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Assessment criteria masters dissertation proposal sample

Assessment criteria masters dissertation proposal sample pointers to

The assessment of Master’s theses gives creedence to general assessment concepts across the one hands, as well as on the special highlights of several kinds of research alternatively. The overall assessment criteria cover the next issues:

  • theoretical status in the study and familiarization with literature
  • research problem that is justification
  • selection and make use of of research methods
  • data collection and analysis
  • presentation and interpretation within the results
  • think about the validity within the research
  • conclusions
  • discussion and look for research ethics
  • linguistic form and make use of of sources

A Master’s thesis that has been given a pass is assessed round the scale from 1 to five:

1=sufficient (approbatur, lubenter approbatur)

The theoretical background is very narrow, one-sided and unstructured. There is a great remark across the thesis on all levels, with deficiencies and apparent errors. The presentation within the research results is superficial, summarizing and enumerative. The discussion doesn’t achieve the amount of independent interpretation. The entire is extremely weak and incomplete.

2=acceptable (non sine laude approbatur)

The theoretical background is loosely connected while using study problems, and ultizing empiry is mechanical and deficient. There are lots of good within the thesis, but in addition major shortcomings. Using research methods is formalistic and unstructured. You will find errors within the analysis, along with the language and sort in the thesis offer major flaws. Although discussion usually very scanty, it’ll include pointers to possible applications.

3=good (cum laude approbatur)

Students has familiarized her/themselves thorough while using the theoretical background.

The information remains processed well and almost faultlessly. There might be some uncertainty inside a couple of central area of the thesis. The outcome are clearly like the goals trying to find that research. The written text and sort in the thesis is excellent and consistent.

4=excellent (magna cum laude approbatur)

Students has familiarized her/themselves well while using the theoretical background, and her/his use of literature is diversified and significant. S/he’s used methods in a expert way. The outcome are really construed consistently at a top quality. Students manages scientific publication practices, appearance and language within the thesis and ethical discussion. Her/his discussion is independent, analytical and artistic.

5=excellent (eximia cum laude approbatur, laudatur)

The thesis is extremely apparent in structure and shows a very advanced understanding within the discipline of science. The theoretical background is deserving and diversified and possesses a top quality. The written text between theory and empiry is extremely strong. The methodological analyses possess a high quality, they’re independent and well justified. Using sources is selective, plentiful and significant. The concepts are really defined well, and they’ve been used properly and clearly. The study data matches the research purposes. The information remains well classified and examined, creatively without any problems.

The primary answers are really collected perfectly, and they’ve been assessed critically. The thesis shows an impartial grasp and it also follows good scientific practices. The thesis includes recent observations. Generally, the thesis is stylistically excellent and consistent.

Last updated: 29/5/2012

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