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Thanks for visiting the complete Advantage—website of Jan Melnik—where we’ll assist you in getting absolute advantage with regards to job search, resume and LinkedIn writing, and career management. “You may never obtain a second chance to create a first impression.” You’ve probably heard it frequently. And it is key. Make sure the very first impression you are making is the best and provides the absolute advantage within this competitive market! Prepared to be inspired? It is your career. It is your existence. Let us get began!

The Doorway Opener: A Unique, Branded Resume. An Engaging LinkedIn Profile

Let’s assist you to make a branded resume and LinkedIn profile that present your quantifiable skills, specific qualifications, and detailed accomplishments concisely and effectively. A resume can’t be work “obituary”—it must sizzle with promise for you skill to assist a company achieve its objectives.

A resume should articulate your value proposition. It presents key “predictors of success” and demonstrates “evidence of performance,” the worth you are able to deliver. And, to become best, it should be distinctively you, be totally authentic, and clearly present your distinctive brand. You have to display transferable skills and core competencies that talk towards the readers and compel her or him to you and also to create you set for the interview—which may be the whole idea of the resume and resume cover letter.

Likewise, your LinkedIn profile should be on-logo and blend cohesively with the way you look, your abilities, as well as your attributes in your resume. However it mustn’t just be your resume pasted verbatim onto LI.

Resume writing services danbury ct dmv succinctly written to

Rather, your LI profile should make the most of the headline, summary, and expertise sections—as along with the sections for experience, projects, education, recommendations, associations, along with other groups to provide a multi-layered picture of what you are.

Unlike a resume, the summary ought to be written like a compelling and welcoming-to-read narrative within the first person (the term “I” sits dormant inside a resume but it’s absolutely appropriate to create inside a conversational style and employ “I” within the LI summary). People looking for work today can get prospective employers, hiring managers, and recruiters to Google their names and check on their behalf on the web and using social media—especially using LinkedIn and, to some lesser extent, Facebook.

Your digital identity plays a proper role in terms you present like a candidate. For pretty much everybody, getting an expert presence on LI is essential for networking purposes. As well as for people looking for work, it is necessary to use and leverage LI as a part of a general job-search campaign.

You’ve One Chance

Your resume and LI profile must have the ability to capture the interest from the hr professional, recruiter, or hiring authority, generally within thirty seconds. To show a probable match involving the candidacy and also the job chance at hands, it is necessary that your documents be readable and understand, accurate, and error-free.

They have to provide sufficient information to provide a powerful picture of the qualifications and just what differentiates you like a candidate without overwhelming the readers with detail.

Resume writing services danbury ct dmv Instead, your LI profile

Plus they must present your talent and accomplishments positively, professionally, with immediate relevancy to potential employers.

Our Capabilities—Your Story

We’re equally experienced and comfy dealing with clients whatsoever levels—from recent graduates to CEOs. In the end, the requirement for an expert resume (as well as for work search to become effective) isn’t any different for somebody earning $30K than for somebody earning more than $400K.

Our company specializes when controling senior executive-level clients, C-suite candidates, managers, and rising professionals and also have knowledge of numerous disciplines varying from sales/marketing, high-tech environments, and manufacturing to education, healthcare, and entrepreneurial careers. A subspecialty helps new graduates effectively launch (and faculty sophomores/juniors land rewarding internships). We invite prospects to benefit from our free assessment service (Please visit “Client Services ”).

Make sure that the professional you engage offers the best credentials and experience to help you together with your career search and understands what today’s hiring government bodies and decision makers are trying to find in qualified candidates. You’ll want a properly-written, accomplishment-driven, and personally branded resume that’s results-oriented and clearly demonstrates your transferable skill portfolio.

It should be concise—succinctly written to provide your differentiators. Core competencies and distinguishing performance characteristics should be incorporated inside a qualifications summary/profile replete with targeted keywords. Make sure that your resume works effectively via email and on the web plus paper and mobile phone presentation.

Among the industry’s top career strategists, Jan Melnik is really a Master Resume Author, Credentialed Career Manager, and licensed Professional Resume Author. She’s President of Absolute Advantage (used since 1983), author of top-selling resume and business start-up books, including “Executive’s Pocket Help guide to Return on investment Resumes and Job Search,” and cause of greater than three dozen career and resume books.

Jan holds two undergraduate levels running a business, is really a summa cum laude graduate from the College of Maryland, and earned her Master’s degree summa cum laude from Wesleyan College. “Our clients are causing you to look great”—and you want to assist you to be as effective as you possibly can in developing the best suite of career management tools and collateral documents that will help you in competing for the best chance.

Be inspired. It is your career. It is your existence.

We’d love an chance to help you. Let us get began. Email or call us today!

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