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Re-writing a story into your own words

Re-writing a story into your own words which are

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This resource discusses how you can paraphrase properly and precisely.

Learn how to borrow from the source without plagiarizing. For additional info on paraphrasing, along with other methods to integrate sources to your paper, begin to see the Purdue OWL handout Quoting Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. To learn more about writing research papers, see our resource about this subject. Purdue students may wish to make certain that they’re acquainted with Purdue’s official academic dishonesty policy in addition to any extra policies their instructor has implemented. One other good source of understanding plagiarism may be the Statement on Plagiarism in the Council of Writing Program Managers .

  • your personal rendition of essential information and concepts expressed by another person, presented inside a new form.
  • one legitimate way (when supported by an increasing) to gain access to from the source.
  • a far more detailed restatement than the usual summary, which focuses concisely on one primary idea.
  • it is best than quoting information from an undistinguished passage.
  • it will help you control the temptation to quote an excessive amount of.
  • the mental process needed for effective paraphrasing allows you to keep the full concept of the initial.
  1. Reread the initial passage before you understand its full meaning.
  2. Set the initial aside, and write your paraphrase on the note card.
  3. Jot lower a couple of words through your paraphrase to help remind you later the way you picture by using this material. Towards the top of the note card, write a vital word or phrase to point the topic of your paraphrase.
  4. Look at your rendition using the original to make certain that the version precisely expresses all of the essential information inside a new form.
  5. Use speech marks to recognize any unique term or phraseology you’ve lent exactly in the source.
  6. Record the origin (such as the page) in your note card to be able to credit it easily if you choose to incorporate the fabric to your paper.

Re-writing a story into your own words Classical music was forgotten while

The initial passage:

Students frequently overuse direct quotation in taking notes, and for that reason they overuse quotes within the final [research] paper. Most likely no more than 10% of the final manuscript should appear as directly quoted matter. Therefore, you need to make an effort to limit the quantity of exact transcribing of source materials while taking notes. Lester, James D. Writing Research Papers. second erectile dysfunction. (1976): 46-47.

The best paraphrase:

In research papers students frequently quote excessively, neglecting to keep quoted material lower to some desirable level. Because the problem usually originates during taking notes, it is important to minimize the fabric recorded verbatim (Lester 46-47).

A suitable summary:

Students must take only a couple of notes in direct quotation from sources to assist minimize the quantity of quoted material inside a research paper (Lester 46-47).

A plagiarized version:

Students frequently use a lot of direct quotes once they take notes, leading to diet program them within the final research paper.

Re-writing a story into your own words and the

Actually, most likely no more than 10% from the final copy should contain directly quoted material. So you should limit the quantity of source material copied while taking notes.

This resource discusses how you can paraphrase properly and precisely.

Directions: On the separate sheet of paper, write a paraphrase of each one of the following passages. Do not think back in the original passage.

1. “The Antarctic may be the vast supply of cold on the planet, just like the sun may be the supply of our heat, also it exerts tremendous control on the climate,” [Jacques] Cousteau told your camera. “The cold sea water around Antarctica flows north to combine with warmer water in the tropics, and it is upwellings assistance to awesome both surface water and our atmosphere. The fragility of the controlling product is now threatened by human activity.” From “Captain Cousteau,” Audubon (May 1990):17.

2. The twenties were time when consuming was illegal, and also the law would be a bad joke because everybody understood of the local bar where liquor might be had. These were time when organized crime ruled the metropolitan areas, and also the police appeared powerless to complete anything against it. Classical music was forgotten while jazz spread all through the land, and men like Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Lance armstrong, and Count Basie grew to become the heroes from the youthful. The flapper was created within the twenties, with her bobbed hair and short-skirts, she symbolized, possibly greater than anybody or other things, America’s break using the past. From Kathleen Yancey, British 102 Supplemental Guide (1989): 25.

3. From the greater than 1000 cycling deaths every year, three-fourths come from mind injuries. 1 / 2 of individuals wiped out are school-age children. One study figured putting on a bicycle helmet can prevent mind injuries by 85 %. Within an accident, a bicycle helmet absorbs the shock and cushions the mind. From “Bike Helmets: Unused Lifesavers,” Consumer Reports (May 1990): 348.

4. Matisse is the greatest painter ever at putting the viewer in the scene. He’s probably the most realistic of modern artists, should you admit the design of the breeze as essential to a landscape and also the odor of oranges essential to some still existence. “The Casbah Gate” depicts the well-known gateway Bab el Aassa, which pierces the southern wall from the city close to the sultan’s palace. With scrubby jackets of ivory, aqua, blue, and rose delicately fenced through the liveliest grey outline in art history, Matisse will get the essence of the Tangier mid-day, such as the subtle existence of the bowaab, the sentry who sits and surveys individuals who go through the gate. From Peter Plagens, “Vibrant Lights.” Newsweek (26 March 1990): 50.

5. As the Sears Tower is perhaps the finest achievement in skyscraper engineering to date, it’s unlikely that architects and engineers have abandoned searching for the earth’s tallest building. Now you ask ,: Precisely how high can a structure go? Structural engineer William LeMessurier has developed a skyscraper nearly one-half mile high, two times as tall because the Sears Tower. And architect Robert Sobel claims that existing technology could create a 500-story building. From Ron Bachman, “Grabbing heaven.Inch Dial (May 1990): 15.

This resource discusses how you can paraphrase properly and precisely.

Listed here are sample solutions for that paraphrasing exercise:

1. Based on Jacques Cousteau, the game of individuals in Antarctica is jeopardizing a fragile natural mechanism that controls our planet’s climate. He fears that human activity could hinder the total amount between your sun, the origin from the earth’s heat, and also the important supply of cold from Antarctic waters that flow north and awesome the oceans and atmosphere (“Captain Cousteau” 17).

2. Throughout the twenties lawlessness and social nonconformity won. In metropolitan areas organized crime flourished without police interference, and regardless of nationwide prohibition of liquor sales, anybody who wanted to purchase a glass or two understood where you’ll get one. Musicians like Louis Lance armstrong become favorites, particularly among youthful people, as numerous switched from highly respectable classical music to jazz. Among the best types of the anti-traditional trend was the proliferation of youthful “flappers,” ladies who rebelled against custom by reducing their head of hair and shortening their skirts (Yancey 25).

3. Using a helmet is paramount to reducing cycling fatalities, which result from mind injuries 75% of times. By cushioning the mind upon impact, head gear can help to eliminate accidental injuries up to 85%, saving the lives of countless victims yearly, 1 / 2 of whom are young children (“Bike Helmets” 348).

4. Matisse works of art are outstanding in giving the viewer the distinct physical impressions of 1 experiencing and enjoying the scene first hands. For example, “The Casbah Gate” takes someone to the walled town of Tangier and also the Bab el Aassa gateway close to the Sultan’s palace, to imagine sitting on an mid-day, absorbing the a little colors and also the fine outlines. The sentry, the bowaab vaguely eyeing individuals who appear and disappear with the gate, blends in to the scene as if real (Plagens 50).

5. Just how much greater skyscrapers for the future will rise compared to present world marvel, the Sears Tower, is unknown. However, the style of one two times as tall has already been around the boards, as well as an architect, Robert Sobel, thinks we presently have adequate know-building a skyscraper with more than 500 tales (Bachman 15).

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