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Pulsating heat pipe thesis proposal

Pulsating heat pipe thesis proposal The purpose

This report summarizes the outcomes of the computer model that describes the behaviour of pulsating heat pipes (PHP). The objective of the work ended up being to create a highly efficient (than the heat transfer capacity of solid copper) thermal groundplane (TGP) using plastic carbide (SiC) because the substrate material and water because the working fluid. The goal of this project would be to create a multi-physics model with this complex phenomenon to help by having an knowledge of how PHPs operate and so that you can know how various parameters (geometry, fill ratio, materials, working fluid, etc.) affect its performance. The physical processes describing a PHP are highly coupled. Understanding its operation is further complicated through the non-equilibrium nature from the interplay between evaporation/condensation, bubble growth and collapse or coalescence, and also the coupled response from the multiphase fluid dynamics one of the different channels. An extensive theory of operation and style tools for PHPs continues to be an unrealized task. Within the following we first evaluate, in certain detail, an easy model that’s been suggested to explain PHP behavior. Even though it includes fundamental options that come with a PHP, additionally, it makes some assumptions to help keep the model tractable. In order to improvemore on current modeling practice, we built one for any PHP with a couple improvements obtainable in FLOW-3D, version 9.2-3 (Flow Science, 2007). We feel this flow modeling software maintains a lot of salient options that come with a PHP and therefore, supplies a closer representation of their behavior. less

Authors: Givler, Richard C. Martinez, Mario J. Publication Date: 2009-08-01 OSTI Identifier: 974406 Report Number(s): SAND2009-4520

Pulsating heat pipe thesis proposal coalescence, and the

TRN: US201009%%6 DOE Contract Number: AC04-94AL85000 Resource Type: Technical Report Research Org: Sandia National Laboratories Sponsoring Org: USDOE Country of Publication: U . s . States Language: British Subject: 42 ENGINEERING HEAT PIPES COMPUTERIZED SIMULATION PULSE TECHNIQUES Plastic CARBIDES SUBSTRATES WATER WORKING FLUIDS PARAMETRIC ANALYSIS MULTIPHASE FLOW FLOW MODELS Heat transfer-Research. Plastic carbide. Heat pipes.

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