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Nanostructured lipid carriers thesis proposal Cellular uptake

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Solid fat nanoparticles (SLN) came to be in 1991 like a delivery system mixing benefits of other nanoparticulate systems and simultaneously staying away from/minimizing a few of their limitations. In 1999/2000 the 2nd generation of nano(structured) fat carriers (NLC) was created, showing improved qualities for example elevated drug loading and physical stability. Variations towards the first generation are discussed. Large-scale production, incorporation of NLC concentrates in final dermal products, and recognized regulatory status of excipients – as prerequisites for market introduction – are presented. Special emphasis can also be provided to the issue of nanotoxicity/nanotolerability, thinking about the growing concern within the public perception. The mechanisms of action are presented. As the most crucial qualifying criterion for that performance of the delivery system, in vivo data within the literature are reviewed. An introduction to marketed dermal products (cosmetics) is offered and also the future for dermal pharma products and cosmetics forecasted.


Fat nanoparticles Nanostructured fat carriers NLC SLN Transmission enhancement Dermal products Large-scale production Nanotoxicity Regulatory status In vivo performance Ruthless homogenization


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Nanostructured lipid carriers thesis proposal incorporating doxorubicin or

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