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Phd programs in literature and creative writing

Phd programs in literature and creative writing PhD in Literature

Building on excellence in creative writing and an eye on excellence within the student’s MA preparation within the wide range of British and American literature or MFA preparation in creative writing and literature, the PhD student in literature and inventive writing should work toward elevated sophistication like a author/scholar. The PhD student also needs to still strengthen and deepen an awareness of three special areas of practice: his/her specific genre, such as the good reputation for the genre and contemporary theoretical methods to the genre a historic period, rhetoric or literary theory along with a specific individualized section of inquiry. The job of the PhD student ought to be marked by growing independence in theOrher creative writing as well as in thinking and covering literature and/or literary theory. Going after these objectives advances the student’s competence on paper the creative dissertation. The PhD in Literature and inventive Writing constitutes solid preparation for creative publication, scholarly publication, and expert undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Minimum Needs for Admission

  • MA in British or MFA in Creative Writing
  • 3.5 GPA in graduate studies
  • Studies in a single language (Student can complete this requirement during residence.)
  • GRE general test

Fall Admission Application Deadline: December 31

No Spring Admission

Application Materials

Consult the Creative Writing Program website for information on needed materials and submission procedures.

Degree Needs

  • 45 hrs of coursework
  • Language. Students must demonstrate studying understanding of two other languages or intensive understanding of 1 language.
  • 3 written comprehensive examinations
  • 1 dental comprehensive examination
  • Dissertation

Phd programs in literature and creative writing 24 hours of literature, including

Distribution of Coursework

  • 3 hrs of Summary of Doctorate Studies in British
  • 3 hrs of bibliography, literary theory, or rhetoric. If students took a training course in one of these simple areas for that MA, this requirement is going to be waived, allowing a student yet another 3 hrs of elective course work (although not a decrease in the entire hrs needed).
  • 24 hrs of literature, including:
    • either Good reputation for Poetry and Poetics or Good reputation for Narrative and Narrative Theory
    • 9 hrs at the begining of literature (British literature before 1800 and American literature before 1865)
    • 6 hrs in later literature
    • 6 hrs of elective courses, each adding towards the student’s special areas of practice. Students ought to decide all these courses in consultation using the graduate consultant and theOrher faculty mentors.
  • 3 hrs of Authors on Literature
  • 12 hrs of creative writing workshops, including 1 Master Workshop in student’s program

General Procedures and policies

Program guidelines can be found here .

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