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Ezine article writing guidelines for authors

Ezine article writing guidelines for authors this Web site

Produced by:
Nann Dunne
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Author of:
Remaining hanging around
co-author of True Colours
(Book One) and
Many Roads to visit (True Colours, Book Two).
Editor of:
Nearly Write.

Notable Quotes
on Existence, Love, and

A persons heart, at whatever age, opens towards the heart that opens
in exchange.

If you feel the
task is simple,
you have not read
the small print.

The skill of writing
is the skill of applying
the seat from the pants
towards the
seat from the chair.

Mary Heaton Vorse

Nann Dunne presents.
Nearly Write
To Tell and EncourageAuthors, Poets, Readers

Guidelines for Submissions

Interesting curiosity about “Nearly Write.” This e-newsletter hopes “To Tell and Encourage Authors, Poets, Readers,” to showcase authors and publicize their works, and also to give readers an opportunity to lead, too.

I certainly will require the aid of many contributors to create mtss is a valuable accessory for each authors publicity campaign.You need to be viewed? Lead! Frequently, if you wish to. Ill attempt to showcase as numerous authors per issue as appears reasonable, without snowing people under.

Through this ezine/e-newsletter, I plan to supply the following:

  • Articles of great interest to authors– hone your craft, learn promoting and marketing tips–but anything appropriate is going to be considered
  • Author bios–meet authors in their own individual words
  • Reviews–read opinions, or perhaps publish them
  • Poems–submit your favorites (that youve written yourself) two if theyre short
  • Editing Bits and Bites–selections about various facets of editing
  • Glare–share ideas along with other readers
  • Interviews–Ive were built with a suggestion for interviews. For those who have any you want to share, send them on. Later, I’ll try to setup some specific questions we are able to use.

Im also toying with the thought of offering excerpts from printed or unpublished works. This publication is perfect for you, and it is success depends upon your input. Every month, I really hope to provide articles on writing, marketing, and/or promoting which i believe you’ll find useful.

Additionally, I wish to give our readers an opportunity to go behind the curtain to satisfy the authors, which means this publication will feature author bios from various venues–printed and unpublished mainstream and genre lgbt poetry and fan fiction.

I additionally intend on posting book reviews–possibly even on books waiting for publication–and highlighting a number of poems every month. Editing Bits and Bites will feature self-editing tips and miscellaneous editing articles.
Another feature is going to be Glare–personal insights into some part of your writing, studying, or poetic outpourings. Each one is thanks for visiting submit their ideas for this subject.

Contributions for articles on various phases of writing, marketing, and promoting are solicited, as well as your 5-line sig (signature with advertisement included in it) could be incorporated in the finish of this article you submit. Inform us what matches your needs in a number of individuals areas. Ill function as the sole judge from the relevancy of every article and which of them is going to be printed in this particular e-newsletter.

Each issue contains a number of author bios, as well as your content articles are solicited. Do not be too bookish a wide open, friendly tone which has that non-public touch is preferred.

Ezine article writing guidelines for authors fair-minded reviewers, but

A 5-line sig is permitted and encouraged.

Comments are solicited, also. Its okay to inform that which you do not like concerning the story, just dont slam the writer by any means. Basically take into account that that which you send is questionable, Ill contact you before publication. A 5-line sig could be incorporated, and reviewers send material using the knowning that the reviews can be utilized by authors for his or her own publicity needs for instance, with proper attribution towards the reviewer and this website, they might publish the reviews to online booksellers or rely on them as book blurbs. And, please, dont hand out the plot!

If you are searching for any review, tell me, and Ill advertise for any reviewer. Youll result in delivering them your book, and that i make no guarantees concerning the review you will get. (You might like to request an example review, before delivering your book.)

I’ll edit the reviews for grammar and sense. Remember that we may request you to reciprocate! And since this is a regular monthly publication, it’s important to permit a lengthy lead time before youll get the review. I must develop a nucleus of gifted and fair-minded reviewers, however that remains seen.

A minumum of one poem is going to be printed every month, again out of your contributions. Send yours in, or find yourself in trouble with mine. g A 5-line sig could be incorporated.

The Glare column is available to all. This can be a kind of “Letters towards the Editor,” chance or simply an opportunity to wax philosophically about something connected to writing, publishing, studying, etc. Go gently around the rants, or no, and all negativity impersonal. And, please, no book synopsis or advertising within this section, though brief mentions are okay included in the article (For instance, “I spent the entire morning focusing on “Book Title.”) A 5-line sig could be incorporated.

E-mail your bio, articles, reviews, poems, interviews, glare, or whatever you consider significant to nanndunne@justaboutwrite.com using these words within the subject line, as appropriate: “JAW Bio-yourlastname” or “JAW Article-yourlastname” or “JAW Review-yourlastname” or “JAW Poem-yourlastname” or “JAW glare-yourlastname.” (You get the drift.)

In the finish of the bio, or included in it, range from the name(s) of the work(s) and also the link to your website, and don’t forget to transmit your 5-line sig (if you would like one) together with your contributions. Please realize that, as editor, I reserve the authority to edit your copy or shorten it inside my discretion.

Pornographic material won’t be recognized or marketed.

Here’s a way for authors to obtain some exposure, plus reviews, plus helpful information–even some pre-publication notice. And an opportunity to help fellow authors obtain the same, while supplying fans and readers with a few interesting insights in to the writing process and also the people engrossed. Assist me to keep your public interested!

I’m available to any recommendations for enhancements or additions.

Disclaimer: All submitters have the effect of obtaining permissions to write any ed material within this e-newsletter. Nann Dunne and “Nearly Write” won’t be held accountable. When the material posted isn’t supported by evidence of the permissions, it won’t be recognized.

Thanks, folks. Get individuals minds and fingers busy, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase. Remember, this can be a showcase chance for you personally.

All material on this website–unless of course specified otherwise–is 2002 to Nann Dunne.

Disclaimer: All submitters have the effect of obtaining permissions to write any ed material within this e-newsletter. Nann Dunne and “Nearly Write” won’t be held accountable. When the material posted isn’t supported by evidence of the permissions, it won’t be recognized.

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