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Internationalization of smes dissertation proposal

Internationalization of smes dissertation proposal The internationalization of SMEs

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1. The Creation of International Business Relationships. Experience and Performance in the Internationalization Process of SMEs

University dissertation from Uppsala. Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract. The present study examines the causal effect of experience on the performance of inter-national business relationships for small and medium-sized business firms. A case study of ten market entry processes in ten Swedish SMEs shows that both experienced and inexperienced firms can succeed in creating a new international business relationship. READ MORE

2. Internationalization and Performance among Small and Medium-sized Firms A study of furniture producers in Sweden

University dissertation from Växjö, Kalmar. Linnaeus University Press

Abstract. Furniture production in Sweden still exists on a comparably small scale. The majority, or more than 99 percent, of all furniture producers in Sweden are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with less than 250 employees. Despite their size, these firms are, to a large extent, involved in export. READ MORE

3. Growth through Internationalization A Knowledge Perspective on SMEs

University dissertation from Jönköping. Internationella Handelshögskolan

Abstract. Drawing on Penrose’s theory of the growth of the firm, the international business literature, the literature on the knowledge-based view, organizational learning, and absorptive capacity, this dissertation addresses four research questions: 1) What are the effects of downstream international activities (sales and marketing completed abroad) and upstream international activities (purchasing, production, and RD completed abroad) on the acquisition of market knowledge and technological knowledge? 2) What is the role of prior knowledge in these relationships? 3) What are the effects of the newly acquired knowledge on different growth outcomes? 4) What is the role of processes of knowledge transformation and exploitation in these relationships?Addressing these issues has practical relevance for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Internationalization of smes dissertation proposal of Firm-Level

On the one hand, international expansion might provide small and medium-sized firms with additional knowledge, enriching their limited resource base. READ MORE

4. The Internationalization of SMEs: An Interactive Perspective of Firm-Level Entrepreneurship and Network Structure

University dissertation from Linköping. Linköping University Electronic Press

Abstract. The positive relationship of firm-level entrepreneurship and performance has received much attention in recent years and has become an attractive title in the entrepreneurship literature. This popularity encourages researchers to study the role played by the phenomenon on other organizational outputs such as internationalization. READ MORE

5. Contextualization of Evolving Patterns in the Internationalization of Small Firms

University dissertation from Linköping. Linköping University Electronic Press

Abstract. The internationalization of SMEs has been recognized as one of the important paths to growth in SMEs.

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However, internationalization is also a resource and competence-demanding process. READ MORE

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