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C dot castro dont over think your writing

C dot castro dont over think your writing makes the planet go

Considering how lengthy I have come, how lengthy I am going
Speeding on the path to riches, no I am never slowing
I labored this kind of extended time without any results nonetheless it’s finally showing
I grown the seed not extended ago nonetheless it’s finally growing
Went from being anonymous to everyone knowing my name
Attempting to remain focused but it is difficult to refrain
Inside the perks within the fame that is a damn shame
I’d dip within the lab simply to sip some champagne
Obtaining a poor bitch who wouldn’t provide a fuck basically ain’t have shit
For reasons unknown For me I preferred after i wanted
The sensation of feeling wanted while consuming and having blunted
Then you definitely certainly certainly awaken every day like “fuck I would not provided it happenInch
You should understand feeling you get deep lower in your stomach when you are conscious you wrong
Putting things off together with her, whole time I could’ve authored music
Searching within the mirror like “Yo what is happening?In .
I am feeling so weak however know I am strong
Could it be after we witness your own moms
With multiple enthusiasts, after we just needed her there to like us
You need to develop and continue to fulfill the growing demand
When you are under covers with bitches that just wanna fuck us
I apologise basically digress
It is simply that they like me writing I recognize why I stress
Over shit that’s major for me that hold such minor importance
Like driving the flyest whips, rocking the most recent Jordans
Spend our time recording about creating a fortune
Just so that you can attend peace when all of this brings is distortion
Could it be cause within my past I saw

C dot castro dont over think your writing whenever we witness our very

Several of these spoilt kids have a very inclination to had the experience all
When all I’d was hands-me-downs
Never recognized, just rejected
Always considered a square, now I must ball
Cause following a same factor making our planet go round
Is comparable factor that’s making each one of these women come lower

(I know)
They cannot love me, just comfortable to put on to listen to them express it
My song across the radio, it comfortable to put on to listen to Them see it
The waitress brings the check, comfortable to put on could be the anybody to pay for it
With no recipe, comfortable to put on to still condition that we got
Then when I altered, i then altered for the better
Nothing altered nonetheless the cheddar and just how I pay charges
After I make sure it is rain, nothing altered nonetheless the elements
Cause I recognize the cheddar ain’t gon’ create a nigga say cheese
Cause at the pinnacle it’s lonely, it’s tough to handle
And riches don’t mean nothing in situation your heart is broke
I swear this can be truly the realest shit I ever authored
Well, I know they gon’ feel it, ‘least I’m wishing
And fuck being temporary, this really is frequently a extended term game
I acquired temporary goals for that extended term fame
Trying not to make a wrong turn
Cause all you do in a nutshell term pleasure might cause extended term discomfort
And mama walways pointed out there is something regarding the subject
But that is just something moms say right?
I told Logic that people could not achieved it with out them
But that is just something siblings and siblings say right

C dot castro dont over think your writing Us dot Castro - Realest Song

I let my team know once i recieve it’ got Them
Wouldn’t get it couple of alternative way right?
Middle finger to whomever that chosen over doubt Them
Cause who the fuck is that they right?

Away we’re able to be can’t be anymore than we are already
Oh children me
Children me
Children me

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