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This year’s theme is Revival Fire!

Heaven is going to touch Earth. We believe that revival and transformation will come worldwide in the power of the Holy Spirit as Believers start walking in their destiny!

Mattheus Van der Steen is the founder, pastor and CEO of Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations. He was born in Holland, and sailed the seas as a sailor at the age of 14. Six years later, he graduated as a Marine Officer. On one of his many trips with the ship the M/V Anastasis of Mercy Ships, he was in Africa, where he was touched by the needs of the aids babies and street children. He made a life-changing decision and quit his job as a marine officer so he could commit himself fully to helping those who were vulnerable. He is passionate for and about Jesus and speaks prophetically about God’s heart for the orphans and the widows, the John the Baptist generation, the Church in the end time, Joel’s army, depression and burnout, the end time and revival, signs and miracles, being filled with the Holy Spirit, the great commission and his favourite subject: If you see the invisible God can do the impossible. Last week Mattheus won an award for the most popular and best selling Christian book in the Netherlands called Dare to Dream Walk in your Destiny

Wesley and Stacey Campbell are the founders of New Life Church and Praying the Bible International – a subsidiary of Be A HERO! Alongside their involvement in the current prayer movement, they are active directors of a mercy organization called HOPE for the Nations, working with children at risk.

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As conference speakers, they have ministered to over 35 nations, laboring to see revival and social justice transform the world. Wesley and Stacey have five children and live in Kelowna, B.C. Canada.

Georgian and Winnie Banov are a radical power team. boldly declaring the finished work of Calvary; imparting a deep revelation of Christ in you; and releasing freedom, joy, supernatural wholeness, and creative miracles. The Banovs travel extensively holding apostolic renewal meetings and conferences worldwide. Charged with a heart of compassion for the poorest of the poor, they also host lavish evangelistic feeding crusades throughout the third world.

Che Ahn and his wife, Sue. are Senior Pastors of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California. Ché is also Founder and President of Harvest International Ministries, a worldwide network of over 5,000 churches in over 34 nations with the common vision of changing lives, transforming cities, and discipling nations. Ché received his M. Div and D. Min from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has also played a key role in many strategic local, national and international outreaches, including serving as the CEO of TheCall, a youth prayer movement. Ché is an author of numerous books and travels extensively throughout the world, bringing apostolic insight with a Holy Spirit impartation of revival, healing and evangelism. Ché and Sue have four grown children.

Heidi and Rolland Baker are the founders of Iris Ministries.

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They served as missionaries in Indonesia and Hong Kong before following God’s call in 1995, to Mozambique, where Iris Ministries has expanded to more than 5,000 churches all over Mozambique and neighboring countries. They now watch God provide miraculously for over 7,000 children at their centers.

Prof. dr. Willem J. Ouweneel has doctor’s degrees in biology (Utrecht), philosophy (Amsterdam), and theology (Bloemfontein). He has taught and teaches philosophy and theology in various countries (Netherlands, South-Africa, Belgium, Switzerland). He is a prolific writer (more than hundred books) on matters of faith, science and theology. He has preached and lectured in almost thirty countries, and is still very active teaching, writing, travelling and preaching.

Also Joining Us Will Be:

In total, there are 13 sessions during the conference. See the timetable below:
* Session 1 – Grand Opening with main speakers
* Session 3B – RAN meeting only for leaders, pastors
* Session 4 – With hundreds of leaders we declare unity in session 10

Friday May 1st
Session 1 – 19.30-22.30 *
Mattheus van der Steen
Fresh Fire Choir

Saturday May 2nd
Session 2 – 10.00-12.00
Wesley Stacey Campbell
Rick Pino

Session 3A – 15.00-17.00
an Sjoerd Pasterkamp
Mirjam Kloosterhof

Session 3B – 14.00-17.00 *
All speakers
Eric Tanja Lagerström

Session 4 – 19.30-22.30 *
Che Ahn
Fresh Fire Choir

Sunday May 3rd
Session 5 – 10.00-12.00
Prof. Dr. Willem J. Ouweneel
Sanne Dane band

Session 6 – 15.00-17.00
Wesley Stacey Campbell

Session 7 – 19.30-22.30 *
Heidi Baker
Eric Tanja Lagerström

Monday May 4th
Session 8 – 10.00-12.00
Che Ahn
Mirjam Kloosterhof

Session 9 – 15.00-17.00
Georgian Banov
Sanne Dane band

Session 10 – 19.30-22.30 *
Heidi Baker
Dew Iona

Tuesday May 5th
Session 11 – 10.00-12.00
Angela Greenig
Dew Iona

Session 12 – 15.00-17.00
Shara Lea Pradhan
Arjan en Efi Knevel

Session 13 – 19.30-22.30
Georgian Banov
Dew Iona

For More Information on Schedules and Speakers, Inculding the Childrens and Youth Programs, Click Here !

IJsselhallen Zwolle The Netherlands
Rieteweg 4 – 8011 AB Zwolle
IJsselhallen Zwolle are at walking distance from the train station in Zwolle.

FREE conference also hotel information is available on the website.

There is a small registration fee.

Engelserf 35G
3843 BD Harderwijk
The Netherlands

This has been a paid advertisement. We do our best at the ElijahList to ensure that each ministry that advertises with us is well-founded, Biblical, and respected by other ministries we know. However, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for all ministries, or for each speaker.

​To kick off this post, I want to reminisce about one of my favorite scenes from the motion picture “The American President”. In this scene, we see Michael J. Fox’s character is questioning the president’s leadership in the current campaign while his opposition spews wild allegations.

​“- The President doesn’t answer to you, Lewis!
​ Oh, yes he does. I’m a citizen, this is my president. And in my country, this is not only permissible to question its leaders, it’s our responsibility.”

Therein lays the issue, “this is not only permissible to question its leaders, it’s our responsibility.” Our responsibility is to question our leaders and demand an answer from them. If any of you turn on your local news station or the major media outlets, I can guarantee that they are blaming the Grand Ole Party. Even watching Saturday Night Live with my girlfriend this past weekend, they made a Miley Cyrus spoof to how the Republicans “Shut it down”. Now that the drive-by media is heaping on the republican blame band-wagon, I’m left wondering what the facts are. Is it completely one-sided as they portray? We demand answers as the American public and below are some facts that you won’t hear on any major news network…

1.) Republican House of Representatives passed Fifteen Bill measures to fund several operations of the government such as National Parks, FEMA, and Head-start programs. All have been denied by the Senate and Obama.

2.) Obama’s approval rating is at 37%, to put that in perspective George W. Bush’s lowest approval rating through two terms was 36% in 2006. However I haven’t heard a word about Obama’s low rating, compared to the media onslaught of 2006 on Bush’s. So are the American people solely blaming the GOP for this? Appears not.

3.) Obama claims this tactic of “Ransoming” the government is new and never seen before in Washington. The United States Government has shut down seventeen times since the 1970’s. Let’s not forget the great Senator from West Virginia Robert Byrd threating to close down the government if then President Eisenhower created the interstate highways.

4.) The Mayor of D.C. interrupts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s press conference asking to “give us our money.” President Obama and the Senate have agreed to freeze the Municipal tax revenue of Washington D.C. until the government shutdown is over.

5.) During Obama’s 1-hour long press conference on October 8th, we see him use words like “economic disaster” and “catastrophic” if the American Government defaults on its loans. Well here’s the truth. Even if a clean Continuing Resolution (CR) is NOT passed before next Thursday, the US government will not default on its loans or obligations to the American people. Let’s do some math here….

Monthly interest payment on American Debt: 25 Billion
Monthly tax revenue: 220 Billion

So even if we can’t come to an agreement, the American debt will be paid with left over to cover obligations to the American people.

6.) It costs $100,000 to erect barricades and to post security guards on the open-air WWII memorial. A memorial that is open 24-hours a day and has minimal security. Now let’s think about the how much to cost to erect barricades on the Vietnam Memorial and let’s not forget the Mount Vernon parking lot that was closed off to tourists. According to the Washington Post, an anonymous Park Ranger came forward and revealed he and other Rangers were told too, “Make life as difficult as possible”. The National Park Service has even kicked people out of their homes if it happens to be on national park land.

7.) Cost 634 Million dollars to develop the Obama-care website and it’s still not working.

8.) The Washington Mall was closed to the American People, while illegals were granted access to protest on the mall for Amnesty.

9.) Google the John Stewart’s interview with Kathleen Sebelius. Even the liberal news is now forced to ask tough questions like “Why do big corporations and unions get a 1-year exempt from Obama-Care penalty free, when every American citizen is still under Obama-Care and must pay a penalty if they don’t sign up”.

The American People deserve answers, especially our veterans who we’re denied access to the memorials to honor their lost comrades. If Nazis on Omaha Beach or the Viet-Cong invested jungles didn’t stop these guys…I doubt some caution tape and gates will either. This action by our president to keep them closed, shows that only two things matter to him. 1.) Himself 2.) Politics and in that order. Don’t worry Mr. Carter, you’re not the worst President anymore. History will remember the temper tantrums of this privileged President, who when facing adversity for the first time in his life gets angry and starts name calling. The American people deserve a leader and not an empty suit filled with Chicago style politics.

I’ve heard these quotes several times now and have always wanted to put them down. Not only so I could enjoy them but other people as well. Dealing with a ton of different theological points, these always go back to the furious love God has for us.

“[Western] Christians are not known on the whole for their outrageous love, they’re known for their intolerance, for their judgmentalism, for their hypocrisy, their superiority, their hunger for political power and their desire to control society and whatnot, but they’re not usually known for their outrageous love. That’s not usually the first thing out of people’s mouth. What do you think about these Christians, these born again Christians? ‘Oh they just love outrageously, they don’t judge, they just serve.’ “But see if a fraction of the [Western] church took Jesus’ teaching seriously, to consider your own sin to be a 2×4 sticking out of your eye and anyone else’s sin, whatever it may be, by religious and social standards it’s a mere dust particle, we’d be known as the most humble, self-effacing, servant, loving people on the planet.”

—Gregory Boyd, Author of God at War and Satan and the Problem of Evil

The first time I met Jesus, and I was born again, was during an altar call at a small church, and the first thing He said to me was, ‘I am Jesus and I love you,’ I heard it audibly. The first thing He presented to me was not His power but His love.”

—Philip Mantofa, Head Pastor, Mawar Sharon

I did my thesis on spiritual warfare and I studied for a long time the weapons of our warfare, because traditionally they say, you know, the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the word of our testimony, which is all true. Very true. But I’ve come to the conclusion after a long time of study; the greatest weapon that we have against the devil, is love. When God wanted to redeem a world that had come into the hands of satan, He did not use spiritual warfare, He used love. And that is one weapon the devil cannot stand, it’s the weapon of simple, pure love.”

—Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp, Pastor/Missionary to the Netherlands

“And there was an interview with a Dutch church historian, and they asked him what did he see about the people of the Dutch church. And he made the most interesting remark. He said, ‘We have dozens of protestant denominations and Christian groups, because,’ he said, ‘to the Dutch person, truth is more important than unity.’ And when I heard it, I thought, ‘I have to write to say in a whole sermon what you said in one sentence’ because, what is truth?
“What he meant by truth, and rightly analyzed, is my interpretation of the Bible, my dogmatic views, my doctrinal views. But Jesus said, ‘I am the truth.’ Truth is not a teaching. Truth is a person, and if you have that person, you have the Truth. And in that person there is always unity. But if we put our understanding of the Scripture and our doctrinal views higher than the person of Jesus, (and I’m going to say maybe something very sharp, and I want to say it respectfully and honorably) we worship idols. Anything you place above the Lord Jesus, is an idol. Our unity is not in a teaching, it’s in a person. And in that person, we always find one another.”

—Jan Sjoerd Pasterkamp, Pastor/Missionary to the Netherlands

“And I watch that over, and over and over in people’s lives where they go ‘I don’t like God anymore.’ Something terrible happens in their life, maybe their spouse dies or they lose a child or, all the crazy stories we hear, and they go ‘that’s God’s fault, I blame God for that,’ and they walk away. But God goes, ‘I still love you, I still care about you, and I will set up circumstances so that you will have to try very hard, to not love Me back, because I, in this marriage, I’m the bridegroom, and you’re the bride. And in this marriage, I’m the one pursuing you, I’m the male in this relationship, I’m the pursuer, and I love you way more than you love me, and you can try to reject me and play hard to get, but you have no idea how hard it’s gonna be, to not love me.’”

—Kris Vallotton, Associate Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

“I think we’ve made this relationship with God not about a relationship but about meeting requirements. And so much of what it tells us, even out of the sermons and messages are, ‘How to be a Better You,’ ‘How to Perform Better,’ ‘How to Get More Out of Your Life,’ and everything is sort of, ‘If you do these principles…’
“I even remember a pastor telling me one time that the Christian life is about following principles, and I think back on that and I’m like, ‘No.’ You know, what happens in a love affair, in a relationship, is that in that relationship I know that person and I know what they like, I know what they want and I know what pleases them, and I do those things because I’m motivated by the desire to get closer. And I think that’s what we’ve missed is that we’ve gotten through the checklist, and we’ve gone through that if I do this, I do this, I do this, then I’m in. And I think the difference is that it’s not about a circle that says I’m either in or out, but it’s about, ‘Am I pursuing Christ?’ And the only way I can pursue Christ is to be pursuing and to be going after relationship with him which is going to be motivated by love.”

—Robby Dawkins, Pastor of Vineyard Church, Aurora, IL

“And I think that’s where we’ve missed it. I had a dream many years ago that totally revolutionized my theology. Totally changed how I think of doing church. I grew up in church and I grew up in a “keep this [principle], keep this [principle], keep this [principle], and this is what you are.
“I saw the Lord show me this picture of this church filled with drug addicts, with prostitutes, with drug dealers, with gang bangers, with people from all sorts of different crime life, and they were in the church and they were doing everything wrong. They were having sex in the pews, they were drinking, they were doing drugs in the pews, they were selling drugs to each other, everything they were doing was wrong. They were fighting. And I was trying to stop all that.
And I remember at one point I hollered out and I said, ‘If you’re not going to honor God’s house and respect His house then get out!’ Exactly what probably the majority of pastors or leaders would say. And I remember the Lord speaking back to me so clearly and saying, ‘Why would you send away what I’ve sent in? Why would you send away what you’ve been asking for?’ And I said, ‘God, I didn’t ask for this!’ And He said, ‘You asked me for the lost. Now, keep it simple. Love them, and let Me change them .’
And that completely revolutionized how I thought of church, and how I saw evangelism, and everything. And it wasn’t about pointing out to people what they were not doing, but what Christ was inviting them to. ‘Love Me and I’ll change you. Love Me, pursue Me and I’ll do all the hard stuff. I just want you coming after me.’”

—Robby Dawkins, Pastor of Vineyard Church, Aurora, IL

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