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At Ozonoterapia Ambulare we attempt to
gives you the very best knowledge about Diabetes
treatment along with other chronic and degenerative illnesses.

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  • Diabetes could be a chronically degenerative disease which seems when
    a persons pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or once the body

    Anmeldung vg wort dissertation writing This process helps

    can’t make use of the insulin it can make.

    Insulin could be a hormone that regulates the sugar within the bloodstream stream. As time passes,
    Diabetes critically damages many organs and siblings and siblings, particularly
    nerves and bloodstream stream vessels.

  • Chronically Degenerative Illnesses

    Certain illnesses exist, that by their nature, medicine offers limited treatments,
    however, that doesn’t imply the one which suffers them must sacrifice
    their quality of existence.

    At Ambulare, we provide treatments that may particularly reduce the discomfort
    introduced on by this kind of disease.

    Ambulare is unquestionably an essential clinic for the complementary charge of chronically degenerative illnesses additionally for their complications.

    At Ambulare. everyone knows that chronically degenerative illnesses are often along with within the extended term with terrible complications, it’s for this reason the ozone treatments are mainly focused on stopping individuals complications regardless, when pointed out complications already exist, the ozone therapy needs to be focused mainly on reversing them or even inside the worst situation scenario on stopping such degenerative process.

    At Ambulare, we offer you top quality medical services that suit your financial budget. We’re located within the best-known hospitals in latin-america, providing you with top-level facilities make the professionalism, skill and know-how inside our certified medical team.

    During this page, you’ll find details concerning the different therapies and services that Ozonoterapia Ambulare offers.

    Ozonoterapia Ambulare offers diverse services oriented to improve the standard of existence for patients with specific needs via safe therapies. Among individuals services, there is a following:

    Anmeldung vg wort dissertation writing

    Using Medical Ozone through diverse therapies provides our patients a good option to surgery.


    Among our treatments we count getting a few particularly made to help manage the metabolism of patients struggling with Diabetes, helping reduce considerably probably most likely probably the most severe signs and signs and signs and symptoms in the disease.

    Chronically Degenerative Illnesses

    Within the situation of illnesses that by their nature, medical science offers limited treatments, we’ve developed therapies that concentrate on reducing the discomfort connected together.

    There’s anything essential than your well-being together with your family’s. A better quality of existence reaches your achieve with Ozonoterapia Ambulare.

    Using this certified medical team and highly qualified staff, top tier facilities and accessible prices Ozonoterapia Ambulare could be the finest option in Ozone Therapy.

    There’s anything essential than your well-being together with your family’s. A better quality of existence reaches your achieve with Ozonoterapia Ambulare .

    Using this certified medical team and highly qualified staff, top tier facilities and accessible prices Ozonoterapia Ambulare could be the finest option in Ozone Therapy .

    Feeling better and do without discomfort reaches your achieve. Call us at +52 (33) 3849-6334 and (33) 3442-8055 to uncover all of the options that Ozonoterapia Ambulare has to meet your requirements.

    Ambulare offers complementary therapies to avoid and manage complications introduced on by Diabetes.

    May be the activation within the erythrocytes within the bloodstream stream in the patient utilizing a sterile process, then re-infuse that activated bloodstream stream to the same patient. This process makes certain that the Ozone Treatments are systemic, allowing the benefits below:

    • Metabolical modulation
    • Immunologic system modulation
    • Improves the oxygen assimilation within the erythrocytes, growing their efficiency transporting oxygen round the microcirculatory level
    • Increases ale the erythrocytes to produce the transported oxygen for that peripheral hypoxic tissue
    • Improves the redox cellular balance
    • Regulates discomfort
    • Enhances the hypercholesterolemia
    • Cuts lower round the “bad” cholesterol and improves the “good” cholesterol

    Minor Autohemotherapy with Ozone

    This treatments are mainly acquainted with reinforce the immunologic system.

    Ozone Therapy with “Bag”

    Local therapy suggested for patients with diabetic foot and chronic ulcers. Functions like a bactericide and improves local bloodstream stream circulation due to the absorption of ozone using the skin. Ideally must be together with major autohemotherapy.

    Inter-discal Ozone Therapy for Spine Disc Herniation

    Just one usage of inter-disc ozone, this produces a self-regenerative response within the spine and cervical dvds, developing a about face the disc herniation.

    Ozone Intra-articular injections

    This kind of treatments are suggested for sports, degenerative and osteo-joint disease-related injuries in shoulder, elbow, hands, spine, hip, knees, ankle and foot.

    Ozone muscular injections

    This treatments understand manage localized discomfort in muscular-esqueletical regions.


    The WHO (World Health Organization) defines diabetes as being a chronic condition that seems once the human pancreas can’t produce enough insulin or once the body cannot make use of the insulin it can make. Insulin may be the human hormone responsible for controlling sugar in bloodstream stream. Brought on by unregulated sugar is calle hyperglycemia (increment of of sugar in bloodstream stream), as time passes, this problem damages systems and organs, particularly nerves and bloodstream stream vessels.

    Your Body

    Your Body (also known as insulin-dependent), may be recognized by an inadequate creation of insulin and patients require daily doses within the hormone. The explanation for your body remains unknown and cannot be avoided.

    Signs and signs and signs and symptoms include, amongst others, excessive excretion of urine (polyuria), thirst (polydipsia), constant hunger, weight loss, visual problems and constant tiredness. This signs and signs and signs and symptoms may without warning appear.

    Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms Signs and symptoms

    Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms Signs and symptoms (also known as insulin-independent), may be recognized by an ineffective utilization of insulin using the body. This type of diabetes represents 90% all over the world cases of diabetes generally associated with excessive bodyweight and sedentary existence.

    Signs and signs and signs and symptoms may be much like individuals from the body, but frequently lower, for this reason this problem typically takes a lengthy time for you to recognize. Oftentimes, when complications have formerly arrived on the scene.

    Dr. Yeny Rivera Conchas Certified Counselor

  • Dr. Vicente Partida Zamudio Neurosurgeon

    What are common complications from diabetes?

    Maintaining a elevated quantity of sugar within the bloodstream stream, the issue with diabetics leads to injuries to micro and macro bloodstream stream circulation, this will make permanent injuries to:

    Heart. Diabetes increases the chance of cardiac problems and vascular cerebral damage. 50% of diabetics die from cardiovascular illnesses (mainly heart disease and vascular cerebral damage).

    Bloodstream stream vessels. peripheral circulatory insufficiency, adding heavily to conditions like diabetic foot.

    Eyes. Diabetic retinopathy, is an important cause of blindness, it occurs because of the accumulation of injuries for that small bloodstream stream vessels inside the retina. Near to 2% of diabetics go blind within 15 many 10% have severe eyesight damage.

    Kidneys. Diabetes is inside the primary reasons for kidney insufficiency. 10-20Percent of diabetics die from kidney failure.

    Nerves. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when the nerves get broken because of diabetes, this may happen around 50% of diabetics. frequent signs and signs and signs and symptoms consist in tingling, discomfort, numbness or weakness in feet and hands. The neuropathy within the feet along with decrease in bloodstream stream circulation increase the chance of ulcers within the feet and lastly can lead to amputation.

    If I’m pre-diabetic does ozone therapy use me?

    In situation your blood stream sugar levels are between 100 and 125 mg/dl, then you’re a pre-person battling with diabetes, however, if additionally, you’ve high-cholesterol, experience being obese and hypertension, you might have a metabolic syndrome, and you’re in a perfect moment to start with very effective treatments to revert that metabolic syndrome.

    What payment choices available?

    We seize control cards, both debit and credit, and cash. You can pay per session or if you choose to make this happen, affordable the whole therapy plan concurrently and get a tenPercent discount.

    What’s medical ozone?

    To put it simply, ozone could be a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms.This molecule may be acquired from medical oxygen. When medical oxygen flows in the high energy field, or ozone generator, the stimulated oxygen links into ozone. You have to keep in mind that for people medical purposes ozone generators must get yourself a health permit that certifies it matches norms in quality and concentration for correct medical utilized in humans. Proper ozone concentrations for medical ozone vary from 5 mcgr/ml to 80 mcgr/ml depending the pathology that it’s going to be utilized.

    Medical ozone, can be utilized in many of treating several illnesses.

    What are contraindications for Ozone Therapy?

    You have to be particularly careful and consult with your own individual physician for people who’ve or lately had:

    • Favism disease (2-3glycerol-fosfate deficiency)
    • Thyrois issues
    • Pregnancy
    • Anemia
    • Hemophilya

    So what can i understand before I receiving any ozone therapy?

    Any medical complications introduced on by utilizing ozone be a consequence of who and exactly how the ozone may be used. – Velio Bocci

    V. Bocci, generally known one of the greatest authors on ozone therapy along with the worldwide protocol for ozone therapy condition that a variety of ozone therapy should help correctly trained medical personnel, with medical-grade generators and sufficient materials. Within the situation of major autohemotherapy a glass bottle can be utilized. This type of therapy, by its nature, needs to be administered within hospital facilities.

    The quantity of autohemotherapy sessions must i have?

    Therapy typically takes between 10 and 25 sessions based on your specific condition. Just before beginning any Ozone Therapy you can even examine together with your physician and estadify your problem to uncover the quantity of sessions are required to have the preferred effect on our physiques.

    Appreciate passion for calling us. If you wish to understand much more about our therapies along with other minimum invasion procedures, be at liberty and call us. There’s a number of options for your leisure.


    You can create an appointment on the telephone at (33) 3849-6334 and (33) 3442-8055 from 9 to 21 hrs, don’t forget to include the 52 country code if you’re calling from outdoors Mexico.

    If you want to achieve that, you may also call to Nextel ID: 52*315017*3.

    Urgent Calls

    In situation probably the most medical emergency you can call we directly in Guadalajara, Mexico to (33) 3849-6379 and (33) 3723-2696.

    Contact Page Form Form

    You may also make use of the form below for connecting and send us relevant information.


    We’ll happily receive you at:

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