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Newspaper article writing ks2 sats

Newspaper article writing ks2 sats Use the headline to predict

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By Teresa Saunders — Educational Consultant and Author

Poster 1 is presented like a newspaper report concerning the thievery of the gemstone. It displays typical newspaper features and illustrates the report type of writing. Exactly the same report can also be presented like a television news broadcast in On-screen resource 1

Shared learning and teaching

Before studying

  • Discuss why is ‘news’. Who reads a newspaper or watches this news within the children’s families? What types of occasions are reported inside them? Share ideas about why news is interesting, and just what makes people wish to see clearly. List options that come with newspapers that youngsters read.

Shared studying

  • Introduce the poster, listing features &#8211 eg, headlines, sub-headings, posts, photographs and captions.
  • Make use of the headline to calculate the information from the story.
  • Invite children to see sentences, emphasising utilization of context for decoding unfamiliar words.
  • Analyse the storyline under headings of Who? What? When? Why? where? Ask the kids to create notes around the activity sheet while you share ideas.

Newspaper article writing ks2 sats hurt squirrel

Previous learning

Children should know design of various kinds of text, including newspapers, and could have discussed the objective of news reports. They’ll find previous experience with drama to retell tales helpful, and they must be acquainted with word processing.

Answering the written text

  • Discuss which facets of the storyline allow it to be interesting towards the public.
  • Investigate ways that the journalist keeps the readers’s interest by way of descriptive vocabulary.
  • Discuss how history and also the inclusion of quotes helps you to bring the storyline to existence.


  • Hotseat the figures for more information regarding their feelings. Include police officials, security and household staff, in addition to Jasper and Serena.
  • Permit the children to question you in role as Chief Superintendent Campbell. Make use of the role to direct the drama by explaining your accusations and how to investigate them.
  • Introduce some clues, possibly pointing particularly to a staff member. Children could collaborate within this. Invite the kids to operate in groups, as expert forensic detectives, to build up their very own ideas about how exactly the thievery was committed and who had been involved.

Key learning outcomes:

  • To make use of drama to understand more about tales, creating roles to exhibit different viewpoints
  • To recognize and employ the organisational and stylistic options that come with newspaper writing
  • To make use of own suggestions to write convincing and informative non-fiction texts
  • To build up speed and precision when typing.

Newspaper article writing ks2 sats features and illustrates the

Group and independent activities

  • A tale like this may be adopted up with a set of the arrest and also the recovery from the gemstone. In groups, ask the kids to determine where and how the jewel is located, and who’s arrested.
  • Improvise and execute a short role play showing the invention from the gemstone and also the arrest from the crook.
  • Use clean copies from the activity sheet to organize a news report in regards to the recovery from the gemstone.
  • Make use of a word-processing package to draft and edit this news report, using appropriate organisational features to structure it.
  • Create a live news report for television, reporting the solving from the situation, with quotes from individuals involved.


  • Share this news reports and evaluate them based on success criteria for written reports.
  • Watch the tv broadcast form of this news item using On-screen resource 1. Compare the 2 versions and discuss their similarities and variations.
  • Match it up report with a few real newspaper tales. Consider layout, selection of photographs, way of writing and selection of subject material.
  • If at all possible, compare other real news products in written and broadcast formats. Discuss the merits of every, and that the children believe are more helpful.

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