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Phd dissertation on branding agency norms as

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We’ve provided picking a example marketing dissertation topics below to assist and encourage you.

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Example marketing dissertation subject 1:

Overcoming diversity: The marketing of recent Orleans like a tourist destination after Hurricane Katrina – an analysis

New Orleans in Louisiana was formerly a top-notch tourism and convention destination the results of Hurricane Katrina have wrought damage to the economy from the city. Within the newbie following the hurricane, over 100,000 jobs were lost, and also the status of recent Orleans to be problematic when it comes to crime stepped even lower.

The town is spending so much time to revive its status and it is economy and a few estimates hold that tourism is nearly to its pre-Katrina level. This research examines the veracity of these statements and views the city’s future.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Holloway, C. J. (2004) Marketing for tourism (fourth edn). Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.
  • Hudson, S. (2007) Tourism and hospitality marketing: A worldwide perspective. London: SAGE.

Example marketing dissertation subject 2:

Branding and consumer conduct – A comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coke

Like a field of separate study, consumer conduct analysis emerged throughout the 1960s. Among the two dominant global cola manufacturers Pepsi is promoting a powerful make of products by creating an array of marketing materials. This dissertation analyses different marketing campaigns carried out through the companies within the last 5 years and by using consumer response survey this research identifies the weaknesses and strengths natural within them. These, combined with the particular market strengths of these two information mill then analysed in compliance with a variety of academic theories.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Aaker, D.A. (1991) Managing brand equity: Taking advantage of the need for a product. New You are able to: The Disposable Press.
  • Bauer, R. A. and Greyser, S. A. (1968). Advertising in the usa: The customer view. Boston: Harvard College.
  • Schaeffer, R and Bateman B. (1995) Coca-Cola: A collector’s guide. London: Quintet Books.

Example marketing dissertation subject 3:

Repositioning fruit sales within Tesco An advertising and marketing approach

Tesco has announced major intends to update its store in order to attract further custom. This dissertation examines a particular part of the core business and relates the approach adopted by Tesco to that particular of a couple of its primary competitors: Sainsbury’s and ASDA. In that way concepts of perceptual mapping are utilised together with Ansoff’s matrix. Creating a valuable contribution towards the knowledge of marketing inside the grocery trade this dissertation also advantages of the undertaking of a variety of interviews with shoppers and managers to garner a larger picture of the items Tesco must do in order to further boost sales in this particular whole world of its operation.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Fernie, J. and Sparks, L. (eds) (2004) Logistics and retail management: Insights into current practice and trends from leading experts. London: Kogan Page.
  • Hollingsworth, A. (2004) ‘Growing retail concentration: Evidence in the United kingdom food retail sector’, British Food Journal. Vol. 106(8), pp.629-638.

Example marketing dissertation subject 4:

‘Feeding off low self-esteem to produce a need to purchase’ – can this critique of promoting like a business be critically sustained, particularly inside an era of monetary difficulty: A literature based review.

An important aspect of the marketing of products or services is the opportunity to create desire and wanton need within prospective customers. This dissertation shows that many of the the situation within the electronic and tele-communications device market, where new items for example X-boxes and iPhones produce a need to replace items that are perfectly serviceable using the ‘new and upgraded’ model. Using both a variety of marketing theories in addition to references to social exclusion this dissertation analyses the extent that the development of an incorrect demands according to low self-esteem (if you don’t possess the product) runs counter to ethical factors within this duration of economic austerity and difficulty for an increasing number of families over the United kingdom.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Malar, L. Krohmer, H. Hoyer, W.D. and Nyffenegger, B. (2011). ‘Emotional brand attachment and brand personality: The relative importance of the particular and also the ideal self’, Journal of promoting. Vol. 75(4), pp. 35-52.
  • Taylor, J.W. (1974) ‘The function of risk in consumer behaviour’, Journal of promoting, Vol. 38(2), pp. 54-60.

Example marketing dissertation subject 5:

The remarketing of private debt as acceptable: A publish 1980s phenomenon?

Consumer debt and amounts of insolvency are in an exciting-time high. Inspired by cheaper lending rates within the mid 1990s it may be contended the true oncoming of this era of elevated consumption lay using the liberalisation from the markets under Thatcher. Today, the acceptance of just living on ‘the never-never’ is much more acceptable socially than was the situation within the immediate publish-war generation. Your debt is suitable which purchasing on greater credit is the best way to ‘have finally what one cannot afford’ is a marketing success story epitomised by slogans for example ‘pay nothing for any year after which take 4 years zero interest credit’. This dissertation charts an upswing of these marketing ploys and contextualises and assesses their impact upon problems with wealth creation and materialism during the last twenty five years.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Braunsberger, K. Lucas, L.A. and Roach, D. (2004) ‘The potency of credit-card regulation for vulnerable consumers’, Journal of Services Marketing. Vol. 18(5), pp.358-370.
  • Dellande, S. and Saporoschenko, A. (2004) ‘Factors in gaining compliance toward a suitable degree of personal unsecured debt’, Worldwide Journal of Bank Marketing. Vol. 22(4), pp.279-290.

Example marketing dissertation subject 6:

Developing new prices techniques for independent retailers a duration of fuel-based inflation.

The ever growing cost of fuel includes a knock on effect for those consumers – not just in the gas pumps but additionally regarding the paying for great s which are transported to stores. Simultaneously, household budget realities within this duration of austerity have brought to shoppers seeking ever-greater ‘value for money’ which means that small companies are facing an additional squeeze for their margins. Considering that such operators also purchase inside an atmosphere that they don’t take advantage of the bulk discounts owned by their bigger competitors this dissertation seeks to plot, with particular mention of the independent DIY shops within the Gower peninsula of Wales, a brand new advertising campaign which will persuade individuals to pay much more as so that you can buy local. This can be a dissertation that may also be seen to tie into movements in order to save the British high-street and therefore combines facets of marketing with current day socio-political making decisions.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Guria, A. Das, B. Mondal, S. and Maiti, M. (2012) ‘Inventory insurance policy for a product with inflation caused purchasing cost, selling cost and demand with immediate part payment’, Applied Mathematical Modelling, not printed.
  • Mind, A. Kumar, A. and Lapham, B. (2010) ‘Market power, cost adjustment, and inflation’. Worldwide Economic Review. Vol. 51, pp. 73-98.

Example marketing dissertation subject 7:

Marketing high street shops: New stuff in British retailing?

Recent government initiatives have highlighted the risky condition of British high roads. Additionally, altering shopping patterns – the elevated utilisation of the internet and the opportunity to park at on vacation shopping centres also have resulted in shoppers are more and more taken off the standard centres of British towns. This dissertation compares the capital of scotland- Ludlow in Shropshire and also the positive steps that it is shopkeepers and council take to reinvigorate high street shops and asks if the model being adopted there might be relevant to high street shops sector through the United kingdom. A dissertation that mixes marketing, financial aspects and politics this can be a leading edge proposal that may also take advantage of the assortment of primary data via interviews with consumers, shopkeepers and marketing professionals alike.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Piercy, N.F. Cravens, D.W. and Lane, N. (2010) ‘Marketing from the recession: Recovery is originating, but things should never be exactly the same again’, The Marketing Review. Vol. 10(1), pp. 3-23.
  • Portas, M. (2011) The Portas review: A completely independent review to return in our high streets’. London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills/HMSO.

Example marketing dissertation subject 8:

Garra rufa fish: An issue of promoting after health scares?

2 yrs ago a brand new craze in alternative therapy taken the United kingdom and, as a result an array of feet spas opened up offering garra rufa fish treatment. Since that time, however, a variety of health scares associated with the dead skin cells and also the change in disease happen to be voiced in media. Although the garra rufa health spa business are available globally the results of these health scares within the United kingdom happen to be disastrous for business. Confronted with public concern this dissertation seeks to provide advice towards the proprietors of feet spas regarding how you can remarket their product. Using previous situation studies of how to cope with negative publicity (Tylenol with product tampering, eggs with salmonella and beef with BSE) this can be a dissertation that mixes practical marketing theory by having an understanding of business trends inside the modern alternative treatment and complimentary therapy sector.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Heistinger, K. Heistinger, H. Lussy, H. and Nowotny, N. (2011) ‘Analysis of potential microbiological risks in Ichthyotherapy using Kangal fish (Garra rufa )’, Proceedings from the fourth Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Conference, the Egyptian Worldwide Center for Agriculture, Giza, Egypt, 3-5 October 2011, pp. 93-98.
  • Sheth, J. (2011) Winning back your market: Inside tales of firms that made it happen. New You are able to: Marketing Classics.

Example marketing dissertation subject 9:

From failure to success The altering marketisation from the Millennium Dome towards the O2 arena: a lesson for 2012?

The Millennium Dome was, at the best, a troubled venture. The creation of Peter Mandelson, it possessed a troubled existence eventually been closed some several weeks early. Mothballed and unloved it had been eventually bought and rebranded because the O2 area: within this guise it’s enjoyed unparalleled success being an arts and music venue. This dissertation not just charts the failures from the Dome and also the phoenix like success from the 02 arena when it comes to marketing but additionally questions, because of the failure from the condition to effectively market ‘the Dome’ exactly what the future will probably hold for similar condition built arenas as a direct consequence from the 2012 Olympic games.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Hemmington, N. Bowen, D. Wickens, E. and Paraskevas, A. (2005) ‘Satisfying the fundamentals: Glare from the consumer outlook during attractions management in the Millennium Dome, London’, Worldwide Journal of Tourism Sources, Vol. 7, pp. 1-10.
  • Sexton, J. (2009) Regeneration from the Millennium Dome towards the O2 Arena: Failure and success? BSc dissertation, College of Portsmouth.
  • Thornley, A. (2000) ‘Dome alone: London’s Millennium Project and also the proper planning deficit’. Worldwide Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Vol. 24: pp.689-699.

Example marketing dissertation subject 10:

The reinvention of Brighton and Hove: From genteel seaside backwater towards the ‘pink’ resort from the south coast.

From the moment from the Prince regent onwards Brighton is a popular seaside destination. However, recently it’s shed its dusty and genteel persona to get an über-awesome seaside resort and preferred place to go for lgbt couples. This dissertation first of all contextualises the current day benefit of Brighton and after that undertakes a variety of qualitative research to determine what it’s concerning the seaside town and just what it must do, when it comes to marketing, to retain its position like a jewel within the crown of British seaside resorts.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Cruz, MKay. (2004) ‘Visiting a new side to seasides: Culturally regenerating the British seaside town’, Worldwide Journal of Tourism Sources, Vol. 6, pp. 17-28.
  • Hughes, H. L. (2006) Pink tourism: Holidays of gay men and lesbians. Wallingford: CABI Publishing.
  • Kent, T. and Berman Brown, R. (2006) ‘Erotic retailing within the United kingdom (1963-2003): The vista in the marketing mix’, Journal of Management History. Vol. 12(2), pp.199-211.

Example marketing dissertation subject 11:

The remarketing from the Work and Conservative parties – A comparative study

The remarketing from the Work Party involved not only a big change of brand name with the help of the term ‘new’. Inside a similar vein the attempts under David Cameron to rebrand the ‘toxic’ picture of the Conservative Party brought not just to the electoral name being altered to ‘Conservatives’ but the style of a brand new emblem and an array of bulletins regarding how people from the party would dress and offer themselves. 3 years in to the ‘new’ Conservative project along with the ‘New ‘ Work project not be utilised by David Milliband this dissertation seeks to deal with what marketing training could be learned in the branding changes that both sides have gone through and just what it informs us concerning the presentation of politics and parties at the begining of twenty-first century Britain.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Lilleker, D.G. and Lees-Marshment, J. (2005) Political marketing: A comparative perspective. Manchester: Manchester College Press.
  • Lock, A. and Harris, P. (1996) ‘Political marketing’, European Journal of promoting. Vol. 30(10/11), pp.14-24.

Example marketing dissertation subject 12:

Farmers’ markets: An analysis of promoting techniques employed

The organic and connected eco-friendly grocery store has enjoyed unparalleled growth over the past few years. Simultaneously, although traditional weekly markets have declined when confronted with stiff competition from supermarkets, farmers’ markets have possessed a renaissance of recognition. With merchandising endorsed by celebrity chefs for example Hugh Fernley Whittington and annual awards to find the best maqui berry farmers market, this dissertation compares the marketing strategies used at Stroud and Ludlow to describe why and how they’ve become this type of haven for foodies. This can be a dissertation that, in addition to utilizing an n variety of academic marketing theories, would also take advantage of first-hands primary data.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Latacz-Lohmann, U. and Promote, C. (1997) ‘From “niche” to “mainstream” – Techniques for marketing organic food in Germany and also the UK’, British Food Journal, Vol. 99(8), pp. 275-282.
  • Morris, C. and Buller, H. (2003) ‘The neighborhood food sector: An initial assessment of their form and impact in Gloucestershire’, British Food Journal. Vol. 105(8), pp. 559-566.
  • Szmigin, I. Maddock, S. and Carrigan, M. (2003) ‘Conceptualising community consumption: Farmers’ markets and also the older consumer’, British Food Journal. Vol. 105(8), pp. 542-550.

Example marketing dissertation subject 13:

Research from the influence of branding and country of origin upon the acquisition intentions of consumers

Though this dissertation is grounded in existing academic literature its primary focus is around the collation of recent primary data. Accordingly it seeks, by using both an internet-based questionnaire and ‘on-street’ surveys to reply to three questions. First, it views the connection between branding and consumer purchasing decisions, having a specific concentrate on leisure footwear: Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Next, the research determines the existence and nature of predetermined customer opinions regarding the quality and cost of brands within that market based mostly on country of origin. Thirdly, it explores facets of existing advertisement campaigns that buyers find particularly alluring regarding the 3 brands in mind.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Prendergast, G.P. Tsang, A.S.L. and Chan, C.N.W. (2010) ‘The interactive influence of country of origin of brand name and product participation on purchase intention’, Journal of Consumer Marketing. Vol. 27(2), pp.180-188.
  • Bluemelhuber, C. Carter, L.C. and Lambe, C.J. (2007) ‘Extending the vista of brand name alliance effects: An integrative study of the function of country of origin’, Worldwide Marketing Review. Vol. 24(4), pp. 427-443.

Example marketing dissertation subject 14:

An legendary modern brand – marketing the iPhone: An analysis

Using SWOT analysis in addition to Porter’s Five Forces this dissertation analyses not just the conception and launch from the iPhone but the ongoing marketing ploys utilized by Apple since its introduction in 2007. In that way, this dissertation contrasts the marketing strategies utilized in three countries: Britain, the united states, and France, and evaluates the extent that the marketing campaigns were altered in order to take account of variations in socio-economic norms in addition to problems with cultural diversity. Drawing not just on company reports and existing theoretical theory, this dissertation also undertakes interviews with consumers and professionals inside the industry.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Hayes, J. (2005) ‘Reconceptualizing the Xbox Platform’, Design Management Review. Vol. 16, pp. 10-17.
  • Lal, D. Pitt, D.C. and Beloucif, A. (2001) ‘Restructuring in European telecommunications: Modelling the evolving market’, European Business Review. Vol. 13(3), pp.152-158.

Example marketing dissertation subject 15:

An research into the effectiveness from the ‘Visit Lincolnshire’ campaign with especial mention of the growing customer figures to Scunthorpe

Formerly a commercial town and among the world’s foremost steel centres, Scunthorpe has faced a realistic look at many British towns: either transform and discover new industries or wither. Consequently, Scunthorpe has marketed itself inside the ‘Visit Lincolnshire’ campaign like a town with a great offer. In addition to possibilities to review its industrial past, the city comes up like a family destination, with steam train rides and woodlands to understand more about. This dissertation examines the difficulties faced by Scunthorpe and views the way it has risen again to preserve its economic future.

Recommended initial subject studying:

  • Kotler, P. Bowen, J.T. and Mackens, J.C. (2005) Marketing for hospitality and tourism (fourth worldwide edn). Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.
  • Seaton, A.V. and Bennett, M.M. (1996) Marketing of tourism products: Concepts, issues, cases. London: Thomson Business Press.

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