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My journal writing cover page

Free Printable Journal Pages Covers, Milliande’s Printable Journal Pages Collection,Creative Printable Journal Pages to Printable Journal Cards for CAPI Create Art Portfolio Designs

Create Art Portfolio Ideas – designed to explore one’s unique art style, find the little art style elements that make our artwork uniquely personal. What is an artists unique signature. How do we find ourselves drawn to particular artists sometimes without even knowing quite why. Lets take a look at the methods behind our artful madness. decipher the patterns that govern our subconsious and find new ways to let our art supplies be at ease with the muse’s demands for originality.

To download  Milliande’s Art Portfolio Ideas Reference Photos,Free cool Textures ,Clipart, Architecture Sketch Book and Architecture Drawings, Arts and Crafts Project Printables 

  • right click on reference photo and look for the ” Save as” command on your windows or mac option  panel  ( Do no use the copy command as some of these free clipart’s contain transparent background layers that can convert into a false black image in the back, instead use save as command)
  • save the art portfolio ideas and reference images. as well as free cool textures for artists file onto your computer harddrive ( TIP: create a folder for your all your images, e.g. kids coloring pages,educational cliparts, cool textures etc so you can easily search for them on your hard drive
  • some computers may also have the option to right click then choose ” Open in a new Tab” which lets you print straight from there without having to save. -)
  • most of our clipart are best suitable for light coloured website backgrounds due to the fine linear pixelating on dark backgrounds. so bear in mind when using on your blog

My journal writing cover page Portfolio Examples    
      Nurturing the

Free Printable Journal Pages Covers
for CAPI – Create Art Portfolio Ideas with Milliande Printables

All Journal Printables  and Resources here listed are for Milliande’s ( for Art Students, Multimedia Artists, Designers and Creatives on Art and Design Courses

You are welcome to Join in Anytime :-) 

As promised. here some free printable journal pages covers for your sketchbooks, portfolios, art folders and art journals. Again, take as much or as little as you wish, this is the way I work play along as your muse dictates. there are no right or wrong ways to approach this journey. just unconditional explorative playtime. -) 

  • The “CAPI Art Portfolio Toolbox  ” will be filled in certain intervals during this journey
  • when we have gathered and added to all the other sketchbooks and portfolios will we begin the process of sifting, identifying, eliminating and refining those art style elements that will be added to our Art Portfolio Toolbox 
  • this will eventually contain your complete Art Style Toolbox helping you to identify and recognize your own personal art style elements
  • ahh the most important “: CAPI Bottom of My Handbag Folder “ 
  • Life got in the way, I am busy. cant breathe to find time. I dont want to miss out. ahh Milliande posted another prompt, another  printable. i spotted a cool book, I got some inspirational magazine pictures, I had an idea scribbled on a napping now where is the glue to stick it in my gathering journal, oops the kids want dinner well THIS IS THE TIME TO dump everything into  the ” Bottom of Your Handbag Folder. to be rescued. emptied, filed away WHEN YOU CAN. -) 

  • The “CAPI Gathering Portfolio”  will play host to all your visual images you come across that carry some kind of resonance to you, to not at this point ask, why do they resonate, do not sort them, do not do anything other than randomly stick onto the first page available
  • it will also contain images gathered in response to my  CAPI – Photo Prompts throughout our journey
  • The  “CAPI Observational Studies Sketchbook  ”  will contain sketches, doodles and drawings to our exploratory themes
  • I will set certain assignments and exploratory themes to which observational drawings are invited, this is the place for you to keep them collected
  • The “CAPI Pondering Journal”  will hold all your ponderings to CAPI prompts throughout our journey
  • I suggest a loose binder or folder type journal, where you can add pages as you discover more isights, as you may wish to elaborate on earlier prompt throughout the year etc
  • I will be designing all kinds of Printables for the “CAPI Pondering Journal” too that  you might enjoy to add
  • The “CAPI Raw Sketchbook”  will be your be your ” Go to Book” filled with everything that  the muse throws at you. ideas, thoughts, sketches, glimpses, studies, poems, drawings, collage images, textures, photographs, 
  • CAPI Blank Sketchbook Cover
  • here a blank sketchbook cover if you feel like you would like to create a uniquely personal one for yourself or have another brilliant idea — if you do let us know :-) 

If you like what I do and benefit from it, I’d appreciate a donation, gratefully received. milliande 🙂

Milliande Demetriou- Contemporary Artist

Promote your Page too

“Art is like drinking a sip of possibility and feel it cool the sensory experience called ” life” as it paints itself onto the canvas”

for Milliande Printables

All Milliande Printables are ed to Milliande LTD. Milliande Ltd is an Angel Company with these Rules.

-you may print these images to create derivative artworks from it providing you honor the linkware agreement below

-you may offer your derivative artworks for sale providing that you honor the linkware agreement below

-these images are offered as “Linkware” meaning you MUST provide a link back to milliande-printables.com from your website, blog, art group etc before using these images

-you may also use Milliande Printables in a workshop ,art school, for art portfolio examples. as an art teacher as long as you distribute the full unaltered sheet with Milliande Printables name and notice intact

-You are granted a nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use milliande printable graphics according to the .

-The ownership of the artwork does not transfer to you. Milliande Ltd retains the for all graphics in the milliande printables collections.

-Milliande Printables Graphics may not be given away, shared, (re)sold, or redistributed in any way in whole or in part, in any printed or digital format. you are welcome to link to these pages to share Milliande Printables

-you may NOT download these images and offer them in any collection on the web or otherwise

-you may NOT upload these images to artgroups etc. please post a link to here instead

-you may NOT offer any of the images on-line for others to print/download/save or use for any reason. please feel free to post a link to here instead


-Use of any Milliande Printables compilation or image in any form from any source constitutes agreement to these Terms of Use. By using Milliande Printables you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use

-I reserve the right, at my own discretion, to update or revise the and Terms of Use. Please check the Terms of Use periodically for changes.

Art Portfolio Ideas

Art Portfolio Examples

Nurturing the Muse

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