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Give me sport writing academy

Give me sport writing academy The process of writing 

GiveMeSport Academy – Our Training

Fundamental essentials nine modules that’ll be covered.

  • Introducing sport journalism
    • The way the landscape is altering
    • Why GiveMeSport differs with other publishers
  • Story selection
    • Kinds of tales
    • How to locate a story
  • How you can structure a tale
    • Traditional writing
    • News writing to have an online audience
    • Feature writing to have an online audience
  • The entire process of writing
    • Items to avoid
    • Our home style
    • Our Editorial rules
    • Number of words
  • Publishing
    • Selecting the best headline
    • Selecting a picture
    • Headings and hyperlinks
    • Embedding media
    • Tagging
  • Promotion
    • Facebook marketing: organic and compensated
    • News aggregation
    • Other compensated services
  • Stats
    • The fundamentals described
    • The most crucial figures
    • Why stats feed editorial decisions
  • Legal
    • Knowing your legal rights being an intern
    • How to prevent slander and libel
    • Image legal rights
    • Video legal rights
  • Advertising
    • How cash is made
    • How advertising is altering

GiveMeSport Academy – Our Experience

We focus on Slack – you’ll be setup having a login and can choose assuming you need to work, no matter where you would like.

You’d be working directly with this senior authors around the greatest and finest tales during the day, receiving guidance and feedback through the process.

You will see possibilities in the future in to the office, satisfy the management team, find out more about the company in general and obtain a far more hands-on experience, including in other parts of the company including social networking, video production, graphics and much more.

GiveMeSport Academy – Our Freelance Team

Our freelance team is a mixture of experienced sports authors, video producers along with other media professionals plus the best and brightest graduates in our Academy.

Freelance possibilities include covering staff shifts, answering briefs, pitching your personal feature ideas, or just being commissioned to operate on special projects with brand partners for example Football Manager, DraftKings and Nike.

Give me sport writing academy business including social media, video

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