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You’re no stranger to paranormal visitors showing up at Midnight, but when a suspicious character drops a threat in your mailbox, you’re drawn into the timeless struggle of good versus evil. The fictional characters of classical literature are coming to life, and not all of them are happy with the way their stories ended! Use books to travel through space and time, as you join Charles Dickens and Washington Irving on an exciting adventure through their most famous books. Can you unmask the villain in time, or will the world’s most beloved classical literature be rewritten?

This is a special Collector’s Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus. Collector’s Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Shepherd’s Monument mystery in the bonus adventure
  • Achievement awards for your excellent game play
  • Bonus extras including concept art, cutscenes and wallpaper
  • An available Strategy Guide

Buy this game, Get 3 Punches!

  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1029 MB
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later

Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector’s Edition 3.6 5 68 68

Unhappy Endings Ever read a book that was so captivating, it felt like you were actually there? They say the classics never die, but are they ever rewritten? Crazy things happen at the stroke of midnight, ghostly visitations frequently occur, as they seek your help righting the wrongs they have endured in the afterlife. This time it’s different, this time it’s evil.

Midnight mysteries 6 ghost writing music to match symbols on

Washington Irving was a famous writer, a ghostwriter who wrote several classics under a different name. Several characters from his books began to pay him a visit, his imagination had come to life, but not everyone was happy with their characters demise! Surely his good friend Charles Dickens, was experiencing similar situations, so he asked Charles for his help. and was never seen since! It is Charles’ young daughter who is seeking your paranormal services to find out what happened to her father that fateful night. Enter the scenes of these classic literature adventures, page by page, as you search for clues written by the authors themselves, and stop this evil character before the classics are forever rewritten! The Midnight Mysteries series are classics themselves, some diehard fans were a bit disappointed with the changes the new devs made in the last MM. Personally, I see a huge difference in the quality of the graphics, for the better, crisp, clear and more detailed than before. This game has had yet another tweak, that I wasn’t thrilled about, the Ravens! The two features I loved most, within the MM’s, were the hidden four leafed clovers (56 in this Collectors Edition) and the hidden Ravens you had to find to receive additional hints. The hidden Ravens are GONE! Instead, you collect 45 Raven Coins, that are impossible to miss as they glitter and shine so brightly you practically have to wear sunglasses! Why would you change a feature that has been iconic in a successful series.

Midnight mysteries 6 ghost writing music silver and bronze

With that complaint out of the way (doesn’t affect the game’s story or mechanics either way) this game also has a pet Raven that waits patiently for your command to fly to unreachable locations and retrieve those objects that mysteriously got there in the first place. Some of the inventory items require some type of interaction before you can use that item such as combining two inventory items together. The Hidden Object Scenes range from interactive list finds to progressive silhouetted shapes where you find the first item and use that item to uncover the next item and so forth until all items have been found. The mini games are nice, rearranging books on two different bookshelves, the first row requires you to match symbols on the binders so that the last symbol on the first book matches up to the first symbol on the second book etc. The second shelf has books with sections of a picture that you arrange to complete a picture. My favorite game was using several tetris shaped tiles to fill in all empty spaces around an existing shape in the middle of the board without leaving any gaps. This Collectors Edition has Before And After sketches, which was awesome to see the original rough draft sketch of a scene in the game, then the same sketch in color and finally the computer generated picture! There are Achievements to earn, Cutscenes, Music, the Backstory, Characters, Wallpapers, Tic-Tac-Toe raven games, 56 hidden Clovers, 45 (not so) hidden Raven Coins, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Chapter. Both editions allow you to choose which mode of difficulty you want to play the game, as well as a Custom setting where you choose which features you want, I thought it was clever that they used a new hatchling raven for Beginner, a young raven for Advanced, and a mature and wise raven for Expert, the Custom setting just had gears and a raven skull (what’s that mean?) Enjoy! January 3, 2015

Excellent. MCF Who? Midnight Mysteries Sets The Standard. Except For The Singing. Finally. This game series became everything that MCF used to be. This installment finds us having to help the daughter of Charles Dickens after a mysterious stranger pays us an unwanted and frankly nasty visit in our home – the nerve! We travel to Washington Irving’s home to start our adventure and the demo ends on a fairly dramatic note. I purchased immediately and played through. Now, this deviates slightly from previous entries in the series. NO ravens to collect for hints – your raven is a helper for tasks and such There is singing -*shudder* NOTE TO DEVELOPER -SINGING IS NEVER NECESSARY. NEVER. What is the same is the overall quality you expect from MM series. The crispness and vibrant colors are there, the story is interesting. There are achievements to earn and a great little bonus chapter that I enjoyed. There are however, 56 clovers to collect, and *SPOILER* some in the hidden object scenes. This was a fantastic buy and a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy Saturday. Completely worth the $13.99 and lives up the MM standard. 4.8/5 Stars Small deduction for the singing 😉 January 3, 2015

A new very enjoyable Midnight Mysteries game Midnight Mysteries by MumboJumbo is one of the most anticipated HOPA franchises here at BFG. With Hot Lava Games (Co workers of MJ) taking over the series there weren’t much big changes, but now GameForest, the makers of Gummy Drop developed this 6th game in the franchise, what surprised me since the BETA was a Hot Lava Game, but anyway the developer change brought some fresh elements into the game. The storyline starts like in every Midnight Mysteries game, what is great. The Raven looks at the terrible events which are happening. This time Charles Dickens and Washington Irving are in danger, because someone sent them threats and their fictional characters come to life. As the suspicius person drops a package at your home you start to discover the mystery of the Ghostwriters. Travel to Sleepy Hollow and try to save them. Overall the story is great done and events are well explained. The graphics are good, sometimes a little blurred but they are atmospheric. Especially in Sleepy Hollow they sometimes gave me chills. The soundtrack is nice and fits together with the graphic. Together music and scenes create a great gaming atmosphere. The game features some all new puzzles and has many new elements in the MM series. New and innovative HO’s and a different interface bring new wind into the series. Mostly the puzzles are quite easy, but some puzzles are created harder, because you’ll earn achievements if you solve them without skipping. There are gold, silver and bronze achievements and to get them all is not easy. The gameplay is ok, but sometimes a little slow, because my curser got stuck several times for a few seconds. There are 56 collectible clovers and around 45 collectible Raven coins. The Collectibles unlock extra content, if you find them all. Afterall this is the best game in the Midnight Mysteries series yet in my opinion and after the let down of the fifth game a nice surprise. Well done GameForest team! January 3, 2015

2015 starting off with a BANG. The Midnight Mysteries series is one of the better collection of HOPA style games that have come along over the years. I particularly enjoy that real life people are involved. Prior games include Mark Twain, Harry Houdini, Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln as main characters. From there the developer takes lots of twists and turns in the stories and the game player must realize from the outset that there is a fair degree of poetic license utilized along with story development bordering on the occult. The Midnight Mysteries do not deviate in maintaining this theme. Some players might get turned off by the strange events in these tales. I find them utterly fascinating. In the latest version,Ghostwriting involves famous authors. During the demo the player encounters Charles Dickens who via a letter from Washington Irving is teleported to New York in order to save his friend Irving who has been captured for some unknown reason by a masked man who is obviously the villain of the piece. Finding items via the usual hidden object segments and picking up others randomly lying around and using them furthers the game action. Some interesting puzzles need completion as well. As in the prior MM games, we have our friendly raven as a gatherer of out of the reach items. I generally dislike animal helpers but in this game the bird fits in fine. There are 56 clovers to find as collectibles and there are coins to be amassed to purchase things to adorn a room created primarily for our raven friend. I found no morphings in the game. The demo ends with the player learning the Dickens novel Oliver Twist becomes the second phase of the journey. The graphics of Ghostwriting are clear, the story development is crisp and the game play is fantastic. As long as the player is committed to suspending belief as is the norm with the MM series, a fine time is at hand. There are many such series which have stood the test of time ( Awakening, Dark Parables, MCF to name a few ) and Midnight Mysteries is among the best. For me personally, the last couple of months offered very little entertainment in BFG offerings. Ghostwriting is I hope a harbinger of better things to come in 2015. I overwhelmingly endorse this game. January 3, 2015

a fun game I just finished with the demo. And I found it to be a lot of fun. I will be buying the full game. I do not write technical reviews, I just say what I think about a game, and this game is a lot of fun. The colors are clear and the mini games are not to hard. I did get a little confused a few times, but when I thought about it for a min, I was able to figure out what to do next. I think if you want a game that is fun and maybe not extremely hard this game will fit. January 4, 2015

midnight mysteries: Ghostwriting C/E Bought this game without playing demo first, always risky but this game delivers on everything for me, much improved on the last game in this series. Only stoppped playing to give this review (my first ever although I have many games). The graphics, music, storyline etc are really good, thank you Big Fish. January 3, 2015

ANOTHER WINNER FROM MIDNIGHT MYSTERIES This will make my 6th Midnight Mysteries CE game that I have purchased and played. My favorite to date has been Witches of Abraham. This new game, Ghostwriting, continues in the same excellent vein. My review is based on playing the one hour demo in the casual mode. Washington Irving is being haunted by the evil characters he has created in his writings. He has made a fortress of his home and is a virtual prisoner. He has called upon his friend, Charles Dickens, who has the same problem, for help. Together, they set off to Sleepy Hollow to try to find a way to take control of these evil characters. This storyline has immense possibilities, reacquainting us with Irving’s writings and characters. The HO sometimes changed within the same scene from a list type to a silhouette type to an interactive type, keeping you on your toes. There are 4-leaf clovers to collect in every scene, including some of the HOS, so you have to keep your eyes open. The minigames are well integrated into the storyline and are non-repetitive and original. I needed to refer to the strategy guide a couple of times to get a boost on how to solve them. I did not have to use any hints during the one hour of play. This was thanks in large part to the very helpful, interactive map that shows the active areas and allows you to jump to those areas. A good map, for me, always brings a game up to a 5 star. There is the usual crow along for the ride, to help you accomplish some of the tasks. He even has his own room that you can decorate with coins you collect during gameplay. There are also achievements to be won. This game has it all and them some. I purchased it immediately after I ended the demo, and I even got it on sale! Don’t miss this one. January 3, 2015

The flow of the game putsyou in the game Let others describe the game. This is my first time purchasing a game before it’s release, and my first review after purchasing over 100 games. I have severe memory problems (therefore I play the games). Just one comment. This is the most pleasant and fulfilling game that I have had the pleasure to purchase and play. January 6, 2015

midnight Mysteries ghostwriter brilliant I knew as soon as I watched the demo that I would have to buy this game, the music is great, graphics great. animation great what more can you say, collectable shamrocks, just so well done, pace a bit slow. but who is in a rush, this is a definite purchase well done BF, I recommend this game for intermediate and expert, but I think a good beginner would enjoy the challenge. January 3, 2015

Intelligent and original HOP adventure game The storyline of this game is refreshing and original. A nice way of honouring and spreading awareness of the works of Charles Dickens. The villain was also an original and many of the puzzles were good challenges. Highly recommended. January 9, 2015

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