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Into the world hsc thesis proposal

Into the world hsc thesis proposal Writing Thesis Statements     

Animoto- Into The World

Watch the following video.

1. Brainstorm / list / write down your first impressions of the video. What ideas / concepts / words / images do you remember?

2. Look at the individual images in the video. How are they relevant to the concept of ‘Into The World’?

3. Choose five (5) images from the video and use the focus / message of the image to write a thesis statement about its relevance to ‘Into The World’.

‘Into The World’ Terminology

The Wordle below has been created using the Department of Education information on Module C: Into The World. Wordle is an assessment tool which can be use to obtain the main focus of texts.

1. What does this Wordle suggest are the most important ideas / words / concepts for ‘Into The World’?

2. Look at the terminology in the Wordle. Group similar terms (terms you believe share key ideas or concpets) together?

The file below also contains a number of vocabulary words that you should be familiar in your study of Billy Elliot. It is important that you are not only aware of the meaning of these words, but have an understanding of their significance to the concept ‘Into The World’ and that you are able to use them in your own responses.

‘Into The World’- Writing Thesis Statements

In your HSC you will be asked to provide an extended response regarding the issues related to ‘Into The World’ presented in Billy Elliot. In order for students to do this effectively, it is essential that you are able to present your ideas in written form, highlighting the meaning and message of the film. This requires an effective thesis statement; topic sentences that provide the reader with a clear idea of your opinions regarding the text and the argument that you will make in your extended response.

The Wonder Years is an American television show which focused on Kevin Arnold (11 years old), and his family as he grows up and matures throughout the transitional period of the 60’s and 70’s. The show is presented as a reflective piece and highlights the experiences and obstacles encountered by children and teens at the time.

Read the quotes provided from The Wonder Years.

1. Identify the message that each is presenting.

2. Use the quotes to form generic thesis statements related to the concept of ‘Into The World’.

‘Into The World’- Preparing for Billy Elliot

Before viewing the film Billy Elliot, view the trailer below.

1. What issues related to the concept ‘Into The World’ may be present in the film Billy Elliot?

Moving ‘Into The World’

Considering all that you have currently studied on the concept of ‘Into the World’, and having viewed Billy Elliot in full, attempt to answer the following questions:

1. Why do people go ‘Into The World’?

2. What problems may arise from a transition from one world into another?

3. How are such problems overcome or coped with?

4. What are the positive and negative consequences of going ‘Into The World’?

TASK: Incorporating all of your knowledge and study of the concept, write a polished paragraph clarifying the elective focus ‘Into The World’. You may like to include:

* a definition, in your own words to reflect your understanding, of the concept ‘Into The World’;

* an explanation of why people move ‘into the world’;

Into the world hsc thesis proposal topic sentences that provide the

* a detailed description of the difficulties that individuals may encounter when attempting to move ‘into the world’.

Exploring Related Texts

Below is a scaffold to be used when exploring related texts. If you cannot complete this when selecting a related text then you should look for a text that is more comprehensive.

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