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My favorite job writing greeting

My favorite job writing greeting events are almost always

Write a birthday card. Focus on the milestone the recipient has reached. For kids, birthdays are exciting celebrations during which they get gifts and have pool parties. Teens have a couple of milestone celebrations like sweet sixteen or eighteen. For anyone over 22 or 25, birthdays indicate you’re just getting older.

  • For people who are in their twenties or older, you can be funny by acknowledging their age. For example, for somebody’s 45th birthday, you could say, “Only ten more years until you can start using senior discounts.”
  • When writing cards for younger kids, it doesn’t matter as much what you tell them. Try saying something funny in kid humor, like “rock your tail off, Cody!”
  • Another approach is to recall a moment you’ve had with this person. Say you met after you dropped your lunch tray and she helped you pick it up: “I can always count on you to help me pick up food.”

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Craft a holiday card. Holidays like Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas usually warrant a more heartfelt message. For these types of cards you can write about what the holiday means to you. For example: “Thanksgiving is centered around turkey and gravy, but I’m just thankful to spend it with you.”

  • You can also take the slapstick approach to a holiday card: “When grandma starts drinking eggnog, it’s family time,” or “All I want for Christmas is New Year’s Eve. I’ll settle with an afternoon with you.”
  • You might find it difficult to be unique for a holiday occasion, but if you add some of your personality, it will be distinctive enough for a greeting card.

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Write for a religious celebration. Greeting cards for religious events are almost always cheerful and full of love. Whether it’s a card to celebrate a Baptism, Yom Kippur, Eid, or Confirmation, you can make your message unique by writing from your heart. [1]

  • Describe your relationship to the celebrant in a sentence or two, and finish by noting how happy you are for the person on their special day.
  • These types cards rarely involve humor, but if you think of a joke, try it out. The key to adding humor to a religious celebration is being tasteful. Never shame or belittle anyone in this type of card.

Write a get-well card. Get well cards are often written in a large format from a group of people. You can also send out a personalized get-well greeting card. Learn about the recipient’s condition briefly before writing the card. Focus on making this person smile. A good way to write a unique message is by explaining a trait of this person that makes you happy. [2] Try something like this:

  • ”John, lunch is my favorite part of Tuesdays, thanks to you!”
  • “Steph, remember when you made me laugh so hard I almost peed?”
  • “LaTisha, you are one of the most caring people in the office. This place feels drab without you!”

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Writing Greetings for Friends, Family and Colleagues Edit

Write a card for a significant other. Any message you write to a significant other must have the right ratio of compassion and interest. Regardless of how long you’ve been seeing your partner, you should include writing that shows your passion for the relationship.

My favorite job writing greeting about what the holiday

A good way to demonstrate this in a unique way is to write out a list of things you’ve done together.

  • Be creative and don’t use a bullet list, but instead include everything in a paragraph form.
  • You can talk about how much you love them, too.
  • Talk about the future in a positive way. You could say something like: “I can’t wait to make pizza with you on Tuesdays,” or “This summer we’re going to visit the Florida keys!”

Craft a greeting card for family. You will probably be faced with writing greeting cards the most to family members. You’ve been receiving them since you were little, and now you can write back to them. Make your family member feel extra special by adding unique qualities to the card. [3] One way to add a specialized message is to talk about the person. Describe their character in a positive way.

  • Incorporate yourself and the recipient into a short story you cherish. Try to keep the story short.
  • Another way you can add something unique is by incorporating an inside joke you share. If you don’t have an inside joke, you could add another form of humor.
  • Express your love for them. Many greeting cards to family members already do this, but it’s important to show them love. They will appreciate it.

Write to a coworker. If you are at job for a while, you’ll probably be forced to sign a card for a colleague or craft one yourself. Even if you don’t know this person too well, you can still add a unique greeting that he or she will enjoy. Reflect on your relationship with your co worker and think back if there was a special moment you shared. [4]

  • Make your greeting brief, but try to include something you shared together. It can even be something as simple as driving the same car or wearing the same tie one day.
  • This will show you took an extra moment to think of your coworker.

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