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Organic rankine cycle phd thesis proposal

Organic rankine cycle phd thesis proposal In addition


Author(s) McMahan, Andrew C. Writer College of Wisconsin-Madison Citation McMahan, A.C. (2006). Design Optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle Solar-Thermal Powerplants. Master’s Thesis, College of Wisconsin-Madison. Date 2006 Subject(s) Thesis (M.S.)–College of Wisconsin–Madison, 2006. Dissertations Academic Mechanical Engineering. College of Wisconsin–Madison. College of Engineering. Abstract Solar-thermal powerplants have enjoyed limited success within the energy sell to date. &#13 The opportunity to better characterize the performance of existing solar-thermal technologies &#13 in addition to investigate the potential for technology is an important part of developing &#13 more economically viable designs. For this finish, computer models and simulation &#13 capacity are coded in this thesis to calculate the performance of countless emerging &#13 solar-thermal powerplant technologies. Particularly, types of organic Rankine cycles &#13 and packed-bed stratified (thermocline) thermal energy storage systems are developed. &#13 These models give a low-cost context for analyzing the look and optimization (both &#13 economic and engineering) of solar-thermal technologies that demonstrate tremendous &#13 unrealized potential. &#13 &#13 Organic Rankine cycles have unique qualities which are suitable to solar energy &#13 generation. The thermodynamic potential of the variety organic Rankine cycle working &#13 fluids and configurations are examined. Additionally, an over-all economic optimization &#13 methodology for solar-thermal organic Rankine cycle powerplants is developed and &#13 presented.

Organic rankine cycle phd thesis proposal analyzing the design and

The methodology is used for an existing plant design which demonstrates &#13 possibilities for more optimization in current design practice. &#13 &#13 Thermal energy storage enables powerplant output to become tailored to satisfy finish-user &#13 demands. The look and integration of thermal energy storage systems is discussed. &#13 Plant operating and control strategies for various utility prices schedules are &#13 developed and examined. The opportunity of thermal energy storage to affect the &#13 economic appeal of solar energy generation is proven to become heavily determined by &#13 energy market structure and utility prices strategies. Description Underneath the supervision of Professor Sanford A. Klein 216pp. Permanent link digital.library.wisc.edu/1793/7889 Export Export to RefWorks

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