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Phd in creative writing in alabama

“The individual, whether it is gentleman or lady, that has not pleasure inside a good novel, should be intolerably stupid.”

– Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey (1817)

The Creative Writing Concentration

For college students who enroll full-time, the M.A. in British could be carried out four semesters. Students also have the choice of enrolling part-time and/or finishing the amount through evening coursework. An example degree plan’s available here.

Degree Needs

No less than thirty-six semester hrs of credit is needed past the bachelor’s degree having a grade of “A” or “B,” such as the following course within the newbie of coursework.

• EH 502 Graduate Writing in British

• 18 hrs of courses in literature

• 15 hrs of courses in creative writing*

• Three creative writing thesis hrs*

• A maximum of 18 hrs of dual-listed courses (400 and 500 level listing for the similar course) might be counted towards meeting the minimum hrs needed for any degree.

• Graduated pupils will get graduate credit just for the 500 level versions of dual-listed courses.

• The needed thesis (three hrs of thesis credit is going to be granted around the effective completion and dental defense from the thesis) assists because the student’s exit evaluation with an dental defense.

*NOTE: This can be a new requirement of students beginning in Fall 2016. Students beginning in the past semesters will need to take twelve hrs of courses in creative writing and 6 creative writing thesis hrs.

  • Students may focus on fiction, non-fiction, poetry writing, or any other genres.
  • This concentration needs a creative thesis, that is a book-length work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or any other genres. An dental exam or defense, that will situate the thesis within the comprehensive objectives from the creative writing concentration, is going to be needed one or two days before the Thesis First Submission Deadline for that Graduate School.
    Phd in creative writing in alabama given, the student

    The Creative Writing Thesis

    British Thesis Deadlines 2016-17

    • Fall Thesis Deadline: Defend by 10/14/16
    • Spring Thesis Deadline: Defend by 3/10/17
    • Summer time Thesis Deadline: Defend by 6/9/17

    An innovative thesis is needed of students within the creative writing concentration. The creative thesis is really a book-length work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or perhaps a combination. Students must complete an dental defense and submit their thesis before the Graduate School deadline prior to be able to be eligible for a graduation that semester. For creative students, this defense will constitute their Comprehensive Examination evaluation.


    The thesis is usually carried out following the student has completed most coursework. The initial step is to locate a supervising professor to do something because the thesis director, and knowning that director to enlist a committee (3 to 4 people, certainly one of whom should be a Graduate Faculty member from the department apart from British). A student then works together with the director and committee to build up a prospectus, which should be approved inside a prospectus meeting through the thesis committee.

    Creative writing students must start focusing on their thesis during creative classes and workshops. Throughout the final semester obviously work, thesis hrs are taken like a course, as many as three semester hrs.

    Students who don’t complete the thesis as planned may take additional thesis hrs that won’t count as far as. Thesis credit stops being current after 2 yrs, and also the student should be registered not less than 1 hour of credit throughout the semester where the dental defense is carried out.

    Registration for Thesis Hrs Credit

    First Semester of Thesis Work

    1. Should you be accepted just before Fall 2016, sign up for three EH 599 thesis hrs otherwise enroll inside an imaginative course otherwise enroll inside an imaginative course and intend to take thesis hrs just the semester you graduate. To be able to sign up for thesis credit, students must first obtain authorization using their supervising faculty member, then your approval from the Graduate Coordinator and Department Chair by submitting Thesis Hrs EH 599 Request Form. Once approval is offered, a student will get an override to join up for thesis hrs in PAWS.
    2. The British department also mandates that the Thesis Committee Form be completed to ensure that any M.A. student to enroll in thesis hrs. The shape can be obtained here.
    3. To obtain info on Graduate Faculty status and date of appointment for that form, check here.

    Second Semester of Thesis Work

    1. File a Thesis Hrs EH 599 Request Form for 3 hrs of thesis credit. Once approval is offered, a student will get an override to join up for thesis hrs in PAWS.
    2. The British Department mandates that the Prospectus and also the Prospectus Signature Sheet be completed to ensure that any M.A. student to enroll in a the ultimate semester of thesis hrs. Each student must plan a prospectus meeting where the 3 British faculty people around the committee discuss the thesis and approve the prospectus. The Thesis Listing contains specifications for that prospectus. Info on formatting your signature sheet can be obtained here.

    Submission Procedures and Deadlines

    The departmental dental defense should be completed a minimum of two days prior to the Graduate School deadline for thesis submission. To that particular finish, copies from the thesis should be at the disposal of all committee people a minimum of two days before the dental defense.

    To learn more concerning the graduate program or graduate counseling, please contact the Graduate Coordinator in British, Ellen Burton Harrington. or call the British Department at 251-460-6146.

    Ray Beason
    (Texas AM College)

    Pat Cesarini
    (Rutgers College)

    Bob Coleman
    (Rutgers College)

    Annmarie Guzy
    (Boise State Broncos Condition College)

    John Halbrooks
    (Tulane College)

    Ellen Burton Harrington
    (Tulane College)

    Richard Hillyer
    (College of Michigan)

    Cris Hollingsworth
    (Rutgers College)

    Kern Jackson
    (Indiana College)

    Becky McLaughlin
    (SUNY, Zoysia)

    Christine Norris
    (Purdue College)

    Christopher Raczkowski
    (Indiana College)

    Justin St. Clair
    (College of Iowa)

    Patrick Shaw
    (College of Missouri)

    Steven Trout
    (College of Kansas)

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