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Printed: 23, March 2015

Jose Rizal was created on june 19, 1861 at Calamba, Laguna. His parent was Mr. Francisco Engracio Rizal Mercado Alejandra II and Mrs. Teodora Morales Alonso Realonda Quintos. He originated from a household of effective maqui berry farmers. He was the seven’th of 11 children, his siblings and siblings were Lucia, Paciano, Narcisa, Olympia, Lucia, Maria, Concepcion, Josefa, Trinidad, Soledad. Jose’s father adopted the household name ‘Rizal’ from ‘Ricial’, meaning ‘green fields’. There have been a minimum of nine women associated with Rizal, namely, Segunda Katigbak his puppy love. Regrettably, his first love was engaged to become married to Manuel Luz. After his popularity of a brief girl within the person of Segunda. Leonor Valenzuela, a tall girl from Pagsanjan.

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Rizal transmits her love notes designed in invisible ink that may simply be deciphered within the warmth from the lamp or candle. Leonor Rivera, his sweetheart for 11 years performed the finest influence to keep him from love other women throughout his travel. Consuelo Ortiga y Rey, the daughter of Don Pablo Ortiga, was fallen deeply in love with him. He focused on her A la Senorita C.O. y R. which grew to become certainly one of his best poems. He most likely fell deeply in love with her and Consuelo apparently requested him for romantic verses. He all of a sudden backed out prior to the relationship switched right into a serious romance, while he desired to remain faithful to Leonor Rivera and that he didn’t wish to destroy his friendship with Eduardo de Lete who had been madly deeply in love with Consuelo. O-Sei San a daughter of the Japanese samurai trained Rizal japan art of painting referred to as su-mie. She also helped Rizal improve his understanding of Japanese language. If Rizal would be a man with no loyal mission, he’d have married this lovely and intelligent lady and resided a reliable and happy existence together with her in Japan because Spanish legation there offered him employment that they can earn lots of money. While Rizal was at London, he boarded in the home from the Beckett family, within easy reach from the British Museum. Gertrude, a blue-eyed girl was the earliest from the three Beckett kids. She fell deeply in love with Rizal. Tottie helped him in the painting and sculpture. But Rizal all of a sudden left London for Paris to prevent Gertrude, who had been seriously deeply in love with him.

Rizal college of laguna thesis writing to successfully

Before departing London, he could finish the audience carving from the Beckett siblings. He gave the audience carving to Gertrude as an indication of their brief relationship. Inside a party held by Filipinos in Madrid, Rizal met Nellie Boustead. Rizal accustomed to fence using the siblings in the studio of Juan Luna, however their romance regrettably didn’t finish in marriage. It unsuccessful because Rizal declined to become transformed into the Protestant belief. In 1890, Rizal gone to live in The city due to the very high cost residing in Paris. In The city, he resided within the boarding house of these two Jacoby siblings. Over time, they fell crazy about one another. Suzanne cried when Rizal left The city and authored him as he was at Madrid. In 1895, Rizal met an 18-years old girl, She was Josephine Bracken, the adopted daughter of George Taufer from Hong Kong, who found Dapitan to find Rizal for eye treatment. Rizal was physically drawn to her However the Rizal siblings suspected Josephine being an agent from the friars plus they considered her as a menace to Rizal’s security. Rizal requested Josephine to marry him, but she wasn’t yet ready to consider because of her responsibility to her blind father. Josephine remained with Rizal’s family in Manila. Upon her go back to Dapitan, Rizal attempted to set up with Father Antonio Obach for his or her marriage. However, the priest wanted an ailment before marrying them. Rizal upon the recommendation of his family and buddies with Josephine’s consent required her as his wife without Church benefits. Josephine later gives birth prematurely to some stillborn baby, a direct result some incidence, that might have shocked or frightened her. He positively took part in poetry and essay writing making notable contributions to Philippine literature. He freely belittled Spanish colonization from the Philippines. Rizal finished Ateneo Municipal de Manila and that he finished his course Land Surveyor and Assessor Degree there. Also, he studied Philosophy in the College of Santo Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters. Which wasn’t all, because his mother comes with an eye problem, he studied Medicine and Surgery course in ophthalmology in the College of Santo Tomas, but didn’t complete the program due to indiscriminate behavior against Filipino students. Rather, he made the decision to transfer and obtain his License in Medicine in the Universidad Central de Madrid.


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Rizal also attended the College of Paris and Heidelberg for any second doctoral. He’s fondly appreciated like a multi-faceted scholar. He displayed areas of his persona like a polymath, ophthalmologist, educator and historian, alongside artistic pursuits like painting, sculpting and inventive writing. He’s appreciated for authoring two popular novels the first is Noli me Tangere that is a scathing, full-scale indictment from the Philippine political and spiritual regime. Within this novel, Rizal attempted to complete what no a person prepared to do, he responded towards the calumnies which, for hundreds of years, happen to be heaped here and our country, he described the condition in our society, our existence, our beliefs, our hopes, our desires, our laments, and our grievances. And what’s surprising is the fact that he’s unmasked the hypocrisy, considered a type of lie. That is hiding underneath the religion, came in our midst to deny us, to brutalize us. Rizal distinguished the real religion in the false, in the superstitious, from what traffics using the Sacred Word to extract money, to create us have confidence in foolishness which Catholicism would blush at whether it had understanding from it. Furthermore, he revealed what lay hidden behind the deceitful and brilliant words in our government. And yet another the first is El filibusterismo Rizal needed to define the term filibustero to his German friend Ferdinand Blumentritt, who didn’t understand his utilisation of the word in Noli Me Tangere. The term filibustero is nothing known within the Philippines. He recommended a political system that presented scope for Philippine’s participation within the Cortes, freedom of set up, freedom of speech and equal legal rights for those citizens. In 1892, he legalized these social reforms, at the fee for being disbanded. He was freely declared ‘enemy from the state’ through the Spanish because of his rebellious nature and ideologies promoted in the novels. He was imprisoned in 1896, while his brother, Paciano, was tortured through the Spanish government bodies. Because of his participation within the nascent rebellion in 1892, He was deported to Zamboanga. There, he not just helped the locals to construct a college and hospital, but additionally brought your time and effort towards incorporating a much better water supply system. He was supportive of self sufficiency from the youth and resourcefulness of maqui berry farmers. The 4 many years of exile were also ones that observed the introduction of the revolution home. Regardless of being elected as Honorary President from the Katipunan, he condemned the revolution. He courted Josephine Bracken, an Irish lady. He didn’t marry her since marriage will need him to embrace Catholicism, that was from the revolution. 1896 observed a nationwide uprising within the Philippines, inducing the announcement of the democratic republic. He made a decision to serve in Cuba, to assist victims of yellow fever. On the way, Rizal was arrested in Barcelona and delivered back to Manila. He was attempted before a court-martial around the charges of ‘rebellion’ and ‘conspiracy’. He was charged and sentenced to dying.

Base on my small observation within the story, Rizal would be a intelligent along with a brave person, he used those to fight for all of us within our own country. He produced his two famous novels namely Noli Me Tangere and El filibusterismo to spread out our mind for things that we all know that is wrong but we have them doing the work. He sacrificed his existence and faced his dying for the freedom.

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Jose Rizal was created towards the wealthy Mercado-Rizal family in Calamba, Laguna from the Philippines. The Mercado-Rizals were considered probably the most esteemed Filipino families throughout their time. Jose Rizal originated from the 13-member family composed of his parents, Francisco Mercado II and Teodora Alonso Realonda, and nine siblings and something brother. His parents were leaseholders of the hacienda as well as an associated grain farm through the Dominicans. From an earlier age, Jose Rizal Mercado demonstrated a precocious intellect. He learned the alphabet from his mother at 3, and may read at 5.[12] Upon enrolling in the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, Jos dropped the final three names that comprise his complete name, around the advice of his brother, Paciano Rizal, and also the Mercado-Rizal family, thus rendering his name as &#8220Jos Protasio Rizal&#8221. Of the, Rizal writes: &#8220My family never compensated much attention [to the second surname Rizal], however I needed to utilize it, this provides you with me the look of an illegitimate child!&#8221 Sony playstation enable him to visit freely and disassociate him from his brother, who’d acquired prestige together with his earlier links to Gomburza. From early childhood, Jos and Paciano were already evolving unheard-of political ideas of freedom and individual legal rights which infuriated the government bodies.

Regardless of the name change, Jos, as &#8220Rizal&#8221 soon distinguished themself in poetry writing contests, impressing his professors together with his facility with Castilian along with other other languages, and then, on paper essays which were critical from the Spanish historic accounts from the pre-colonial Philippine societies. Indeed, by 1891, the entire year he finished his El filibusterismo, this second surname became very well known that, because he writes to a different friend, &#8220All my loved ones now carry the name Rizal rather of Mercado since the name Rizal means persecution! Good! I too wish to join them and become worth this family name&#8230&#8221.

Rizal, 11 years of age, students in the Ateneo Municipal de Manila Rizal first studied under Justiniano Aquino Cruz in Bian, Laguna before he was delivered to Manila. Regarding his father’s request, he required the doorway examination in Colegio de San Juan de Letran and studied there for nearly three several weeks. Then he enrolled in the Ateneo Municipal de Manila and graduated among the nine students in the class declared sobresaliente or outstanding. He ongoing his education in the Ateneo Municipal de Manila to acquire a land surveyor and assessor’s degree, and simultaneously in the College of Santo Tomas where he did find a preparatory course in law. Upon learning that his mother was going blind, he made the decision to change to medicine in the school of medicine of Santo Tomas specializing later in ophthalmology.

Jos Rizal like a student in the College of Santo Tomas
Without his parents’ understanding and consent, but secretly based on his brother Paciano, he traveled alone to Madrid, The country in May 1882 and studied medicine in the Universidad Central de Madrid where he earned the amount, Licentiate in Medicine. Also, also, he attended medical lectures in the College of Paris and also the College of Heidelberg. In Berlin he was inducted as part of the Berlin Ethnological Society and also the Berlin Anthropological Society underneath the patronage from the famous pathologist Rudolf Virchow. Following custom, he delivered a previous address the german language in April 1887 prior to the Anthropological Society around the orthography and structure from the Tagalog language. He left Heidelberg a poem, &#8220A las flores del Heidelberg&#8221, that was both an evocation along with a prayer for that welfare of his native land and also the unification of common values between East and West.

At Heidelberg, the 25-year-old Rizal, carried out 1887 his eye specialization underneath the famous professor, Otto Becker. There he used the recently invented ophthalmoscope (introduced by Hermann von Helmholtz) to later operate by himself mother’s eye. From Heidelberg, Rizal authored his parents: &#8220I spend half during the day in study regarding German and yet another half, within the illnesses from the eye. Two times per week, I visit the bierbrauerie, or beerhall, to talk German with my student buddies.&#8221 He resided inside a Karlstrae boarding house then gone to live in Ludwigsplatz. There, he met Reverend Karl Ullmer and remained together in Wilhelmsfeld, where he authored the final couple of chapters of Noli Me Tngere. Rizal would be a polymath, skilled both in science and also the arts. He colored, sketched, making sculptures and woodcarving. He would be a prolific poet, essayist, and novelist whose most well-known works were his two novels, Noli Me Tngere and it is follow up, El filibusterismo.

These social reviews throughout the Spanish colonization of the nation created the nucleus of literature that inspired peaceful reformists and armed revolutionaries alike. Rizal seemed to be apolyglot, conversant in twenty-two languages. Rizal’s multifacetedness was explained his German friend, Dr. Adolf Meyer, as &#8220stupendous.&#8221 Documented research has shown him to become a polymath having the ability to master various skills and subjects. He was an ophthalmologist, sculptor, painter, educator, player, historian, playwright and journalist. Besides poetry and inventive writing, he dabbled, with different levels of expert knowledge, in architecture, cartography, financial aspects, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, dramatics, fighting techinques, fencing and pistol shooting. He seemed to be a Freemason, joining Acacia Lodge No. 9 throughout his amount of time in The country and achieving an expert Mason in 1884.

Jos Rizal’s existence is among the most documented of 1800s Filipinos because of the vast and extensive records compiled by contributing to him.[20] Just about everything in the short existence is recorded somewhere, being themself a normal diarist and prolific letter author, a lot of the fabric getting survived. His biographers, however, have faced difficulty in converting his writings due to Rizal’s practice of switching in one language to a different. They came largely from his travel diaries using their insights of the youthful Asian encountering free airline the very first time. They incorporated his later journeys, home and again to Europe through Japan and also the U . s . States, and, finally, through his self-enforced exile in Hong Kong.

Soon after he finished the Ateneo Municipal de Manila (now Ateneo de Manila College), Rizal (who had been then 16 years of age) along with a friend, Mariano Katigbak, found visit Rizal’s maternal grandmother in Tondo, Manila. Mariano introduced along his sister, Segunda Katigbak, a 14-years old Batanguea from Lipa, Batangas. It had been the very first time they met and Rizal described Segunda as &#8220rather short, with eyes which were eloquent and ardent at occasions and languid at others, rosy–cheeked, by having an enchanting and provocative smile that revealed very beautiful teeth, and also the air of the sylph her entire self diffused a mysterious charm.&#8221 His grandmother’s visitors were mostly university students plus they understood that Rizal had skills in painting. They recommended that Rizal should create a portrait of Segunda. He complied unwillingly making a pencil sketch of her.

Regrettably for him, Katigbak was engaged to Manuel Luz. From December 1891 to June 1892, Rizal resided together with his family in Number Two of Rednaxela Terrace, Mid-levels, Hong Kong Island. Rizal used 5 D’Aguilar Street, Central district, Hong Kong Island as his ophthalmologist clinic from 2 pm to six pm. This era of his existence incorporated his recorded affections which nine were identified. These were Gertrude Beckett of Chalcot Crescent (London), wealthy and-minded Nelly Boustead from the British and Iberian merchant family, last descendant of the noble Japanese family Seiko Usui(passionately known as O-Sei-san), his earlier friendship with Segunda Katigbak, Leonor Valenzuela, and eight-year partnership having a distant cousin, Leonor Rivera (popularly regarded as the muse for that character of Mara Clara in Noli Me Tngere) Exposure to Josephine Bracken

More information: Josephine Bracken
In Feb 1895, Rizal, 33, grew to become knowledgeable about an Irish lady from Hong Kong named Josephine Bracken when she supported her blind adoptive father, George Taufer, to possess his eye checked by Rizal.[25] After frequent visits, Rizal and Bracken soon fell deeply in love with one another and then requested marriage, speculate of his bad status from their own writings and political stance, the neighborhood priest Father Obach, only decided to the contain the ceremony if Rizal might get a permission in the Bishop of Cebu. He was not able to acquire an ecclesiastical marriage while he wouldn’t go back to Catholicism.

After associated her father to Manila on her behalf go back to Hong Kong and before heading to Dapitan to reside with Rizal, she introduced herself to people of his family in Manila. His mother recommended a civil marriage who believed it as being a smaller sacrament, and could be less sinful to Rizal’s conscience than making any kind of political retraction to be able to gain permission in the Bishop. He, nevertheless, considered Josephine to become his wife and also the couple resided together in Talisay in Dapitan. Apparently, the pair were built with a child, Francsco Rizal y Bracken, who had been stillborn and just resided for any couple of hrs. Go back to Philippines (1892-1896)

Exile in Dapitan
Upon his go back to Manila in 1892, he created a social movement known as La Liga Filipina. The league recommended these moderate social reforms through legal means, but was disbanded through the governor. In those days, he’d recently been declared an opponent from the condition through the Spanish government bodies due to the publication of his novel. Rizal’s pencil sketch of Blumentritt.

Rizal was implicated within the activities from the nascent rebellion as well as in This summer 1892, was deported to Dapitan within the province of Zamboanga, a peninsula of Mindanao. There he built a college, a healthcare facility along with a water supply system, and trained and involved in farming and horticulture.[citation needed] Abaca, then your vital raw material for cordage and which Rizal and the students grown within the thousands, would be a memorial.[citation needed] The boys’ school, which trained in Spanish, and incorporated British like a language (considered a prescient if unusual option then) was created by Rizal and antedated Gordonstoun using its aims of inculcating resourcefulness and self-sufficiency in youthful men.[citation needed] They’d later enjoy effective lives as maqui berry farmers and honest government officials.[citation needed] One, a Muslim, grew to become a datu, and the other, Jos Aseniero, who had been with Rizal through the existence from the school, grew to become Governor of Zamboanga.

In Dapitan, the Jesuits mounted an excellent effort to secure his go back to the fold brought by Fray Snchez, his former professor, who unsuccessful in the mission. The job was started again by Fray Pastells, a leading person in an order. Inside a letter to Pastells, Rizal sails near to the ecumenism familiar to all of us today. – &#8220We are entirely in accord in acknowledging the presence of God. How do i doubt his after i am convinced of mine. Who so recognizes the result recognizes the reason. To doubt God would be to doubt one’s own conscience, as well as in consequence, it might be to doubt everything after which what’s existence for? Now then, my belief in God, if the effect of a ratiocination might be known as belief, is blind, blind meaning of knowing nothing. I neither believe nor disbelieve the characteristics which many attribute to him before theologians’ and philosophers’ definitions and lucubrations of the ineffable and inscrutable being I’ve found myself smiling.

Confronted with the conviction of seeing myself confronting the final Problem, which confused voices aim to show me, I am unable to but reply: ‘It might be however the God which i foreknow is much more grand, much more good: Plus Supra!&#8230I have confidence in (thought) although not in thought or revelations which each and every religion or religions claim that they can possess. Analyzing them impartially, evaluating them and scrutinizing them, one cannot avoid discerning a persons ‘fingernail’ and also the stamp of times that they were written&#8230 No, let’s not make God within our image, poor occupants that we’re of the distant planet lost in infinite space. However, brilliant and sublime our intelligence might be, it’s scarcely greater than a small spark which shines and immediately is extinguished, also it alone can provide us no clue of this blaze, that conflagration, that sea of sunshine. In my opinion in thought, however in that living thought which surrounds us on the sides, for the reason that voice, mighty, eternal, unceasing, incorruptible, obvious, distinct, universal out of the box the being from whom it proceeds, for the reason that thought which talks to us and penetrates us as soon as we’re born until we die.

What books can better show us the goodness of God, his passion, his providence, his eternity, his glory, his knowledge? ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and also the firmament showeth his work’.&#8221[35] His closest friend, professor Ferdinand Blumentritt, stored him in contact with European buddies and fellow-scientists who authored a stream of letters which showed up in Nederlander, French, German and British and which baffled the censors, delaying their transmittal. Individuals 4 years of his exile coincided with the introduction of the Philippine Revolution from beginning and also to its final breakout, which, in the point of view from the court that was to test him, recommended his complicity inside it.

He condemned the uprising, although all of the people from the Katipunan had made him their honorary president coupled with used his name like a cry for war, unity, and liberty. He may making the resolution of bearing personal sacrifice rather from the incoming revolution, believing that the peaceful stand is the easiest method to avoid further suffering in the united states and lack of Filipino lives. In Rizal’s own words, &#8220I consider myself happy for having the ability to suffer just a little for any cause that we believe to become sacred [&#8230]. In my opinion further that in almost any undertaking, the greater one suffers for this, the surer its success. If the be fanaticism may God pardon me, but my poor judgment doesn’t view it as a result.&#8221

In Dapitan, Rizal authored &#8220Haec Est Sibylla Cumana&#8221, a parlor-game for his students, with questions and solutions that a wood top was utilized. In 2004, Jean Paul Verstraeten tracked this book and also the wooden top, in addition to Rizal’s personal watch, spoon and salter. Arrest and trial

By 1896, the rebellion fomented through the Katipunan, a militant secret society, became a complete-blown revolution, showing to become a nationwide uprising.[citation needed] Rizal had earlier volunteered his services like a physician in Cuba and it was given leave by Governor-General Ramn Blanco for everyone in Cuba to serve victims of yellow fever. Rizal and Josephine left Dapitan on August 1, 1896 with letter of recommendation from Blanco.

Rizal was arrested on the way to Cuba via The country and it was imprisoned in Barcelona on October 6, 1896. He was delivered back within 24 hours to Manila to face trial because he was implicated within the revolution through his connection to people from the Katipunan. Over the passage, he was unchained, no Spaniard laid a hands on him, coupled with many possibilities to flee but declined to do this. While imprisoned in Fort Santiago, he issued a manifesto disavowing the present revolution in the present condition and insisting that the training of Filipinos as well as their achievement of the national identity were prerequisites to freedom. Rizal was attempted before a court-martial for rebellion, sedition, and conspiracy, was charged on the 3 charges, and sentenced to dying. Blanco, who had been supportive to Rizal, have been forced from office. The friars, brought at that time Archbishop of Manila Bernardino Nozaleda, had ‘intercalated’ Camilo de Polavieja in the stead, because the new Spanish Governor-General from the Philippines after pressuring Queen-Regent Maria Cristina of The country, thus sealing Rizal’s fate. Execution

A photo taking record of Rizal’s execution with what was thenBagumbayan. Moments before his execution on December 30, 1896 with a squad of Filipino soldiers from the Spanish Army, a backup pressure of standard Spanish Army troops was prepared to shoot the executioners whenever they neglect to obey orders. The Spanish Army Surgeon General requested to consider his pulse: it had been normal. Conscious of this the Sergeant commanding the backup pressure hushed his men to silence once they started raising &#8220vivas&#8221 using the highly partisan crowd of Peninsular and Mestizo Spanish. His last words were individuals of Jesus: &#8220consummatum est&#8221,&#8211it is completed. He was secretly hidden in Pac Graveyard in Manila without any identification on his grave. His sister Narcisa toured all possible gravesites and located freshly switched earth in the graveyard with pads published in the gate.

Presuming this may be probably the most likely place, there never getting any ground burials, she designed a gift towards the caretaker to mark the website &#8220RPJ&#8221, Rizal’s initials backwards. His undated poem, Mi ltimo adis thought to be written a couple of days before his execution, was hidden within an alcohol stove, that was later handed to his family together with his couple of remaining possessions, such as the final letters and the last bequests.:91 Stay, Rizal advised his siblings in British, &#8220There is one thing within it&#8221, talking about the alcohol stove provided by the Pardo de Taveras that was to become came back after his execution, therefore emphasizing the significance of the poem. This instruction was adopted by another, &#8220Look within my footwear&#8221, by which another item was secreted. Exhumation of his remains in August 1898, under American rule, revealed he’d been uncoffined, his funeral this is not on sanctified ground granted the ‘confessed’ faithful, and whatever was at his footwear had disintegrated. In the letter to his family he authored: &#8220Treat our aged parents while you would need to be treated&#8230Love them greatly in memory of me&#8230December 30, 1896.&#8221 He gave his family instructions for his funeral: &#8220Bury me in the earth.

Convey a stone along with a mix regarding this. My name, the date of my birth as well as my dying. Anything. If later you want to surround my grave having a fence, it can be done. No wedding anniversaries.&#8221 In the final letter, to Blumentritt – Tomorrow at 7, I will be shot however i am innocent from the crime of rebellion. I will die having a tranquil conscience. Rizal is thought to be the very first Filipino revolutionary whose dying is attributed entirely to his act as a author and thru dissent and civil disobedience enabled him to effectively destroy The country’s moral primacy to rule. Also, he bequeathed a magazine personally bound by him in Dapitan to his ‘best and dearest friend.’ When Blumentritt received it in the hometown Litomice (Leitmeritz) he broke lower and wept.

Novels and essays

Noli Me Tngere, novel, 1887 (literally Latin for ‘touch me not’, from John 20:17) El Filibusterismo, (novel, 1891), follow up to Noli Me Tngere Mi ltimo Adis, poem, 1896 (literally &#8220My Last Farewell&#8221 ) Alin Mang Lahi” (“Whate’er the Race”), a Kundiman related to Dr. Jos Rizal[43] The Friars and also the Filipinos (Incomplete)

Toast to Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo (Speech, 1884), given at Restaurante Ingles, Madrid The Diaries of Jos Rizal
Rizal’s Letters is really a compendium of Dr. Jose Rizal’s letters to his family people, Blumentritt, Fr. Pablo Pastells along with other reformers &#8220Come se gobiernan las Filipinas&#8221 (Managing the Philippine islands) Filipinas dentro de cien aos essay, 1889-90 (The Philippines a hundred years Hence) La Indolencia de los Filipinos, essay, 1890 (The indolence of Filipinos) Makamisa incomplete novel

Sa Mga Kababaihang Taga Malolos, essay, 1889, Towards the Youthful Women of Malolos Annotations to Antonio de Moragas, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (essay, 1889, Occasions within the Philippine Islands) Poetry

A La Juventud Filipina
El Canto Del Viajero
Briayle Crismarl
Canto Del Viajero
Canto de Mara Clara
Dalit sa Paggawa
Kundiman (Tagalog)
Me Piden Versos
Mi primera inspiracion
Mi Retiro
Mi Ultimo Adis
Por La Educacin (Recibe Lustre La Patria)
Sa Sanggol na si Jesus
To My Muse (A Mi Musa)
United nations Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo
A Guy in Dapitan

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