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Master thesis pdf marketing proposal

Master thesis pdf marketing proposal Oral defense of the


In the master thesis the student demonstrates his ability to analyse complex problems independently and at an academic level. The thesis deals with a topic which is related to the Marketing field, and is thus in correspondence to the chosen Master specialization.

During the process of developing and completing the master’s thesis, the student is expected to attain the following goals:
– formulate the research question in line with scientific standards
– develop a research framework and translate the research question into a methodological approach with logically ordered and concrete research steps
– collect, select and synthetise information and interpret this information in light of what is relevant to the research question
– demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on the information collected, the research carried out, and the research results, based on theoretically sound argumentation and personal critical analysis
– demonstrate the ability to report orally and in writing about the research and its results at an academic level

Previous knowledge

• The student has the necessary background and academic skills with respect to the relevant disciplines in the field of Marketing and shows a critical attitude towards recent scientific developments in this field.
• The student is sufficiently familiar with the criteria for scientific research.
• The student has the competence to autonomously collect, process and synthetise information and is able to communicate and report about the research results in a scientifically credible manner.

Identical courses

This course is identical to the following courses:
D0O47A. Masterproef Marketing (TEW)

Is included in these courses of study


The master thesis is organized each year around a couple of central themes that closely aligned with current research within the research group Marketing and that are more descriptive and aligned with applied practice.

During the course, a number of collective sessions are offered. The thesis is written in a group of two. In exceptional cases it is also allowed to write the thesis individually. The thesis is written together; the common component (about 10.000 words) specifies the reserach question, the reviewed literature, the findings of the study and a discussion on the practical relevance. Each group member also writes an individual piece with a specific contribution (about 3.500 words).

Course material

*Toledo is being used for this learning activitity

Format: more information

The Master’;s Thesis consists of three components:
(1) Attending seminars/collective sessions
(2) Writing a scientific article.
(3) Oral defense of the Master’s thesis

For more detailed information about the components of the Master’s Thesis click here .

For general information about the Master’s thesis (including the Master’s Thesis regulations) click here .

Type. Continuous assessment without exam during the examination period

Description of evaluation. Paper/Project, Presentation, Process evaluation


Features of the evaluation
* The master thesis appeals to the student’;s ability to independently analyse and synthesize a problem at an academic level.

Master thesis pdf marketing proposal process of

The result should be critical-reflective and theoretically founded.
These general criteria are translated into a number of separate criteria which will be taken into account during the development and completion of the master thesis:
1. Development of the research proposal: motivation, key objectives of the thesis and planning
2. Development of the results: theoretical positioning, scientific quality, critical reflection and relevance.
3. Presentation of the research results: reasoning, scientific format, oral presentation and dialogue.
4. General attitude and motivation: analytical skills, attitude of conscientiousness and motivation to learn, cooperation with everyone involved.

*The deadline for the submission of the Master’s Thesis and the dates of the Masters’s Thesis defence will be announced on this webpage .

Determination of final grades

* The grades are determined by the evaluation committee. The result is calculated and communicated as a number with one decimal place on a scale of 20.

*The final grade is computed as the arithmetic mean of the individual evaluator scores and the 24-40-40% rule;
• 40% to the common text
• 40% to the individual text
• 20% to the oral presentation and ability to answer critical questions about the thesis (defense).

*If the set deadline was not respected, the final grade of the Master’s Thesis will be NA (not taken), unless the student asked to arrange a new deadline. This request needs to be motivated by grave circumstances.

Second examination opportunity
* The features of the evaluation and determination of grades are similar to those of the first examination opportunity, as described above

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