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Dissertation title page university of ulster portal login

Finding Books

To uncover books round the particular subject make use of the Library Catalogue . You will get the Catalogue inside the Library tab across the Portal (portal.ulster.ac.united kingdom), or make use of the bSearch Box below. You may also interact with the Library Catalogue from inside your course/module website on Blackboard Learn. Click the Library Services link within your course menu to get involved with the Library Service Point. From here click the Library Catalogue link.

Online learning students be aware – we’re not able to write books for you personally. However, living near to our campuses you might borrow material. (In addition, an growing volume of books are actually available digitally. Understand the section on E-Books below).

While using the Catalogue keep in mind it searches the holdings of all of the Libraries across the different campuses. After you have completed your pursuit, you can select a campus inside the results list if you wish to limit your pursuit to a particular campus.

Short loan, One-Week loan and Standard loan: Short loan books may be given for roughly four hrs throughout the day or overnight or weekend loan – request these inside the Issue Desk. One-Week and Standard loans are shelved across the open shelves within the Library.

Finding e-books

Having the ability to view e-books inside the Library Catalogue

An growing volume of books can be found in e-mail (e-books) and a number of these may be utilized using Athens authentication in the Portal .

Online Learning students who’re using Blackboard Learn how to access their module content will find it better to consider e-books beginning with punching the Library Services link on their own module/course menu then punching the Library Catalogue link across the Library Service Point others should click the Library tab across the Portal then round the Library Catalogue link.

Dissertation title page university of ulster portal login look at technology for

Look for an e-book when using the Library Catalogue very similar whenever you would choose a printed book but select the eBook facet on the web, when facet seems. For instance:

You’ll know the merchandise is unquestionably an e-book because the location is going to be provided as E-library

To get involved with the e-book clicking the connect link.

Our e-books aren’t all supplied by exactly the same provider – we sign up for various collections. Meaning the screens the factor is look different according to the e-book that you’re viewing along with the collection it’s held within.

For several e-books you will observe the perfect amount of synchronised users therefore you may be unable to obtain round the e-book immediately.

Looking for Print and Electronic Journals

Journals (also known as magazines, serials or periodicals) are printed regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) and they are very helpful for your studies.

  • They maintain the most recent details in regards to a subject
  • You’ll find journal articles about subjects which may possibly not have books discussed them
  • Most of them come in easily-utilized e-mail

The Library are people of a variety of journals in publications and electronic formats. See below for more information.

Remember – You should use our journal collection if you possess the reference details and you’ve got to discover the entire text need to know ,.

If you’re at where you have to look for journal articles round the particular subject for your assignment or any other bit of content, you should employ our Databases.

or try searching when using the USearch box below:

Looking for Electronic Journals

The Library provides usage of a really volume of electronic journals. To get involved with our e-journals collection click the Electronic Journals link across the Library tab across the Portal. Its underneath the Key Services Section.

Make use of the Quick Internet internet search engine to go into the journal title details – not the journal article details.

Your pursuit result look such as this. Be aware the net coverage to find out when the season you’ll need might be acquired.

Click among the links underneath the journal title to gain access to the volumes, issues, and articles in the journal.

Looking for Print Journals

Print journals are shelved within the Library. Journals cannot be removed the Library or given. However, read them within the Library or photocopy selected articles from their site (keeping within current rules).
To discover relevant journals make use of the Title option across the Library Catalogue and search the Journals catalogue. This might look for journals across all campuses. After you have found the journal you are searching for, try taking a little the shelf amount of the journal, additionally to think about selecting a a lengthy time for you to make certain we have the problem you’ll need within our collection. Sometimes the journal is bound into volumes, and sometimes the problems loosing-leaf and stored in pamphlet boxes.

It is really an example, looking for a journal while using the title “Architect’s Journal”.

Across the next screen, select the title you’ll need, or click the Journals option within the left-hands column to narrow your pursuit.

Punching the title or Check Availability button teaches you the campuses in which the title happens, the shelf number, together with what volumes and years come in stock.

Sometimes you will find that we don’t sign up for the journal you will need, around the internet or e-mail. During this situation, you can try to obtain the article from your Document Delivery Service.

For people who’ve any risk to discover a specific journal, electronic or print, please ask library staff for help.

Citing and Referencing

A couple of tips about citing references

It is essential that you cite properly and precisely any material that you simply reference in your work, since the lecturer or supervisor should lookup the building blocks material that you simply used.

Have a very note entirely of references you uncover, even if you are unsure how helpful they may finish off being. It’ll then be much better to determine them again later, after they do finish off being needed for the subsequent work.

The very best reference for almost any book includes: Author(s) with initials, year of publication, title, edition (otherwise the first), location of publication and author.

The very best reference for almost any journal article includes: Author(s) with initials, year of publication, title of article, periodical title, volume, part number and pages.

Record facts about the references on cards, within the notebook or even in the database like Refworks . Refworks can help you import and save references in a easily manageable way, then insert those to your coursework, dissertation or thesis within the citation style that you might want. It is also acquainted with create bibliographies.

For almost any photocopies of articles, ensure to notice within it the journal title, volume, number and year. In case you photocopy an instalment or page within the book, note the writer, title, author and year of publication. Without it info you might have difficulty later should you try and trace the building blocks in the photocopy.

There are lots of styles for presenting references and you’ll confer with your Faculty regarding the style they want you to definitely certainly adopt for your work. The commonest format for referencing within the Unioversity of Ulster is known as the Harvard Referencing Style. There’s a helpful link here to the easiest method to reference within the Harvard Style.

Selected books that will assist you write lower work – consult the Library catalogue for other helpful titles.

AI in Design Webliography
Provides sources. Links to bulletins, conferences, projects organized based on country.
Author: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Artificial Intelligence Sources
Links to internet sources, conferences, newsgroups, e-mail lists, subject index, help on the way to find online It papers. The site targets researches. Author may be the National Research Council of Canada Institute with this

Graphics, Visualization and price Center Research
An growing of internet technical reports on graphics and visualization, plus illustrations from current projects like the Virtual Gorilla Project. Author: Center at Georgia Technical College of Computing.

Imaging Web
The Society for Imaging Society and Technologies are an worldwide non-profit society whose mission should be to advance the understanding and rehearse of imaging science. Publications would be the Journal of Imaging Science along with the Journal of Electronic Imaging.

ACM: Association for Computing Machinery
Specifics of ACM activities, services, conferences, publications, membership, etc.

BCS: British Computer Society
Information given on membership, publications, development reports, etc

The plethora of understanding Technology Bibliographies
This collection contains references to journal articles, conference paper, technical reports, etc. References also contain mix-references to citing or reported publication. Author: Alf-Christian Achilles, College of Karlsruhe.

It Departments within the United kingdom
Links into it departments in United kingdom universities. Author: CTI, Faculty of Informatics, College of Ulster.

IET: Institution of Engineering and Technology
The Institution of Engineering and Technologies are most likely the earth’s leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community. The IET has greater than 150,000 individuals 127 countries and offices in Europe, The united states . States and Asia-Off-shore. The IET provides a global understanding network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote the positive role of science, engineering and technology on the planet. Access all IET publications using the Library’s subscription to for that IEL Online Database.

IEEE Computer Society
Numerous specifics of conferences, publications, membership.

IEEE: Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers
Provides more understanding about membership, products, services, conferences. Convenience online journal library might be acquired here (presently includes journals only, 1995 to the current, and excludes conference proceedings)

Scholarly Societies Project
Provides usage of websites maintained by or scholarly societies all over the world.
Authors: Compilers inside the College of Waterloo Library, USA

Science Sources on the web
The writer lists it internet sources and will be offering links to bibliographies, technical reports, academic departments, dictionaries, programming languages and tutorials. This draws on the topic guide across the College at Albany, College Libraries website. Author: Michael Knee, College Library, College at Albany

Cedar plank plank plank: Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition
Cedar plank plank plank is dedicated to evaluate within the computational structures for the visual perception and language comprehension connected while using the interpretation of digital documents. Author: Department of understanding Technology, Condition College of recent You can at Zoysia

Computer Vision
Links to a lot of sites and sources including hardware, online publications, conferences and symposia. Focus on computer vision research as opposed to business products. Established at Carnegie Mellon College.

ECVNET: European Computer Vision Network-Coordinators Site
Coordinators site within the European Network of Excellence in Computer Vision. Established using the Eu ESPRIT programme.

Data Mining – Webopedia definition and links
This online encyclopedia provides a definition and links along with other helpful sites.

Directory of understanding Warehouse, Data Mining and Decision Support Sources
This website provides all of the helpful internet sources. It offers links to several companies additionally for their webpages.
Author: Data Management Center.

Human Computer Interaction

British HCI Group
A specialist volume of the British Computer Society. Areas of interest include needs analysis, design, implementation check out technology for human use. Details about membership is supplied.

FAQs of Human Factors
Provides links to sources in ergonomics, health safety, human factors and human computer interaction. Usage of a HCI standards database. Links for that Ergonomics Society. Author: ) Travis, Senior Consultant, System Concepts Limited.

HCI Bibliography
“HCI Bibliography could be a non-profit multinational volunteer effort to supply free comprehensive online bibliography of the thought of Human Computer Interaction digitally worldwide to students, researchers and developers”.
Authors: Gary Perlman, Project Director, Talking with evaluate Investigator at OCLC. Contributions business volunteers.

Human Computer Interaction Sources online
Links to resource collections, studies and organisations.
Author: Mikail Ericsson, Dept computer and understanding Science, Linkopinge College, Norwegian

HCI Index
This lists numerous sources and link, includes details about what’s new in this region, reviews, publications, conferences, groups, organizations, etc. Author: Hendes de Graaff, ACM.

AIS: Association for Human Sources
A professional organization for individuals focusing on human sources which aims to be successful understanding of the way the use it may cause improved business performance and individual quality at the office existence.

Project involving over 100 member universities who’re developing the advanced network applications and engineering which should really accelerate the supply of recent services and applications on the web.

Internet Technical Group
Group for professionals from industry, academia and government organizations by getting an intention in Internet technologies and related behavioural and sociological phenomena connected with distributed network communication and technology, and human factors in electronic commerce.

TERENA Nick: Clearing House for Internet Projects
Offers an index of projects being transported out by TERENA’S member organizations. TERENA carries technical activities and will be offering a platform for discussion to inspire the introduction of a top quality computer networking infrastructure for the European research community. Author: TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Network Association).

Complete Intranet Sources
This really is frequently a sizable searchable index of sources about Intranet development, including original documents and lists of reports, occasions, e-mail lists demonstrations. Author: Smart Info Tech Info.

Only the Maths
“. ‘Just the Maths’ is some separate units, in chronological subject-order, made to service foundation level and newbie degree level courses in greater education. ‘Just the Maths’ doesn’t hold the format in the traditional text-book or maybe a period of programmed learning but it’s coded in a typical pure-mathematics style while using the minimum amount of formal rigor. By using the well-worn phrase, “it may be proven that”, getting the opportunity to focus on the core mathematical techniques needed by investigator or engineer. “

Mathcentre could be a United kingdom-based organisation of people which run college maths support centres, who educate maths, and who design new media products for learning. They change from Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, inside the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust, and from United kingdom Learning and Teaching Support Systems. Mathcentre remains produced deliver mathematics support materials, totally free, to students, teachers, lecturers and everybody looking for publish-16 maths help.
One of the helpful documents in Mathcentre are:
an Algebra Refresher course (42 pages)
a Calculus Refresher course (47 pages)
These documents are crucial studying for a lot of modules within the College of Ulster.

Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe (Dept. Dept of Mathematics It), Berlin
A non-profit organization produced provide information and understanding services for academic and industrial development and research, and for business and administration. Includes database gateways to Mathematics, It (Lecture Notes inside it) and Education in Mathematics and understanding Technology.

Mathematics Associations, Societies and Organisations Around the world
Index to mathematics sites worldwide. Departments are browsable based on country along with other site type, eg journals, societies, commercial sources. Author: Penn Condition Mathematics Dept. College Park, PA,USA.

Engineering E-Library (EELS), Norwegian
This website provides quality assessed internet sources within the technical sciences.

Logic Programming
Contains pointers to details about logic programming available around the world.
Author: J. P. Bowen, Dept. of understanding Technology, College of Studying

NSF Computer and understanding Science and Engineering
A company which promotes research and education within the computer and understanding sciences and engineering.

Software Engineering Institute
Provides numerous details about publications, conferences, technical reports, etc. SEI is definitely an built-in element of Carnegie Mellon College.

Individuals sites indexed by this cover a variety of Informatics related subjects.

Intute Science, Engineering and Technology
Intute: Science, Engineering and Technologies are a no cost online service providing you with convenience best Web sources for education and research, evaluated and selected getting a network of subject specialists. It covers the physical sciences, engineering, computing, geography, mathematics and ecological science. The database presently contains 34342 records.

The British Library’s directory of web sources.

The Scout Number of Math, Engineering and Technology
This really is frequently an every week publication of Internet Scout Services that is provided as being a fast convenient way stay informed of valuable sources online.

What’s Athens?

Athens is unquestionably an authenication system the Library uses to supply usage of electronic sources for example journals and databases. You do not need another Athens username or password since you’ll be instantly authenticated should you login for that Portal or click the Library Services Link in Blackboard Learn

  • Should you login combined with the Portal, remember to constantly watch for “When you are authenticated to Athens” message to demonstrate on-screen before proceeding for that Library ICT tab. Rapid video below will disclose this method.

Additional Passwords

For several sources another password is required. Find out more about this for journals, inside the Electronic Journals Catalogue as well as for databases, inside the A-Z Database List.

Other access issues

From time to time we might be not able to provide electronic access because of subscription limitations. To discover or no limitations established yourself for almost any journal think about the notes field on its entry within the Electronic Journal Catalogue.

Common limitations include:

Having the ability to view full text on the internet Scholar

To connect to the Library’s full text subscriptions through Scholar just follow these steps:

  • Across the Google Scholar Homepage visit Settings
  • Visit Library Links
  • Look for College of Ulster after which click within the box beside it to select
  • Ensure to save
  • Video Guide

Athens Cookies

Employ this button to decide on the Library’s Athens login page since the preferred Athens login. Clicking the button sets a cookie on your computer to make sure you’ll continually be showed up in the Library’s Athens login page, permitting you to definitely utilize your network password.

Off campus access best lower?

Don’t panic! We’re here to assist, search for a few in the solutions concerning this guide then when you still have become difficulty please get hold of your Library team – Call Us


The Library’s electronic sources work for individuals Web Browsers including Ie and Firefox.

Some browser tips

  • Delete cookies regularly:
    open the gear tab within your browser and select the choice Delete Cookies
  • Can’t see new pages? Be sure that your appear blocker is switched off, again find this within the Tools tab.

Mac Users

If you are using a Mac or iPad and so can’t obtain access to the Library’s services, if you have logged towards the Portal and experienced Athens Authentication, you earn need to modify your Safari browser settings

  • Open settings
  • Click the Safari icon
  • Choose the option select cookies always (also be sure that your appear blocker is switched off)
  • Sign to the Portal for full access

Smart Tablets and phones

If you’re getting difficulties selecting the Register or Athens Authentication round the suppliers mobile site, you might like to visit their full website to be able to register and check out full text.

Where to start if requested by having an “Athens” password

Many occasions you want to a login box requesting an Athens password. Ignore these boxes and rather click the Alternative Login . continue with the links in addition to cause you to a college of Ulster login page wher you can enter your student/staff number and network password. When off campus some sources require another login (see box below) – search for the Athens or Institutional login link or click on the Alternative login rather. Sometimes the screen may seem similar to this:

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