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Security topics for thesis proposal

Sample research proposal on Information security and Assurance IT Department Manager :
IT Department Manager role
The important thing role from it inside a clients are to make sure that the communication, manipulation and handling of company’s data are created simple, effective and reliable. It is because It offers the infrastructural platform for data handling and manipulation process. A few of the essential services supplied by IT inside a company includes network management, provision of secure HTTP access within the internet browser and making certain network connection security. Some applications include MS Outlook, MS exchange, VLAN support in addition to authenticated wireless connection.

It’s thus the task from the IT manager to make sure that the procedure runs easily which everything works properly. The IT manager heads the technical team that accounts for equipment configuration and management. Their jobs are usually divided based on their specialization. You will find network tech support team who’ll exclusively result in the two the voice and knowledge communication flow in the organization. They therefore cope with routing and communication equipments for example routers, switches, cables and firewalls. Furthermore this team accounts for the network security plus they thus work to make sure that both hardware and also the software of the organization (usually firewall and firewall operating-system) work based on the set standards and therefore making certain that undesirable data packets are blocked from entering the company’s servers (Whitman Mattord, 2011).

The IT manager also works together with other IT support department to make sure that the company’s hr is well offered when it comes to equipment functionality and quality.

Essentially, the collaboration works well for decentralizing It truely does work into manageable sizes for security and quality purposes. The IT manager is thus an important link and mind of those different IT departments that lead towards the efficiency and security from the company’s critical information and data about its business (Stamp, 2006).

Company’s servers usually keep information associated with the sales, production, inventory and marketing, the data security and assurance department that is a central area of the IT infrastructure plays a vital in preserving the integrity of the information. The customized database is capable of doing storing the sales, production and inventory data for usage within the marketing and purchasers department. Because It enables easy accounting of inventory and purchasers, the organization is less inclined to experience problems associated with overstocking or under-stocking and therefore making certain continuous plan to its clientele.

Issues affecting Information Security and Assurance Department
There are a variety of problems that affect this department they vary from security concerns towards the challenges that included growth and development of technology. With the introduction of technology, technology emerge with added challenges, for example, wireless technologies have emerged with standards and authentication standards for example WPAS2 PSK and SSID (McLeod Schell, 2007). These authentication platforms have continuously faced security threats from smart online hackers.

Security topics for thesis proposal crucial link

Something that faces a business may be the elevated web-based threats thinking about the proceed to adopt cloud computing. The safety and integrity from the company’s information is always a significant anxiety about the variation of those technologies for example SaaS in which the services are shared using a internet browser. Regardless of the elevated assurance by cloud computing vendors, the integrity from the company’s details are still susceptible to undesirable access. Also that always faces assurance and knowledge security department may be the making decisions process in regards to the adaptation of what sort of technology. It is really an issue because adaptation of recent technology does not necessarily mean that it’ll squeeze into the organization’s needs and that’s why developing a balance is really a requirement that’s indispensable.

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