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Mystery writing award crossword clue

Mystery writing award crossword clue African-American Writers

by Kelly Ann Buchanan

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    This week’s theme: African-American Authors

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    1.* Stated in Literature Class: Mind of My Thoughts and Patternmaster and Wild Seed ___ a few of the sci-fi novels compiled by Octavia E. Butler.
    4.* In 1988, author Toni Morrison ___ the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction on her critically acclaimed novel Beloved. Then, in 1993, she received the Nobel Prize for Literature.
    7.* The ___ of My Familiar (Novel of 1989 compiled by #72A)
    13. oppiZ
    14.* Author of I Understand Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970)
    16.* (6991) goD wolleY ___ A: seires yretsym snilwaR eht ni levoN
    18.* Ms. Dove (Poet Laureate from the U . s . States from 1993 to 1995)
    19. Feel ill
    20.* Toni Morrison authored it, using the
    22.* Ms. Hill –the top rated Romance Author
    24. Lose fluid from the vein, with no B
    25. America online, e.g.
    26. Against (abbr. bkwds.)
    27. Associated with birth, with no N
    30.* Classic compiled by Alex Haley (b.1921 – d.1992): ___: The Saga of the American Family (1976)
    33. Atomic #52
    35.* (8991) elimS s’rehtaF yM fo ___ eht yB: A27# yb nettirw levoN
    37. Item inside a briefcase
    39. Fate
    42.* Terry McMillan novel
    46. Bird of prey
    47. Mend Medically. but backwards?
    48.* Book compiled by Alex Haley which was converted to this television small-series starring Halle Berry

    Mystery writing award crossword clue fo doirep-- s0291 eht fo

    49. Ni&#241o’s partner
    51.* #14A is famous for writing these
    54. Fly
    55. Washington’s follower
    57. Were built with a sandwich
    59. daC
    61.* Mr. Ellison (b.1914 – d.1994): Author of Invisible Man which #4A the 1953 National Book Award for Fiction and also the Russwurm Award
    63.* Richard Wright (b.1908 – d.1960) authored it
    68. Before, archaically
    69. Make Murky
    71.* Mystery compiled by #4D – #76A: Gone ___ (1997) (See #16A for any Related Clue)
    72.* Acclaimed novelist who received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1983 for The Colour Crimson
    75. Component, without the ment
    76.* Surname of #4D
    77. Letter from the Hebrew alphabet
    78. Cleopatra’s snake

    1. isoguL .rM
    2. Small brook
    3. Make-a-Word! V-_-_-_-_-R-E (Company)
    4.* Name from the author of mystery tales which feature the smoothness Ezekiel Easy Rawlins (See #76A for any Related Clue)
    5. Certain hors d’oeuvres, with no sters
    6. Not just one
    7. Explosive letters
    8. Oh, my goodness!
    9.* Children’s book by #14A: My Colored House, My Friendly Chicken and ___ (1994)
    10. Floor’s Follower
    11. Cuts of meat
    12. Cherish (bkwds.)
    14. Stage Setting: ___ en sc&#232ne
    15. Make-a-Word! C-U-R-T-_-_-L-M-_-N-T (Downsizing)
    17.* Book by James Baldwin (b.1924 – d.1987): Go ___ around the Mountain (1953)
    21. Tokyo, japan, once
    23. Make a decision
    25. ___ of individual (It’s located off The Uk)
    27.Q. What’s an Unau? A. It’s ___-toed sloth.

    Mystery writing award crossword clue the Pulitzer Prize for

    28. Unfreeze
    29. Spry
    31.* Novel by Wallace Thurman (b.1902 – d.1934): Infants ___ Spring (1932)
    32. Uncle in Spanish
    34.* [0691.d – 1091 (acric) .b] notsruH ___ aroZ: erutaretil ni skrow evitaerc ylgnidnatstuo fo doirep– s0291 eht fo ecnassianeR melraH eht htiw detaicossa saw ohw retirW dna tsirolkloF
    36. Flower, using the ac snipped off
    38. Divine, with no uisite
    40. Olive genus
    41. Camper’s shelter
    43. Area of the neck
    44. Prefix which means Earth
    45.* Author of Not Without Laughter (1930): Langston ___ (b.1902 – d.1967)
    50. Circuit within the pool
    52. Make-a-Word! _-U-_-L-E-_ (Kind of Fish)
    53. stsiseR
    55.* RL’s ___ (1995): This story (compiled by #4D – #76A) is all about a dying blues guitarist who’s befriended with a youthful lady
    56. Monte’s follower
    58. Deuce-Ace
    60. Tear apart (bkwds.)
    62. Garlands
    63. Ms. Peeples
    64. Friend
    65. Stadium in which the Beatles performed
    66. Peanut and Sunflower
    67. eman (1002) maS mA I
    70. Flamboyant, without the Sh
    73. Purifier within the Pool, punily
    74. Boxing acronym

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