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Meditation centre architectural thesis proposal student

I am a designer with 4+ years of experience in UX Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Graphic design. System-thinker, creative, organized, detail-oriented, I can work efficiently and professionally solo as well as in a team. I specialize in solving complex problems and designing digital interfaces.

I have always focused on how users perceive, navigate and appreciate their environment – first physical, then natural, visual and then merging these ideologies as a User Experience Designer. My past work includes designing buildings, landscapes, books, brochures, web graphics, educational products, brand identity, marketing collaterals and more.

Having worked in varied environments and fields of design agencies, I bring great design ideas to the table that contribute to business growth.

I am proficient in various prototyping, imaging and drawing software such as OmniGraffle, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Balsamiq, Visio, InVision, Flinto, Keynote, AutoCAD and SketchUp.

I love traveling, observing different cultures, trying new cuisines and collecting unique playing card decks and wall clocks.

Shivangi Jain Mehra

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Meditation is the awareness of the living moment. In that awareness neither past nor future is possible. The meditative experience seeks to bring a stillness of the mind even if the body is in action. This thesis deals with spirituality and meditation as a concept, not as an act. It is an experiment to test the contribution of physical spaces to the inner journey of a being.

Through this thesis, it is anticipated that students will walk into the University Centre to engage with spiritual experiences that enable emotional expressions and initiate a process of creative growth.

Meditation centre architectural thesis proposal student The Inner Self     
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The concept of the proposal is that of a dynamic wave of activity through the campus. At the macro level, it is an omnipresent structure that provides orientation, directionality and movement of vision.

The objective of the proposed university spine is not to provide a walking path to the students, but to experience the spirituality of their own campus and space through simple delineation of space. As the student moves through the ‘spine’, that is the University Centre, it brings him out of the everydayness into a celebration of his own being.

The proposed university centre makes available additional facilities for the students like exhibition spaces, study spaces, language centre, media centre, publications library, sports complex, university gardens to name a few.

For further details, follow the link:goo.gl/qnpK7

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