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Dont use the word very in your writing

Dont use the word very in your writing composed for that

There is no great mystique an excellent academic way with words. The important thing factor is really a writing apparent and concise and make certain that exist your opinions in the understandable form. It’s apparent expression of people ideas which will impress your tutor, not only a string of extended, inappropriate words found in your dictionary. A variety of vocabulary is clearly important, however, you need to make use of the right word, and shorter ones are frequently much better than longer ones.
The important thing key to keep in mind is always to avoid everyday, informal language, especially colloquial expressions and slang. Also, spoken language is clearly filled with hesitations, repetitions, grammatical errors and incomplete ideas. In your writing, however, structure is a lot more important: sentences must be complete and concepts arranged into sentences or sections, and you’ll aim for perfection in your grammar and spelling. However, particularly if British isn’t the initial language, don’t become too passionate relating to this, to the stage possibly of copying sentence after sentence out of your sources. What’s important is basically that you show knowing within the subject together with your ability to control information to solve a particular question or produce a specific task, then when extended as with all grammar errors you are making don’t hamper this, it shouldn’t certainly be a problem.

The following are a few general suggests remember when you’re writing your assignments. Furthermore to getting appropriate language and targeting 100% precision in your grammar and vocabulary, its also wise to keep in mind that you are writing for the next person, and so the worth of punctuation, sentences, sentences and overall structure, which conserve the readers.

Dont use the word very in your writing The college is considering installing


don’t (don’t!) use contractions (eg it’s, he’ll, it’d etc): just use the entire form (it’sOrhas, he’ll, it mightOrexperienced).
avoid colloquial language or slang (eg kid, lots ofOrplenty of, awesome)
always write as concisely as you can, without any irrelevant material or &#8220waffle&#8221.
generally avoid phrasal verbs (e.g. leave, accomplish, devote etc): rather, utilize a word equivalents.
avoid common but vague keywords for example get, nice, factor. Your writing ought to be more precise.
avoid overuse of brackets don’t use exclamation marks or dashes avoid direct questions don’t use &#8220etc&#8221.
just use capital letters appropriately rather useful the kind of language present in texting!

Understand the practice exercises inside the finish within the guide.


ensure that you are writing in complete sentences (see Guide 1.34).
divide your writing up into sentences (see Guide 1.35).
use connecting keywords to create your writing explicit and clear to see (see Guide 1.39).
take a look at grammar and spelling carefully (see Guide 1.42).


avoid lots of personal language (I, my, we etc). Some tutors prefer you to definitely certainly certainly cure it entirely.

Dont use the word very in your writing you are writing

Never use emotive language be objective as opposed to subjective.(See Guide 1.22).
don’t be too dogmatic and making sweeping generalisations. Most commonly it is simpler to make use of
some form of &#8220hedging&#8221 language (see below) and to qualify statements that you simply make.
you need to consistently use evidence out of your source studying to assist what you’re saying and reference this properly.
avoid sexist language, for example chairman, mankind. Don’t reference &#8220the physician&#8221 as they rather, make subject plural and contact them they. Avoid he/she, herself/themselves etc.
use nominalisation that’s, try and write noun-based phrases rather that verb-based ones.
For instance, instead of
Crime was growing quickly along with the police were becoming concerned.
The rapid rise in crime was causing concern one of the police.

Generally, academic writing is usually fairly dense, with relatively extended sentences and
wide use of subordinate clauses. Remember, however, the main aim is clearness, so
don’t be too ambitious, particularly if you’re beginning to produce.

To be able to put far between all you’re writing and yourself as author, to obtain careful as opposed to assertive, you need to:

avoid overuse of first person pronouns (I, we, my, our)
use impersonal subjects rather (It’s thought that. it may be contended that. )
use passive verbs to prevent stating the ‘doer’ (Exams are really conducted)
use verbs (frequently from this as subject) for example imagine, suggest, claim, suppose
use ‘attitudinal signals’ for example apparently, possibly, ideally, oddly, out of the blue.
These words allow you to hint within the attitude to something without requiring personal language.
use verbs for example would, could, may, might which ‘soften’ all you’re saying.
use qualifying adverbs for example some, several, a minority of, a couple of, many to prevent making overgeneralisations.

Exercise 1
Switch the phrasal verbs within the sentences obtaining a appropriate verb using this list. Make certain to help keep exactly the same tense.

fluctuate investigate eliminate raise reduce
propose intervene establish
1 Study remains searching towards the problem for fifteen years. ______________________

2 This problem was introduced up with the seminar. __________________________

3 The concept could be the management knows what’s happening and could therefore part of if

prone to issue. _________________________

4 Schools cannot altogether eliminate the problem of truancy. _________________________

5 The amount of staff remains cut lower lately. _____________________

6 It had been hard to uncover precisely what happened. _______________________

7 House prices possess a inclination to enhance minimizing. ¬¬_______________________

8 A possible solution was submit few years ago. ¬¬¬______________________

Exercise 2
Switch the following phrasal verbs getting an even more formal single word.

1 The locals couldn’t endure the visitors out and about. __________________________

2 The decline was introduced about by cheap imports. __________________________________

3 The college is considering installing Closed-circuit television. ___________________________________

4 Sales will likely disappear within the third quarter. ____________________________________

5 He ongoing speaking more than an hour or so approximately roughly. ____________________________________________

6 The meeting was delay until December. __________________________________________

7 The cinema was pulled lower 10 years ago. ________________________________________

8 Individuals have cut lower on their own usage of beef. ________________________________

Exercise 3
Which from the alternatives in bold you believe is much more appropriate in academic writing?

1 The federal government makes considerable/great progress in solving the issue.

2 We’ve gotOracquired excellent leads to the experiment.

3 The outcome of plenty ofOrseveral exams are really very goodOrmotivating.

4 A loss of revenue of profits of jobs is most likely the resultsOrthings that may occur if the process is

5 The text relating to the management and workers is extremelyOressential.

6 A few recommendations consequently ofOrbecause from the study will probably be provided.

Exercise 4
Use a more formal word or phrase to change individuals in bold.

1 The response within the officials was kind of negative. _______________________

2 The price-effective outlook is great.__________________________

3 Vehicle manufacturers are organizing a meet up to speak about their strategy.

4 The resulting competition between countries is excellent.

5 The economy is affected by products which happen outdoors the nation.

6 She was given the sack due to her poor record. __________________

7 The examination effects were super. ________________________

Exercise 5
Switch the contractions within the following sentences with full forms where necessary.

1 The outcome were not very encouraging. _________________________

2 We’ll need to conduct another experiment. _____________________

3 She has been around the globe. _________________________

4 It is the best answer for that problem. ______________________

5 Our questionnaire ensures that teachers aren’t compensated what they are worth.

6 His response was, A job’s employment whether or not this does not pay enough, it is a lousy job’. _______________

7 He’d rather announce the findings inside the conference. _________________

8 The department’s approach did not succeed. _________________________
Exercise 6
Suggest enhancements for an additional sentences to prevent use of &#8220you&#8221 and &#8220we&#8221.

1. You can utilize the same theory of finding out how to youthful children.

2. You can only do that carrying out a initial preparation remains conducted.

3. The figures are accurate to within 1%, however, you have to understand that local
variations may apply.

4. Within the second part of the report, we’ll think about the ecological

Exercise 7
Suggest other choices with a following to prevent use of personal language.

one inch this essay I’ll discuss the primary variations relating to the British and
Scottish legal systems.

2 I’ve divided the into five sections.

3 I’ll conclude by proposing that drugs must be legalized.

4 The opinion in our author during this essay is the requirement of
the monarchy must be reduced.

5 Within the third area of the essay, we’ll consider what can cause public
hysteria within the SARS virus

6 Although I’m not a real specialist within the field, I’ve attempted difficult to
be aware of primary ideas.

Exercise 8
Make these statements more careful.

1 Today everybody uses charge cards for people their shopping.

2 Consuming vino isn’t suggested.

3 Weather change may have disastrous effects for the entire

4 Teleworking results in isolation.

5 Women are worse motorists than men.

Exercise 9
Rewrite the next within the more formal style.

1. The positive feedback composed for the problems we discovered during
the trials.

2. You can clearly understand the variations between both of these learning

3. The styles did not cash complications while using job.

4. We found example after demonstration of autonomous systems in many

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