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“Because the title suggests, ’55 Miles for that Gas Pump,’ while somewhat with the abuse and murder of women along with the troubled marriage of Rancher Croom and Mrs. Croom, isn’t stated to become about individuals things.”

by Claire Skinner

I’m somewhat embarrassed to inform you that people love Annie Proulx’s “55 Miles for that Gas Pump” (Close Range: Wyoming Tales. 1999). Embarrassed since the content within the story—a rancher who murders women for pleasure and commits suicide by tossing themselves within the gorge high high high cliff the wife who saws her distance for the rancher’s padlocked attic room room room, where she finds the women’s corpses (“all of individuals used hard”)—is macabre, gory, and revolting.

I suppose when the story was unremittingly macabre, gory, and revolting, I’d be uninterested. But it’s not.

To begin with, “55 Miles for that Gas Pump” is very short, a harsh 266 words limited to 2 slim sentences along with a final sentence that hovers within the finish like a punch for that gut—or a location. Each paragraph could be a sentence: the first two are extended and breathless, convoluted, and full of gerunds the best is straightforward and deadpan. Yet this sort of story—brief and syntactically odd—provides an essential counterbalance for the subject. For the brevity and almost-metered syntax corsets the disturbing content into something manageable. Like what sort of strict structure in the sonnet contains and organizes the feelings explored there. Or, like among individuals fake-cherry chocolates that you simply accidentally select from the bradenton area: horrible, but, three quick bites along with a swallow later, you’re done.

55 miles to the gas pump thesis proposal also consider work

I’m also capable of stomach “55 Miles for that Gas Pump” because it’s funny. Not laugh aloud funny, exactly—and possibly only funny if you’re the type who appreciates gallows humor—but funny nevertheless. The first paragraph within the story is dedicated to “that walleyed cattleman” Rancher Croom. We uncover he makes their particular beer (“yeasty, cloudy, bursting in garlands of foam”), that he’s a “quick-foot dancer,” which drunk night he ends his existence. The 2nd paragraph concerns Mrs. Croom. We percieve her on the top, peering lower having a roomful of physiques they recognizes inside the newspaper.

The physiques are “covered with tarry handprints, the marks of boot heels, some vibrant blue while using the remains of paint put on the shutters previously, one engrossed in newspaper nipple to knee.”

No is comical, not always remotely so. But here’s the best line, which, for me, reverses just what came before it: “When your house is a extended solution you are making your own personal fun.”

That’s the moral within the story? That’s the takeaway? It’s so absolutely completely different from whatever you can expect that people can’t help, every time Someone stated the storyplot, allowing out a extended half-laugh, half-sigh. Personally, the region from a couple of a few things i imagined the best type of the storyplot to obtain (something serious and wise) together with exactly what the ultimate lines are really (shocking, absurd, and amusing) creates a dark, bleak humor.

Further, that final line subverts what the story is about.

55 miles to the gas pump thesis proposal the final line, which, in

Because the title suggests, “55 Miles for that Gas Pump,” while somewhat with the abuse and murder of women along with the troubled marriage of Rancher Croom and Mrs. Croom, isn’t stated to become about individuals things. For it’s also about a different sort of distance: geographic. That’s, what having less civilization and make contact with with others are able to do to unstable, lonely minds.


Claire Skinner could be a Zell Postgraduate Fellow in poetry inside the College of Michigan. Her poems and prose musings have arrived on the scene in Prairie Schooner, Crab Creek Review, along with other publications. She blogs regularly about poetry, feelings, along with the writing existence for Michigan Quarterly Review .

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