi and welcome
I too am really thinking about this and located some fantastic stuff written and researched by Aline Wendy Dunlop and Hilary Fabian – they spoken about transitions to college and just how play can build a transition bridge. There’s several stuff about transitions within the Thorough section around the EYFS CDRom

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mrsW 24 Marly 2009

Hi, it might be worth calling a couple of local schools to determine the things they’re doing. The college I did previously operate in accustomed to run having a similar kind of format because the EYFS for that first term of the year 1. Children stayed inside and outdoors the classroom employed in small groups. Because the term progressed they spent additional time on adult brought activities and fewer on child initiated activities. Still it came as a shock towards the children once they began the 2nd term however they were utilised towards the surroundings and routine at that time and i’m sure previously help. Have fun with your dissertation, mrsW.x

Transition from reception to year 1 dissertation proposal on the EYFS

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benthedog 24 Marly 2009

Hi thanx for that responses would be a nice suprise to go browsing and find out them . I’m due to enter my local primary school next wednesday to determine the way the handle the modification over situation i simply need to prepare my questions you should ask before hands, that is a bit hard when i havnt pinned lower what to research.

I’ve purchased it smooth transitions that i’ve come across a couple of people mention on other forum question however i may also consider the research you recommended, I believe after i did some studying around the transitional process the questions you should ask the teaching staff is going to be obvious in my experience, well i’m wishing so anyway.

Thanx again for that responses and that i expect to hearing other things anybody says

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chocisgood 24 Marly 2009

hi Danielle,
I had been happy to see you do an identical factor in my experience&#33 i had been thinnking of searching at just how the profile was utilized and valued/ or otherwise maybe? As if you I’m worried about obtaining the questions right. Is going to be beginning this after April same goes with be watching this space.
wishing you best wishes, basically have anything which may be of assistance I’ll be in contact&#33

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sunai87 24 Marly 2009

yes i too think you need to observe in a number of schools, and compare the transitions. I dont believe that my reception children had a simple transition this past year, and believe that therefore had an afect on their own emotinal development. Personally i think that transition ought to be done gradually, so children can alleviate their means by to year 1.

Transition from reception to year 1 dissertation proposal up working party and as

My school would be the opposite for this, because the youngsters are just tossed in to the dep finish. Perhaps you should try supplying a questionaire to early yers and key stage 1 teachrs to check their thoughts about transition. You’ll visit a difference here.

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dcn 24 Marly 2009

Our authority just come up with a transitions toolkit – lookup BANES transitions toolkit ( sorry havent determined links yet) that has lots of helpful stuff inside it. I am the childminder inside it

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benthedog 25 Marly 2009

Hi thanx again for the responses jus some update.

visited see my tutor today and that i have narrowed my question now and so i am wishing it will likely be a little simpler for me personally now. My new title is

[i]teachers perspectives around the role of play in reception and year 1 classes

and my new question (that is essentially jus the title)

What exactly are teachers perspectives on teh role of play in reception and year 1

With my aims being

To research teachers thoughts about the significance of play

To check the function of play in reception and year 1

To understand more about how teachers prepare children for that transition from reception to year 1

I understand i’ve moved from my primary aim somewhat however i do feel more a comfortable now i’ve got a plan infront of me, I might even have a brief take a look at worldwide thoughts about play.

My jobs are due in on 24th April so time is really ticking lower for me personally, believe me to obtain ill within my final year, just my luck, lol

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emma21 25 Marly 2009

Are just studying this thread with great interest. I’m presently annually 1 teacher and also have spent since september battling attempting to increase the need for play based learning in Y1..

I’d formerly labored in Reception for several many were built with a good understanding into where these were originating from ( the part ive found challenging target other ks1 people as there is a more ‘top down’ approach)

The transition is a big factor of these five years olds (many had only switched 5 in august within my class) Many people may the ch ‘played’ an excessive amount of but theyre most prob those who don’t recognise the need for the ‘play’ for that children’s learning and development&#33

it is really an area which i feel v strongly about and just how if completed in smooth small steps might help the entire child hugely.

I’d be more than pleased to accomplish a questionaire if you want an additional opinion&#33 🙂
sorry to rant on, nevertheless its so lovely to determine it being explored&#33 🙂

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benthedog 26 Marly 2009

Do not be silly your not ranting on&#33 Personally i think it’s a big jump of these children to consider also, in the mo i’m still completeing my lit review however if you simply could develop a questionaire, once ive drafted one up that’s, it is always good to obtain as numerous different views about them as you possibly can. Hopfully i ought to have my questionnaire attracted up this time around in a few days, therefore if i possibly could sent it for you taht could be great, and other people that might be willing please tell me.

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cheerycherry 26 Marly 2009

Danielle, Lancs early years team have created a great guide on the significance of transistion into year one with situation studies from various schools about how they tackled this problem and also the enhancements they set up.

I required part within the follow-up working party so that as a college we too tackled this problem
by moving year group conferences from autum to This summer for year 1 so pqarents could satisfy the teacher before they moved from reception

by producing visual cds showing the brand new structure ie where year one put jackets etc for him or her and fogeys

by utilizing speaking partners year one speaking to reception children during circle time speaking about fears and discussing similarities and variations

clearly pre visits as well as a thing that I understand some year 1 teachers find difficult initially, the altering from the atmosphere and receiving the curriculum with greater continuos provision.

Also we’ve made time this season as opposed to a grabbed half an hour in the finish of the season to check out receptions development towards early learning goals/profile scales so the year 1 teacher have a greater knowledge of what areas happen to be achieved and just what areas are missing for every child.

been really happy with it as being have parents and more importantly the kids

is going to be very happy to complete a questionnaire Danielle best of luck x

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glynnis eastwood 26 Marly 2009

Do not be silly your not ranting on&#33 Personally i think it’s a big jump of these children to consider also, in the mo i’m still completeing my lit review however if you simply could develop a questionaire, once ive drafted one up that’s, it is always good to obtain as numerous different views about them as you possibly can. Hopfully i ought to have my questionnaire attracted up this time around in a few days, therefore if i possibly could sent it for you taht could be great, and other people that might be willing please tell me.

Julie Fisher (Oxfordshire) has worked with several local Government bodies on this subject transition – and it has been involved in a lengthy term project creating a play based curriculum in Y1 – she discovered three essential things
1. youngsters are more engaged iwth the training process and also have a positve attitude to learning
2. Speaking and listening was elevated
3. writing was everywhere with everybody involved in the writing process

She’s created a magazine known as Transition – unsure if it’s only availabe in Oxfordshire – and can check and respond
and there’s another book in route which handles the very first findings from the project.

The Rose report (not the letters and sounds one) on Primary Education available on the internet also handles transition – that we always thought was the way you settle children into Key Stage1 nevertheless its not – approximately I came across today its about how exactly KS1 settle themselves round the children – to ensure that learning is child brought using the skills and ideas developed through interactions and interventions with adults and children – not really a chair along with a desk for each child and sand only if you’ve finished your projects – I am certain there are numerous KS1 teachers who already do that I’m in Foundation so our childrn not to mention us bigger children enjoy yourself playing and learning something totally new every day –
have fun with your dissertation
have you ever sent questionnaires to oldsters of kids in Y1 to inquire about of thier encounters?

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benthedog 31 Marly 2009

Hey thanx again for the advice, especially like me battling finding varied types of research so everybody time i login and some1 pointed out a understood factor such as the rose report that we would not have considered its great, i simply take some journal papers now therefore if anybody knows associated with a high quality ones i’d be very greatful.

I’ve just authored up my interview questions, clearly wheni carry them out tommorow i’ll get into more depth but when anybody desires to respond to them on here it might be quite interesting to determine it from various national perspectives. Questions are highlighted below as i don’t know ways to use the email about this, thanx again danielle

Whatrrrs your opinion on the need for participate in the early years?

What’s the distinction between play inside a reception classroom fot it of the Year 1 classroom? What are the similarities?

Have you got any experience inside a year 1 setting? If that’s the case how have you manage time for play and also the here we are at study?

How can you prepare reception children for year 1 and also the National Curriculum? Will the school have set measures in position?

How can you cope with the unconventional transition from foundation stage to national curriculum that youngsters face? Will the school have set measures in place?

Would you use whatever distinction between children originating from different pre-school setting? Have you got many children which have never experienced all kinds pre-school atmosphere?

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chocisgood 31 Marly 2009

hello there,
for journal articles, try googling the scholar google option. There have been a minimum of 3 i figured may help. After that you can take a look at their ref sections and discover more? It appears good- your strand of enquiry, watch the emotive language within the questions maybe?
Do it now&#33

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millhill 28 Apr 2009

I simply handed inside a dissertation on a single subject a week ago. My focus was whether schools were transporting the recommendations produced by recent research in to the transition (Ofsted and NFER).

Both researches recommend a play based approach at the outset of year 1. In my research I visited 3 different local schools and did some interviews with staff and checked out their provision and Fall intending to decide if they’d used play based activities because they do in reception. I additionally published a questionnaire on FSF and also got over 18 excellent replies about schools practices during transitions.

I’ve attached my bibliography, which might prove useful.

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