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Chia weng boon thesis proposal

Chia weng boon thesis proposal Chia Weng Boon

Physician of Philosophy, St Mix College, College of Oxford, Trinity Term 2013

Distinct Element Modelling of Jointed Rock Masses: Algorithms additionally for their Verification

The distinct element method (DEM) could be a helpful tool in rock engineering to model jointed rock masses. To simulate a jointed rock mass realistically, the primary challenge is so that you can capture its complex geometry featuring its blocks with a few other sizes and shapes, and to model the interactions between these blocks.

The primary contribution in the thesis is the introduction of novel algorithms within the DEM to model jointed rock masses, namely rock slicing procedures for block generation, and algorithms for contact recognition between polygonal blocks by fifty percent-D or polyhedral blocks in 3-D. These algorithms utilize convex optimisation techniques, you will find efficient solution procedures. They don’t depend on conventional vertex-edge-face hierarchical data structures and tiresome housekeeping algorithms. The algorithms tend against analytical and record solutions, furthermore to validated against experimental results printed within the literature. Among individuals, the outcome of DEM simulations were compared within the experimental model tests and record simulations of jointed beams transported out by Talesnick et al. (2007) and Tsesarsky Talesnick (2007) correspondingly. Emphasis was put on modelling the stiffness within the block interfaces precisely, which was accomplished by reinterpreting the laboratory data printed using the investigators.

The abilities within the record tools can also be examined and proven in areas the DEM finds request.

Chia weng boon thesis proposal Distinct Element Modelling of Jointed

A considerable fraction in the thesis is dedicated to illustrating how this equipment may help the engineer in designing support systems for instance, designing the region and spacing of rock bolts along with the lining thickness for almost any tunnel. Algorithms to model rock secure and lining support were implemented for this reason. Interesting comparisons with elastic solutions for supported openings were acquired. Further, it’s proven the relative advantage of presenting more rock bolts or thicker lining may be evaluated when using the record tools having an interaction diagram. Within the final factor concerning this thesis, the issue good status for your 1963 Vaiont rock slide in Italia is studied. The Two-D analyses brought to helpful insights concerning the influence within the reservoir level, the rock mass strength and deformability, along with the slide surface shear stiffness. 3-D analyses were transported out to look into the influence within the eastern boundary within the slope, and fascinating insights were acquired concerning the slope kinematics. Overall, the issue study ensures that the gear are equipped for modelling problems with specific physical and geometrical detail by 50 percent-D and three-D.

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