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Sample article writing for igcse maths

Sample article writing for igcse maths apply the         marking criteria          to

Facilitate peer assessment and discussion, helping students think critically

Show all sources in Cambridge IGCSE® British like a Second Language sample lesson

Like a trainer and examiner, teachers frequently ask me for suggestions about developing secure and fluent speaking skills poor a focused discussion. I’ve come up with a sample lesson using sources in the Oxford College Press and Cambridge Worldwide Examinations Exam Skills Builders . so that you can try the initial method of skills rise in your classroom. All the sample sources, including worksheets and tracks, can be found below.

First, I’d play students an authentic student response towards the Freedom to visit subject. in the British like a Second Language Exam Skills Builder CD. Employed in pairs or small groups, I’d then ask students to use the marking criteria towards the recording. This facilitates peer assessment and discussion, helping students think critically concerning the skills to get. Students might notice, for instance, this candidate attempts to give full responses, but doesn’t necessarily develop them – crucial for that Development and Fluency criteria.

Practise specific exam skills

To follow-up, I’d ask students to organize their very own commentary, for any short presentation. They may include types of where they believed the candidate did well, or where he might have given a much better response. They may also demonstrate the way they personally may have taken care of immediately the prompts. Here, they’ll be thinking critically concerning the conversation – and practising their very own speaking skills.

Sample article writing for igcse maths an         authentic student

To obtain your students ready for that 2014 needs, cause them to become use each discussion prompt in sequence. Strive for a 6 to 9 minute discussion that has covered all five prompts, but put into all of them spontaneous and relevant points.

Workout for added practice while using sample sources below:

  • Use Task 2 in the Examiner commentary to conduct a far more detailed research into the Addiction recording, like a group discussion.
  • Once individual notes happen to be occurred, make use of this Worksheet to prompt the audience to go over their findings and views.

Download Dean’s sample sources

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