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Born between The month of january 13 and The month of january 15 of the season 1622, from the 25yo tapestry-maker, Jean Poguelin (who labored for that King of France from 1631), along with a 20yo lady, Marie Cres, in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin lost his mother as he was 10. From 1638 to 1640, he studied within the Jesuit college of Clermont, then began a short lawyer career and went after his father’s work under Louis XIII, particularly in Narbonne, before the King’s dying in 1643, when Jean-Baptiste co-founded L’Illustre Thtre, installed in the jeu de paume plusieurs Mtayers (faubourg Saint-Germain, Paris). He chose his nom-de-plume Molire in 1644 but his company had some financial hardships as a result of insufficient success: Molire was imprisoned two times in 1645 for financial obligations. The troupe moved several occasions around France (Lyon, Grenoble, Dijon, Narbonne. ) plus they grew to become the troupe from the Prince de Conti in 1653 (in Pzenas, Languedoc).

In 1654, Molire presented his first play, “L’Etourdi”, in Lyon, then “Le Dpit amoureux” in Bziers in 1656. However the same year the troupe lost its grants from de Conti, who had been becoming very unfavorable to theater creation. To Paris in 1658, underneath the protection from the King’s brother, they performed “Nicomde” and “Le Docteur amoureux” in the Vieux-Louvre while watching King (Louis XIV) and the court. Louis XIV offered Molire to experience in the Petit-Bourbon where his first 2 plays eventually had positive results. In 1659, Molire presented his third play, “L’ensemble des Prcieuses Ridicules”. After his more youthful brother’s dying, Molire re-required in control the familial tapestry-making business and stored it until his dying. Exactly the same year, he presented “Sganarelle ou peut-rrtre un le Cocu imaginaire” and also the troupe was gone to live in the Palais-Royal.

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Rival comedians attempted to split Molire’s troupe but unsuccessful. Molire successively presented “L’Ecole plusieurs maris” in 1661 and “L’Ecole plusieurs femmes” in 1662.

He married Armande Bjart in 1662 (the entire year Molire and the troupe were recognized in the King’s court), they’d a boy Louis in 1664 (Louis XIV was his godfather) however the latter died before his first birthday. Exactly the same year, people from the Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement attempted to ban Molire’s play “Le Tartuffe” however it was proven in May. Molire’s troupe also presented Jean Racine ‘s first play “La Thebade” then “Alexandre” the year after, however the troupe learnt that Racine made his play been performed elsewhere too, which introduced a tension backward and forward authors. Armande delivered their daughter Esprit-Madeleine in 1665. Molire premiered “Dom Juan” in 1665, “Le Misanthrope” and “Le Mdecin malgr lui” in 1666. In 1667 the troupe plaid Pierre Corneille ‘s “Attila” and Molire’s “L’Imposteur”, that was only presented once because immediately banned. Molire had his first health issues. The troupe presented “Amphitryon”, “George Dandin” and “L’Avare” in 1668, “Tartuffe” again in 1669 (the entire year Molire’s father died), “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” in 1670, “L’ensemble des Fourberies de Scapin” and “Psych” in 1671, “L’ensemble des Femmes savantes” in 1672.

Molire were built with a quarrel with Jean-Baptiste Lully in 1672 within the right of utilizing music in plays since Lully ruled the background music utilization together with his “acadmie royale de musique”.

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Molire’s second boy, Pierre-Jean-Baptiste-Armand, was created exactly the same year but died a couple of days after his baptism. In Feb 1673, throughout the fourth performance of his last play, “Le Malade Imaginaire”, Molire fell and died a couple of hrs later in the house (rue de Richelieu, Paris). His wife acquired in the King the authority to bury his corpse inside a graveyard, that was normally unauthorized for any comedian. Her daughter was his only child to reside lengthy enough to possess children but did not, therefore Molire didn’t have direct descendants.

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