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Switched capacitor converter thesis proposal

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Power amplifiers are an essential component in sub-GHz lengthy-range transmitters for wireless sensors. This project focusses at researching high-efficiency PA topologies and designing an evidence of concept.

Project Description

Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) systems are increasing quickly with the development of Internet of products (IoT). Among the critical factors during these systems would be the wireless devices. Among the key specifications of those wireless devices is lengthy battery duration of ten years.

The ability amplifier (PA) is really a primary power consumer within the wireless device, therefore, the efficiency is essential. Even the efficiency in a reduced output power is essential, because the PA won’t work on maximum output power for the majority of the devices.

The present transmitter product is proven in Fig. 1, where it’s proven the PA power is generated by an on-nick Electricity/Electricity ripper tools. This power charge of the PA is completed by two techniques. First of all, the PA supply current is controlled through the Electricity/Electricity ripper tools. Next, there’s power control within the PA with switching capacitors. However, the Electricity/Electricity ripper tools is really a buck/boost ripper tools which requires exterior components (inductor and capacitor), that is undesired because it boosts the cost. The ability control within the PA causes the efficiency to decrease quickly when lowering the output power, also is undesired.

Fig. 1: Simplified schematic of current transmitter system with Electricity/Electricity ripper tools offering the PA

Another Electricity/Electricity-ripper tools topology is dependant on switched capacitors. Because the PA already includes large variety of capacitors, you will find potential advantages when co-integrating a switched-capacitor Electricity/Electricity-ripper tools along with a switched-capacitor PA.

Switched capacitor converter thesis proposal where it is shown that

This project focusses on investigating the pros and cons of these a co-integration, proposal of the optimal architecture and designing an evidence of concept. To do this, the next task is going to be performed.

Your Tasks

  • Literature surveys on switched capacitor Electricity/Electricity converters and switched capacitor PA’s
  • Background study current sub-GHz PA design in imec – Holst Center
  • Architecture analysis for co-integrated Electricity/Electricity ripper tools and-efficiency PA
  • Schematic and layout style of selected architecture, including matching network
  • Based on progress: measurement from the test-nick
  • Thesis writing and documentation in imec-Holst Center

Your Profile

  • Good analytical skills
  • Understanding of designing circuits using CMOS transistors
  • Structured method of reporting, both orally and written
  • Motivated student wanting to work individually and expand understanding within the field
  • Good written and verbal British skills.

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