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Tourism in nepal thesis proposal

Tourism in nepal thesis proposal such training

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We’ve provided picking a example tourism dissertation topics below to assist and encourage you.

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Example tourism dissertation subject 1:

Rural tourism in South Lanarkshire: Leadership and development.

Building on research by Haven-Tang and Johnson (2012), this dissertation blogs about the LEADER programmes in Monmouthshire, and South Lanarkshire, having a greater concentrate on the latter. The Best Choice programmes aim to develop tourism projects in rural areas, with thought on every aspect of rural tourism. Including bed and breakfasts, farms (for instance, farming holidays, or petting farms), equine, hunting and fishing tourism, traditional skills (for example residential dry-stone walling courses, or blacksmithing), drink and food (including pubs), and crafts and arts (for example, local galleries).

Tourism in nepal thesis proposal growing market of death

Rural tourism is particularly essential in South Lanarkshire, considering that its largest towns, East Kilbride and Hamilton, have populations of 75,000 and 48,000 correspondingly (ONS, 2001).

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Haven-Tang, C. and Johnson, E. (2012). ‘Local leadership for rural tourism development: A situation study of Adventa, Monmouthshire, UK’, Tourism Management Perspectives, Vol. 4, pp. 28-35.
  • Lane, B. (2009). ‘Rural tourism: An overview’. In, T. Jamal and M. Robinson (eds.), The SAGE guide of tourism studies. London: SAGE, pp. 354-370.
  • Panyik, E. Costa, C. and Ratz, T. (2011). ‘Implementing integrated rural tourism: A celebration-based approach’, Tourism Management, Vol. 32(6), pp. 1352-1363.

Example tourism dissertation subject 2:

Safari tourism in Africa: Marketing to some Chinese clientele.

The growing Chinese presence – both diplomatically and commercially – in Africa offers untouched markets for safari operators, specifically in a worldwide atmosphere of burgeoning Chinese-oriented tourism. This paper explores the opportunity of tour operators to advertise safaris particularly to some Chinese market, including problems with cultural awareness, prices, shopping, and accommodation, in the perspectives of both hunting and photo taking safaris.

A situation study examines the move through the London-based travel firm, Abercrombie and Kent, to grow into the forex market (Haizhou, 2012). Finally, the dissertation views how Chinese firms may study from experienced safari providers to build up the marketplace for wholly Chinese-owned providers, without African/Chinese conflict.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Ashley, C. and Roe, D. (2002). ‘Making tourism work with poor people: Strategies and challenges in southern Africa’, Development Southern Africa, Vol. 19(1), pp. 61-82.
  • Haizhou, Z. (2012). ‘Into Africa’, China Daily [online]. Offered at: europe.chinadaily.com.cn/epaper/2012-05/18/content_15330533.htm .
  • Michel, S. and Beuret, M. (2009). China safari: Around the trial of Beijing’s expansion in Africa. New You are able to: Nation Books.

Example tourism dissertation subject 3:

An assessment of the prosperity of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project in Nepal and it is ongoing effects on eco- and adventure tourism.

The Annapurna Conservation Project Area in Nepal seeks to redress the total amount lost within the growth of trekking tourism during the last three decades. This thesis examines the prosperity of the work in restoring cultural and environmental integrity towards the area, with no diminution from the economic benefits the region needs for survival. A specific focus is the prosperity of tourism training projects one of the indigenous residents from the area, and also the aftereffect of such training on tourism, considering that eco- and adventure tourism keeps rising. Using both secondary research methods and primary research (through interviews) the thesis offers considerable scope for creativeness and research rigour.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Baral, N. Stern, M.J. and Hammett, A.L. (2012). ‘Developing a scale for evaluating holidays by visitors: Research within the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal’, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Vol. 20(7), pp. 975-989.
  • Khadka, D. and Nepal, S.K. (2010). ‘Local responses to participatory conservation in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal’, Ecological Management, Vol. 45(2), pp. 351-362.
  • Nyaupane, G.P. and Thapa, B. (2004). ‘Evaluation of holidays: A comparative assessment within the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Nepal’, Journal of Holidays, Vol. 3(1), pp. 20-45.

Example tourism dissertation subject 4:

The function of original art available success of boutique hotels.

Even though the ’boutique’ hotel sector bears so single definition, consensus appears to become attracted that such hotels have relatively couple of guest rooms, provide a distinctive art and style style, along with a high standard and services information. This paper views just how much the function of art in hotels has escalated recently and has turned into a sign of boutique hotels. It explores the price of individual and original art in many boutique hotels within the United kingdom, and interviews are conducted with hotel management and visitors to look for the role that art plays in selecting to stick with particular hotels.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Aggett, M. (2007). ‘What has influenced development in britain’s boutique hotel sector?’, Worldwide Journal of recent Hospitality Management, Vol. 19(2), pp.169-177.
  • Mcintosh, A.J. and Siggs, A. (2005). ‘An search for the experiential nature of boutique accommodation’, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 44(1), pp. 74-81.
  • Strannegrd, L. and Strannegrd, M. (2012). ‘Works of art: Aesthetic ambitions in design hotels’, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 39(4), pp. 1995-2012.

Example tourism dissertation subject 5:

Slum tourism: Ghoulish or good-hearted?

This dissertation investigates the phenomenon of ‘slum tourism’, which goes back several century. Analyzing briefly a brief history of these tours, after that it views the need for slum tourism in exposing visitors to inequities in living standards, earnings as well as chance. Alterations in slum tourism to Nigeria, dating in the 1980s, is evaluated throughout its ‘progress’ to the current day, and when compared with individuals tours presently on offer towards the slums of Rio de Janeiro, South america, and Dharavi, India. The paper evaluates if the residents of slums get any short- or lengthy-term take advantage of such exposure, thus figuring out its value.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Diekmann, A. and Hannam, K. (2012). ‘Touristic mobilities in India’s slum spaces’, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 39(3), pp. 1315-1336.
  • Dondolo, L. (2002). The making of public background and tourism destinations in Cape Town’s townships: Research of routes, sites and heritage. Cape Town: College from the Western Cape.
  • Meschkank, J. (2011). ‘Investigations into slum tourism in Mumbai: poverty tourism and also the tensions between different constructions of reality’, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 39(3), pp. 1315-1336.

Example tourism dissertation subject 6:

‘My home, my rules’ – research of discrimination during sex and breakfast homes within the United kingdom.

Recent publicity (Moynihan, 2012) has focussed on discrimination against gay couples by bed and breakfast proprietors within the United kingdom. This dissertation examines not just sexual orientation discrimination but other kinds of discrimination within the sector, from colour to occupation to children. They weigh the legal rights from the bed and breakfast proprietors to select who should remain in their house together, from the legal rights of individuals who’re having to pay for accommodation, as well as in the sunshine of anti-discrimination legislation. Interviews are conducted with individuals who’ve been declined accommodation, bed and breakfast proprietors, and industry representatives. Finally, it can make strategies for proprietors to prevent litigation.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Bromley, C. Curtice, J. and Given, L. (2006). Attitudes to discrimination in Scotland: 2006
  • Mcintosh, A.J. Lynch, P. and Sweeney, M. (2011). ‘”I reside in my castle”: Defiance from the commercial homestay host in tourism’, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 50(5), pp. 509-519.
  • Moynihan, T. (2012). ‘Gay couple Michael Black and John Morgan sue bed and breakfast owner Susanne Wilkinson over room refusal’, The Independent, 17th September 2012.
  • Scottish social attitudes survey. Edinburgh: Scottish Government Social Research.

Example tourism dissertation subject 7:

Capacity within the London hotel market, following the London Olympic games 2012.

This dissertation researches the potential risks within the London hotel market, focussing on over-capacity, within the wake from the London Olympic games 2012. Lee and Jang (2012) claim that over-capacity is really a natural phenomenon, more suitable to under-capacity, occurring in cycles, and it is frequently associated with specific occasions. Considering articles stressing over-capacity working in london before the Olympic games (Blitz, 2012), this paper evaluates how severe the after-shocks from the Olympic games could be within the London hotel market, in the posh and non-luxury sectors. Furthermore, it offers strategies for hotel operators to minimise such effects after other large-scale occasions.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Blitz, R. (2012). ‘London hotels slash Olympic games prices’, Financial Occasions, 27th June 2012.
  • Lee, S.K. and Jang, S.C. (2012). Are-analyzing the overcapacity of the usa lodging industry’, Worldwide Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 31(4), pp. 1050-1058.
  • Pullman, M. and Rodgers, S. (2010). ‘Capacity management for hospitality and tourism: Overview of current approaches’, Worldwide Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 29(1), pp. 177-187.

Example tourism dissertation subject 8:

An offer for any co-operative corporate social responsibility model for small, independent hotels.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) don’t have to be the province only of huge companies, the economies of scale open to large enterprises helps to ensure that eco-friendly initiatives and other alike CSR endeavours are frequently limited to the forex market. This dissertation suggests a co-operative model for CSR, whereby small, independent hotels in distinct regions combine to attain greater savings in energy, services and gives. Even aspects for example staff training might be achieved inside a co-operative model, thus enabling small companies to savor the advantages that enhanced CSR brings, with no prohibitive costs for just one-off courses and contracts.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Dam, L. and Scholtens, B. (2012). ‘Does possession type matter for corporate social responsibility?’, Corporate Governance: An Worldwide Review, Vol. 20, pp. 233-252.
  • Garay, L. and Font, X. (2012). ‘Doing best to prosper? Corporate social responsibility reasons, practices and impacts in medium and small accommodation enterprises’, Worldwide Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 31(2), pp. 329-337.
  • Njite, D. Hancer, M. and Slevitch, L. (2011). ‘Exploring corporate social responsibility: A managers’ perspective on why and how small independent hotels build relationships their communities’, Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, Vol. 12(3), pp. 177-201.

Example tourism dissertation subject 9:

Conference souvenir sales: T-shirts, tea towels, and teddies.

Many conference attendees end up too busy to look, however their families expect to souvenirs airport terminal souvenir sales outlets don’t always fulfil this need, particularly with limited buying and selling hrs and have smaller sized, regional facilities with couple of shops. This thesis views the chance for conference souvenirs to grow beyond the products provided by exhibitors, for example emblem-inscribed pens and baseball caps, to some specific sales outlet that retails a number of souvenirs targeted at different industrial sectors and cost points, with repeat collectability. Reviewing what is presently available, the paper explores the profitability of these enterprises and makes strategies for conference facilities thinking about this type of expansion.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Abendroth, L.J. (2011). ‘The souvenir purchase decision: Results of online availability’, Worldwide Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol. 5(2), pp.173-183.
  • Swanson, K.K. (2004). ‘Tourists’ and retailers’ perceptions of souvenirs’, Journal of Vacation Marketing, Vol. 10(4), pp. 363-377.
  • Wei, L. Zhan, L. and Zhang, H. (2010). ‘Theoretical exploration on tourism souvenir development according to culture regionalism’, Worldwide Conference on e-Product, e-Service and e-Entertainment, Henan, China, 7-9 November 2010.

Example tourism dissertation subject 10:

‘Death tourism’: Not only a one-way trip.

The most popular perception that individuals wanting to die at aided suicide facilities such as Dignitas, in Europe, create a single trip is fake. A minimum of three journeys are needed, and people are usually supported by a minumum of one member of the family. This paper investigates the growing market of dying tourism, and views the possibilities for ‘package deals’, whereby clients purchase ahead of time the 3 aspects of the travel process. Such packages can include specialised excursions, medical attention or any other amenities. The thesis also examines the legal risks involved with ‘death tourism’ and also the possible prosecution of companies involved.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Akhilesh, P. Mangal, H.M. Hetal, K. and Sadik, H. (2009). ‘Death tourism (sterbetourism): Location to heaven’, Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, Vol. 31(3), pp. 274-276.
  • Coggan, J. (2008). Assisting ‘death tourism’: Possible prosecution or practical immunity? Center for Social Ethics and Policy, Institute for Science, Ethics, and Innovation, School of Law, College of Manchester.
  • Srinivas, R. (2009). ‘Exploring the opportunity of American dying tourism’, Michigan Condition College Journal of drugs and Law, Vol. 91(13), pp. 92-123.

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