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Writing a letter to your dad in jail


(Editor’s note: The following letters represent the many, eloquent pleas for mercy which power TNC’s petition campaign, Jubilee Justice 2000. Ten-year-old Vanessa Reyes also wrote about her father in similar words as her sister as did Greg and Jesse Peck. Children and mothers of drug war prisoners are plainly the open heart of this campaign … Continue reading

Writing a letter to your 16 year old daughter


Jim Caldwell, the current head coach of the Detroit Lions, had a daughter who played collegiate sports years back. As a way to encourage her, he would write notes with short Scripture verses on them. Sometimes he would send along money as well. He hoped she would at least take a quick look at the … Continue reading

Pain in my hand from writing


Everybody has already established a small trouble with a finger, hands, or wrist. More often than not the body movements don’t create problems, but you will find that signs and symptoms occur from everyday deterioration or from overuse. Finger, hands, or wrist problems may also be brought on by injuries or even the natural procedure … Continue reading