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Printed: 23, March 2015


Executive Summary

This paper will illustrate the setting of Ashesi College that is founder Patrick Awuah’s strategy and method of establish the college and run its operations along with the recommendations towards writing the brand-new proper proper strategic business plan Awuah will write. Patrick Awuah may be the founder and president of Ashesi College, Ashesi could be a private liberal college in Ghana. He was created in Ghana but left to look at instruction in the united states. He’d a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College along with a master’s degree operating a company administration inside the Haas School of financial inside the College of California.

Ashesi university college thesis proposal Calagione, 2005

Later, he’d a doctoral from Swarthmore College. He labored for just about any extended time as being a program manager and engineer for the Microsoft Corporation in Dallas, he then came back to Ghana to discover Ashesi College, this is the only qualified Liberal Arts College in West Africa. Awuah got financial support from exterior contributors like Microsoft. Beginning getting several 30 students in 2002, Ashesi College presenting greater than 300 students half in the dpi receives educational funding. Awuah has acquired excellent status for his persistence for developing a model for quality private education in Africa (Harrington, 2008:1-14).

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The entrepreneur during this situation, that’s symbolized by Patrick Awuah, had faced different problems with the key within the college operations. In country like Ghana and you will uncover major problems regarding the curriculum and elegance for teaching such as the dishonesty training along with the problems of student’s cheating, Awuah introduced a totally new approach. He emphasised and supported that educational facilities should see education as anti-corrupted method to educate people to become confident citizens and leaders. There are many sides with this particular issue, but Awuah summarized them as improving academic and ethical excellence to maneuver the amount of the African students to get the extended run leaders and also the the surface of professionals.

Ashesi university college thesis proposal facilities open to

Based on Awuah, Ghana should pay much more focus on quality in curriculum, regarding the method of teaching, facilities open to students, along with the relevance within the curriculum to assist the extended run needs. Awuah been effective to create Ashesi’s curriculum a distinguished one, the curriculum collected the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and leadership courses, with majors inside it, business and management human sources (Harrington, 2008: 5). What size curriculum incorporated both theoretical and quantitative approach, through getting an requirement of professional thinking. Many of the graduates works in Ghana, along with other West African countries. Awuah expected that lots of graduates works worldwide, which aspect would serve the college because really they’ll be as measurement within the worldwide ability and standing of Ashesi College. The important thing aspect in Awuah’s perspective is the fact to ensure that graduates will most likely be efficient inside their jobs and could handle the choices available in Africa.

However come the price-effective difficulties. These difficulties are concerning the guarantee of donors’ financial support using the existence length of the college (HBR, 1999: 151). The important thing aspect for the college is to give the financial support created for its operations specifically the Ashesi is organizing a residential campus along with the college wants to continue offering educational funding for school kids. To consider the reason very carefully, you can even examine the problem of non-public universities in Ghana. Until very lately, private universities weren’t permitted in Ghana. Within the last two decades, the Ghanaian government decided to inspire private participation in greater education (Harrington, 2008: 2). Corruption along with the teaching dishonesty within the educational system from the u . s . states were a few in the primary problems especially it’s disturbing the flow within the educational process. Awuah has attempted to find out a non-corrupted and honest teaching style in Ashesi College to help others to just accept same steps and most importantly would be to keep up with the vision and mission within the college to begin with (Craig, 2007:275). Being firm regarding the mission within the project, and ongoing to help keep the moral vision alive using the implementation within the project has always offered the task for other important issues like maintaining the validity to give the financial support needed. essentially, for the Ashesi situation, This problem of maintaining the vision within the college is essential for the donation process too, because contributors might wish to understand that the financial support will the most effective direction along with the funds are not used on unplanned processes (Hjorth and Kostera, 2007: 285). And possibly, it’s very difficult to maintain the identical quantity of performance because these projects are essentially of the extended term approach, along with the difficulty lies upon acquiring a donor who’s willing to learn a extended term project. Awuah attempted to help keep the amount of the financial support regardless of the limited earnings. However, Ghana is moving towards building more sustainable economic climate, and to strengthen ale attracting local funding (Harrington, 2008:3).


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Additional problems was hiring the qualified staff for running this project as Awuah sometimes travels outdoors the nation. The necessity to consider the specific qualifications available in employees is essential because the project grow. More often than not there’s a possible dependence on re-analyzing the standard of employees using the implementation within the project, along with the relevance in the encounters for the needs in the college additionally for their quantity of capability to operate the task wisely (Gerber, 1995: 98).

The recommendations

searching inside the situation of Ashesi College, the entrepreneurship’s proper proper strategic business plan that’s provided to the start of the task is a essential response to demonstrate the kind of services which is shipped to students, the kind of students targeted within the project, the direct along with the indirect competitors (Market analysis as well as other similar universities in Ghana), within the project, along with the financial assumptions and challenges of failure (Sahlman, 2008: 56). But, during this situation, the entrepreneur ‘Patrick Awuah’ reaches need to construct an up-to-date along with a valid proper proper strategic business plan later on on within the university’s existence. Putting damaged whipped cream each one of these aspects might make him more able to demonstrate the amount of success and failure that may occur when using the proper proper strategic business plan. This will make the correct proper strategic business plan the first step using the idea that you follow the work or restrain to uncover some urgent solutions. In Awuah’s situation, he’s done a great effort regarding upgrading the standard of services provided along with the curriculum by creating a liberal arts college teaching important subjects like humanities, social sciences, African studies, and leadership (Harrington, 2008: 8). But, right now in which the entrepreneur ‘Patrick Awuah’ will write the brand-new proper proper strategic business plan for the college, she must have solid solutions for an additional points:

1- Awuah must consider the assistance along with the curriculum provided to students, and demonstrate if which is relevant in afterwards especially that Ashesi will get indirect and direct competitors. She must consider precisely what which can make the college more distinguished among other market competitors through getting a hostile analysis (HBR, 2008: 18).

2- Begin a full assessment for that project by utilizing SWOT analysis that’s fully evaluating the Strengths, weaknesses, Options, and threats for the project, in addition to assessing the task through the use of the 7-S analysis like the think about the university’s structure, system, super ordinate goals, style, staff, skills, and success amount project implementation formerly years (HBS, 2005:8).

3- The financial aspect is certainly an essential issue in Awuah’s situation. Initially, he been good at providing the needed funding for the launch within the project along with the initial couple of year within the university’s existence through exterior contributors who introduced for the financial lending along with the growing within the college (Harrington, 2008: 8). The critical problems that face Awuah are maintaining exactly the same quantity of financial support in afterwards specially the college is expanding its operations through creating a residential campus. The key factor issue this can be truly the sustainability within the project that’s considered since the estimate to judge the success in the work, essentially, getting frequent and sustainable funding for the project operations (Calagione, 2005:184). Awuah been effective through contributors support to supply Ashesi while using the necessary funding for that launch the task along with the implement operations within the initial couple of many years of the university’s existence, however i hear you ask , (Let’s say he couldn’t convey more exterior funding?). The treatment for your condition is to locate full utilize the Ghanaian government orientation towards upgrading and galvanizing local funding. If Awuah made full evaluation for that new approach and manner of the usa government, they can have solid sustainability method of Ashesi especially that Ashesi happen to be effective to produce a great status in Ghana and from doorways Ghana. If Ashesi built a sustainable request afterwards, it will be readily available later on to get a priority when searching to obtain local and exterior funding (HBR, 1999:124).

4- Planning the development within the entrepreneurship. Searching in the development of the college within the initial couple of years, it had only 30 students in 2002 to greater than 300 students within the following years (Harrington, 2008:8). This signifies the college happen to be effective to attract more students. So, the development within the college in afterwards will most likely be elevated and maintained if Awuah’s strategy required it’s origin from analyzing and frequently upgrading the standard of services and curriculum created for students, and rectifying the defects training issues that occur with the existence within the college, in addition to concentrating on the competitors’ orientation choosing to obtain distinguished by quality and greater education excellence (Hisrich, 2010:35).


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