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This is actually the official support page for that My Writing Place for iPad application. You’ll find solutions to faq’s concerning the application here.

If you’ve still got questions, or are encountering an issue, please send an e-mail to mywritingspot@gmail.com and we’ll do good to help you get up and writing rapidly.


How do you sync between your web application and also the iPad application?

Listed here are the steps that you could follow to obtain the synchronization between your web application and also the iPad setup:

1. Sign in to the net application at world wide web.mywritingspot.com. Click the Start Writing Now links a single article the login page. If this sounds like the very first time you’ve logged in, you will see just one document inside your list, named ‘[new]’. Click this document and then add text.

2. Save the document. You ought to be motivated to own document a reputation at this time.

3. Once you have saved the document with a brand new name, close the net application. Generally, it’s not recommended to achieve the web application open when you’re attempting to sync in the iPad.

4. Launch the iPad application. Tap around the Settings button (the main one using the gears).

5. Around the Settings popup, enter your bank account information for the similar account that you simply accustomed to sign in to the net application. If you work with an e-mail account having a non-Google domain, you will need to go into the entire current email address in to the Login field. Enter passwords in to the Password field, fostering to not mistype it. The iPad helps a little here, demonstrating each character for any second before hiding it.

6. When your account settings are OK, tap outdoors the popup window to shut it. Your settings are saved instantly.

7. Now tap around the sync button (the main one using the double arrows).

My writing spot for ipad ipa list, named

An active “spinner” should appear for any couple of seconds as the application is synching. Once the sync is finished, you need to begin to see the document on the internet application inside your document list around the iPad.

Since you are setup, you are able to tap the sync button whenever to sync the documents between your web and also the iPad. When you’re logged in to the web application, you’ll likewise be able to download them straight to hard disk. The files are saved as basic text file, so you can open them in almost any word processor and move from there.

I am a peaceful person naturally. Why have i got a document conflict?

Should there be changes to both copies of the document (the main one around the iPad and also the one on the internet), the application will flag it incompatible, since it is unsure which form of the document you need to keep.

Should this happen, you are able to tap the. icon to act as peacemaker and resolve the conflict. The application will help you to view both versions from the document and select which you want to keep.

To stop this from happening later on, attempt to maintain just one modified form of each document. If you have made changes to some document around the iPad, then do not make any changes towards the copy on the internet application until you have performed a sync. Because the web application saves the present document instantly every couple of minutes, it is best to ensure that it stays closed when focusing on the iPad.

The next workflow is recommended to prevent such conflicts:
1. Whenever you launch the application, execute a sync. This can make sure that you have the newest documents in your device.

My writing spot for ipad ipa Log into the

2. Write write write!
3. Whenever your writing session has ended, execute a sync. This can send your updates back to the net.

How do you relabel a document?

Tap around the Edit button over the My Documents list. Then tap around the name from the document that you want to relabel. This makes the name editable, and you’ll be in a position to alter the document name. Tap the Done button when you’re finished.

Next time that you simply sync the document, the name change is going to be reflected within the web application.

When will you add feature X?

If you have an element request, tell us at mywritingspot@gmail.com. If it’s wise, we’ll attempt to add it to some future discharge of the application.

Did not find a solution to your question? Still help? Send us an email at
We’ll do good to reply to your question on time.
(we all do, however, from time to time sleep)

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