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Questioned document examination thesis proposal

Questioned document examination thesis proposal This is the perfect

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document examination.

PURPOSE: That will help you be acquainted with document examination.

1. Perform whatever legal and/or peer-reviewed research you have to perform to do this assignment.

2. Write a 1-to-two-page paper:

a. Describe two situations where a document examiner might be avoided

from creating any positive conclusion in regards to a asked document.

b. What exactly are natural variations? Just how can they be helpful for discovering

c. A warranted search of the victim’s apartment yields three pages of

exemplar handwriting samples written on ruled notebook paper with

blue ballpoint pen. The investigators want to compare the

handwriting on these exemplars to some potential suicide note found using the

dead victim’s body written on unruled paper in pencil. According to this

information, which characteristics from the handwriting may be used to

compare the exemplar documents and asked document? Which

characteristics can’t be used and why?

3. Utilize correct APA formatting.

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