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Dr Erik Landis

Senior Lecturer in Modern European History

Dr Erik Landis continues to be at Oxford Brookes since September 2005. Before coming at Brookes, Dr. Landis had formerly trained in the College of Wales at Aberystwyth, as part of the Department of Worldwide Politics, and it has also held a postdoctoral fellowship whatsoever Souls College, Oxford. He received his BA degree at Wesleyan College within the U . s . States, along with a PhD ever in the College of Cambridge.


Dr Landis contributes teaching to many undergraduate modules, and it is the module leader for advanced subjects in Russian and Soviet history. Dr. Landis leads a module around the comparative study of civil war for that MA History program, and that he supervises undergraduate and graduate dissertations on the majority of facets of modern European social and political history.

Dr Landis presently convenes the next undergraduate modules:

U67920 Background and Documents (year 2 core module)

U67884 The Unravelling of Russia, 1856-1917

U67884 The Soviet Revolution, 1914-1941


Dr Landis’ research concentrates on a brief history of Russia and Ussr within the 19th and 20th centuries. He’s written articles and papers around the good reputation for the Russian revolution, and it is the writer of the book-length study of provincial politics and armed insurgency throughout the Russian civil war. His broader interests connect with the comparative study of civil conflict and violent political movements in modern European history, along with the study of popular mobilization and collective political identities. Presently, he’s writing an over-all good reputation for the Russian revoluiton and civil war, to become printed in 2017.


Social and political good reputation for Russia and also the Ussr social movements and revolution peasant studies good reputation for civil wars in modern European history.


Bandits and Partisans: The Antonov Movement within the Russian Civil War (2008).

A Civil War Episode: General Mamontov in Tambov, August 1919 (2002).

“Who Have Been the ‘Greens’? Rumor and Collective Identity within the Russian Civil War,” Russian Review 69, 1 (2010), pp. 30-46.

‘Awaiting Makhno: Authenticity and Context inside a Russian Peasant War’, Past and offer 183 (2004), pp. 199-236.

‘Between Village and Kremlin: Contesting Soviet Food Procurement in Civil War Tambov, 1919-1920’, Russian Review 63, 1 (2004), pp. 70-88.

“The Political Economy of War Communism,” within the Blackwell Guide from the Russian Revolution. erectile dysfunction. by Daniel Orlovsky (Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming).

“Situating the Phenomenon of ‘Peasant War’,” in Russia’s Great War and Revolution: Centenary Glare. erectile dysfunction. by David Stone and Geoffrey Swain (Bloomington: Indiana College Press, forthcoming).

“Bolshevism Enforced,” within the Oxford Guide of contemporary Russian History. erectile dysfunction. by Simon Dixon (Oxford: OUP, 2014).

The Battle for Revolution in Russia (Yale College Press, 2017).

“On Not Seeing Just like a Condition: Chronologies and Identities in Russia’s Revolution,” Historic Research (2017).

(Editor) The Go up and down from the Ussr. Critical Concepts in Historic Studies, 6 vols. (Routledge, 2017/18).

(Editor and translator) Anton Okninskii, Two-and-a-Half Years One of the Peasants (2019).

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